Mirror, Mirror, On The Blog

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?

Well the mirror might be a bit murky and not too clear for you to see. I mean, I do blog about a whole lotta things, any topic that hits my fancy and I feel like blogging about. My fav sports team, the lunch or dinner I had, things I was thinking about, stuff at work, stuff at home, stuff from around the city, state, country, planet or universe. The music I listen to, the books I’ve read, the movies & tv series I’ve watched. I share a lot of music & other videos and I also share my own videos and photos too.

I blog about whatever I feel like. Some of my personal thoughts & feelings. Some posts I will password protect as I only trust a few people to read them and I will send them the password if they choose to read them. I am comfortable about sharing most of my stuff online, the stuff that I keep away is not for you. So all in all I do like to share a lot of my life with anyone who cares to read about it but there is still some stuff that is not for the public.

The theme – well I like it simple. White background with some structure and colour here and there. That’s about it. You decide what you want to decipher from my stuff.

Prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress.com

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The Flangiprop To The Rescue

Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.

Hmmm, let’s try this. A Flangiprop is a useless item in a house or home that is never used, has no use and is usually ignored by the residents of the home until the place needs to be cleaned. Also, it will suddenly become useful when you least expect it and in a sudden moment of need, it can be used to great effect.

So I had this flangiprop that just lies on this mantel at my home. It was a gift from…I dunno….years ago at my wedding and neither I nor my wife are aware of who it is that gave it to us. So in order to be safe we kept it there on the mantle just in case it was a close friend or relative who gave us this gift and we wanted to be sure that they saw that we were displaying it, or they might feel bad. But we never found out just who it was that gift us that ugly and clunky looking thing.

However this one night it came in handy and very useful, 7 years after our wedding. We were coming back home from a night out at a movie and then dinner and my wife had entered through the front door while I was parking the car in the garage, when I heard a scream. I rushed in and saw that a masked thief had a gun pointed at my wife and was beckoning me to be quiet and close the door behind me. I did as obeyed fearing for our lives but when he was distracted by our dog coming in from the upstairs room, I picked up the flangiprop which was near me and hit the thief on the head, knocking him outcold. I hugged my wife and using a piece of rope, I tied up the intruder while my wife called the cops.

As the police took away the thief, my wife and I poured a glass of wine each and silently thanked the unknown person who gave us that flangiprop!

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com

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Arsenal 3 Manchester United 0

Arsenal stunned Manchester United with three goals in the opening 20 minutes as the Gunners moved up to second in the Premier League table. United had no answer to Arsenal’s opening burst as Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil scored twice in 74 seconds. Sanchez added a third from 18 yards as the Gunners beat United for just the second time in 14 league meetings. United improved after the break but Arsenal substitute Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain hit the crossbar late on. Defeat leaves Louis van Gaal’s side in third place, behind Arsenal on goal difference.

Arsenal’s Champions League defeat at home to Olympiakos in midweek left them in danger of failing to reach the last 16 and manager Arsene Wenger in the face of heavy criticism. Wenger was forced to defend his selection of goalkeeper David Ospina, describing recent criticism as “not analysis of football”. He also called the press “boring”. But his side were anything but in an opening half which saw them tear Manchester United apart, almost at will. With their first real attack Sanchez back-heeled in at the near post after good work from Aaron Ramsey and Ozil, and the Germany playmaker then added the second a minute later after Walcott ran at a struggling defence. Sanchez shrugged Matteo Darmian aside to add his second with a brilliant 18-yard strike which brought up an unwanted record for the visitors, as they conceded three goals in the opening 20 minutes of a Premier League game for the first time.

And it should have been four just after the half-hour mark as Ramsey volleyed wide from close range when completely unmarked. With the game won, Arsenal failed to repeat their attacking display in the second half until substitute Oxlade-Chamberlain chipped David de Gea and hit the crossbar in injury time. The Gunners are now just two points behind leaders Manchester City going into a two-week international break which had the potential to be uncomfortable for their fans and for Wenger. The recalled Petr Cech – who made a good save to deny Anthony Martial just before half-time – saved well from Schweinsteiger late on, but United rarely threatened. Arsenal have 16 points after 8 games, the same as ManU.

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Unboxing The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C

So up next, is a gorgeous ship and model, even with some glaring errors that Eaglemoss did. It’s the USS Enterprise C which made it’s only on screen appearance in the Star Trek : TNG double episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. When I first saw the model that was included as part of Eaglemoss’s Official Star Trek Starship Collection, I drooled at the images and couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

IMG_20150801_150008Until I did, I watched a bunch of other unboxing and review videos on Youtube. Yes there is the main error of no impulse engines and some others but she is a beauty. IMG_20150801_150019

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) was a 24th century Federation Ambassador-class starship operated by Starfleet. This was the fourth Federation starship to bear the name Enterprise. In 2344, Captain Rachel Garrett was the commanding officer of this ship. In 2344, the Enterprise responded to a distress call from the Klingon outpost on Narendra III, which was under attack by the Romulan Star Empire. When the Enterprise arrived at the outpost, she was engaged by four Romulan warbirds.

IMG_20150801_150039Few details are known about the actual battle. What is known, however, is that the Enterprise was destroyed with the presumed loss of all hands. Starfleet would not commission another Enterprise until nearly two decades later in 2363. It was later revealed by Sela that the Romulans took a number of the ship’s crew prisoner. In the aftermath of the battle, the Klingons were deeply impressed by the act of self-sacrifice by a Starfleet crew to protect a Klingon outpost, and the Enterprise-C’s ultimate legacy was reinforcing the relations between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets, leading to a close alliance of peace. IMG_20150801_145547

During the battle, a temporal rift was created due to the highly-energetic weapons discharges, and the severely damaged Enterprise drifted through, emerging in the year 2366. There, it discovered that the outpost at Narendra III had been completely destroyed, and a state of war existed between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. The Enterprise encountered her successor, the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D. The Enterprise-C had suffered severe damage to her warp nacelles and external hull, with 125 crew members surviving, and the Enterprise-D assisted in repairs. Both crews eventually realized that the current timeline was a result of the Enterprise-C’s absence from the battle, and determined that the Enterprise-C needed to return to their own time through the rift.


Lieutenant Natasha Yar, the Enterprise-D’s tactical officer, learned from Guinan that, if the Enterprise-C was successful, in the new timeline that would be created she would die a meaningless death. Not comfortable with that idea, Yar requested and was granted a transfer to the Enterprise-C. Both ships soon came under attack from the Klingons, and Captain Garrett was subsequently killed. The last surviving senior officer of the Enterprise-C, Lt. Richard Castillo, assumed command of the ship and, under the protection of the Enterprise-D, took her back into the rift to return to 2344 and the battle of Narendra III. This had the effect of realigning the timeline and ensuring future peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Enjoy the pics and also the unboxing video.

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The Longest Ride

Based on Nicholas Sparks’ 2013 novel of the same name, The Longest Ride is a 2015 American romantic drama film directed by George Tillman, Jr. and written by Craig Bolotin. the film stars Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood, Jack Huston, Oona Chaplin, Alan Alda, Melissa Benoist, Lolita Davidovich, and Gloria Reuben.

Luke Collins is a bullrider on the professional circuit and gets seriously injured one night while performing. A year later he gets back on the circuit and wins his first tournament back, where he also meets New Jersey native Sophia Danko, who is working on being an intern at a posh art gallery in New York once her classes are done and was only there because her sorority friends asked her to. After they meet again at a bar, Luke asks her out and they have a really romantic picnic near a lake. On their way back they spot a car crash in the woods and help rescue an older man who is stuck inside. Sophia also pulls a wooden box from the vehicle, when the older man manages to mumble about it. The two take him to a hospital where Sophia decides to stay back while Luke goes back to his ranch.

While in the hospital, Sophia continuously visits the man she and Luke rescued, Ira Levinson. He explains that there are letters in the box, which he wrote as a teenager, and she offers to read them to him, as his eyesight is bad. They tell the story of how he met his late wife, Ruth. Throughout the film we flashback to the early 40s when a young Ira meets newly arrived immigrant Ruth and how they begin dating. Ruth tells a young Ira that she wants a big family and, eventually, he proposes to her before leaving to fight in World War II. However, Ira is shot during an attack and is later informed by the doctor that he can no longer have children, news that causes distance between him and Ruth when he returns because he knows how much she wants to be a mother. They decide to make it work regardless and move in together, decorating the house with many paintings that Ruth loves. Ruth was a school teacher who became very attached to a young boy in her class. Because he comes from a broken family, her and Ira begin taking him in as their own and, eventually, Ruth decides she wanted to adopt him but his guardians wouldn’t allow it.

This causes a rift between them and Ruth eventually leaves for a while but changes her mind and comes back regretful of her decision. They continue to live a happy and long life as a married couple when one morning 80 year olf Ira wakes up to find Ruth has died in her sleep. He boxes up all of the paintings they collected together to sell them at an auction. One night, a woman knocks on his door claiming to be the wife of Daniel McDonald, the child they almost adopted when they were younger, to inform him that he has died. She gives him a portrait of Ruth that Daniel had painted and the photograph Daniel had kept of Ira and Ruth (the one Luke found in his car the day of the crash) with a message on the back that reads: “Ruth Levinson, third grade teacher. She told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up”. Daniel became a professor, taking after Ruth. Meanwhile as Luke & Sophia’s relationship progresses, they hit a snag when at an art exhibit in Charlotte the following week, which she invites Luke to, Luke makes a rude comment to Sophia’s boss, which causes an argument between them. They talk about how their worlds are so different and Luke doesn’t feel the relationship will work because of it.

However Luke gets injured at his next event, and is unconscious and taken to a hospital. As Sophia is leaving for New York, she gets a call and goes to see him. Luke is told he can never ride again but refuses to accept that his career is over. Following an argument, Luke and Sophia break up. A few weeks pass when Ira passes and Sophia is asked by his lawyer to attend an auction held for the paintings. Luke too gets an invite and wins his last ride, but feels disappointed because Sophia isn’t there with him. He then decides to go to the auction, where he buys the first painting, Daniel’s portrait of Ruth. Sophia and Luke talk, and he tells her he won’t ride anymore because what he really wants is to be with her.

While they kiss , an uproar breaks out in the auction room. Luke is informed that he is now the owner of all of Ira’s paintings since Ira left a message in his will stating that whoever bought the portrait would get them all since it was the most important one to him. A year later Luke and Sophia, now married, have built a museum dedicated to Ira and Ruth. Luke takes Sophia to the old college where Ira and Ruth used to spend their anniversary. He then starts to read one of Ira’s letters. They live happily ever after.

Sweet and sappy at times, a bit contrived (especially that last part and the mirroring of the two relationships from two different times) but I can’t say that it was boring. It was actually quite well done and I’d give it a solid 7.5 outta 10!

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Time For A New Laptop

It’s time for a new laptop. This current one, a Lenovo G550 that I have named Samantha, is over 5 years old and it’s having a bunch of issues. Mainly that it’s aging and it’s time for a change.

Now I don’t use the laptop for anything fancy so I will go for a budget option. I had looked at laptops a few months ago and I think I can get a decent one plus I can now get it on EMI. I think I can get it on a really good deal.

I don’t want the fastest or the fanciest looking one as, well, I don’t wanna buy it and then starve for the rest of the month. Hence the EMI option on my credit card. I only use a laptop for the internet, downloading stuff to watch, listening to music, making payments online and online shopping. I don’t need the latest processor for that. I will go for a less faster one and skimp on the glitzy look and save that extra cash.

Let’s see, maybe I can go for a new laptop by November 1st.

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That First Email

Do you remember you very first email that you sent?

I do. The year was 1996 I think. Or 1997 maybe. I had never used the internet before but was eagerly waiting for it. I wanted to send a quick email to someone, anyone and I chose a cousin sister who lived in the UK. So I went to this place where they offered internet browsing but it was so expensive back then. So instead I asked them if I could send an email to a relative using their business email id. They said sure and I typed a small email that was like 2 or 3 sentences and one of the guys there showed me how to send it.

I must have spent about 10-15 minutes talking with the people who run the store when they told me that there was a reply back from my cousin so I got it printed out and paid for the time spent and left. My cousin had written a paragraph or two about she, her brothers and sisters were and enquired about my family and other relatives back here in India. I read it back home and showed it to my mom as well.

How things have changed since then! Also I no longer talk to that cousin, neither do the rest of my relatives speak to her or her family either.

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6 Year Old

You get to be a 6-year-old kid again for one day and one day only — plan your perfect 24 hours. Where do you go, what do you do, and with whom?

Where’s the nearest candy store? Where’s the nearest water fountain? Where’s the nearest children’s park and rollercoaster and theme park and water parks? Where’s the tv, I wanna watch cartoons all day? Where’s the nearest toy store and the nearest playground?

I wanna run like mad and play football with a bunch of other 6 year olds and yell “boys rule, girls drool” at the little girls and stick my tongue out at them and pat my butt at them! Hehehe, no I won’t do that. I might yell that stuff at them though

What else can I do for just one day? I dunno. I might tried after all that so I will probably fall asleep by 8pm.

Prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress.com

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Just Another Long Day

So yesterday was a looooong day for me. I was to go viaa company cab to the airport and pick up a client who was flying in from Chennai. Due to notoriously unreliable traffic over here it was decided that the can would come to my place by 9:30 am and head straight to the airport as her flight was expected to land by 11:30 am. I got up by 7 am, almost 90 minutes earlier than usual for my evening shift schedule and got ready by 9am, having shaved and showered but still feeling the effects of less sleep.

When the cab was late I called up my admin team and checked. The cab driver then called me and I gave him directions to my apartment building. By 9:50 am I was in the cab and we headed to the airport. By 11:05 am we reached there and saw that the flight was early by almost 15 minutes. Not having met the client lady or seen what she looks like I had a placard with her name on it. She came out soon enough and after exchanging pleasantries I accompanied her to her hotel and made sure she had no problems in checking in. Then I asked the cab guy to drop me at the office as it was already 12:30 pm. But my shift was to start only by 3:30!

So I dilly dallied at the office going through mails and stuff and had a leisurely lunch at 1:30pm and waited for the team to come and start our scheduled work for the day. The client came to our office after 9 and we met and discussed the agenda she had planned. I was in sessions with her from 10:30 till 2:30 am after which I escorted her to her cab and then went to find one for myself and reached home by 3:30 am!

By the time I fell asleep it must have been after 4 am but I was awake by 7:30 am though I slept a bit more. By 10am I got outta bed for some coffee.

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Arsenal 2 Olympiakos 3

Arsenal’s hopes of Champions League progress are in serious jeopardy after they slumped to their second successive group stage loss at home to Olympiakos. Arsene Wenger’s side knew nothing other than victory would do after defeat by Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia in their opening game – and with two meetings with group favourites Bayern Munich still to come. Instead it was a dreadful night for Arsenal, who must now become the first team since Galatasaray in 2012-13 to lose their first two group games and still reach the knockout stage. The Gunners’ display was summed up by the wretched first-half own goal conceded by David Ospina – preferred to Petr Cech in goal – when he dropped Kostas Fortounis’s corner into his own net after Theo Walcott equalised Felipe Pardo’s deflected shot.

Alexis Sanchez gave Arsenal hope with a 65th-minute header only for Alfred Finnbogason to restore Olympiakos’s lead within a minute. When Arsene Wenger persuaded Chelsea to sell them goalkeeper Petr Cech, the theory behind his arrival was that the 33-year-old’s experience, wisdom and acquaintance with success would make the difference in the big games. So what sense did it make for Wenger to leave Cech on the bench and select his deputy Ospina for a game where Arsenal simply could not risk any mistakes or the concession of cheap goals? Forget talk about any slight injury to Cech. He was fit enough to take his place on the bench so surely fit enough to start a game of this significance. Fate was tempted – and could not resist as the hapless Colombian dropped a harmless corner from Fortounis into his own net just before half-time after Walcott had brought Arsenal back into it with an equaliser.

Wenger’s decision was laced with high-risk – and in the context of Arsenal’s hopes of making progress in the Champions League a risk not worth taking, as well as a serious error of judgement. Arsenal were victims of a deflection and a crass goalkeeping error for Olympiakos’s first two goals – but the soft underbelly was on show again for the third, so easily unpicked as Finnbogason steered in the winner. Amid a night of unrelenting gloom, the only shafts of light for Arsenal and their supporters were Walcott and Sanchez. The Englishman continued his development as a striker with another goal, his second in successive Champions League games after scoring his 12th in 13 Premier League matches at Leicester City on Saturday. Sanchez scored a hat-trick at Leicester and he was lively throughout, heading the second equaliser only to see Olympiakos score their third almost immediately. In reality, this is to clutch at straws because this was a desperate Arsenal display elsewhere.

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Sunday Chinese Food & Beer

A not really planned but still awesome and happy get together between the 3 of us. Anil & I had talked about meeting on Sunday at 6:30 pm but we still hadn’t confirmed it. Sunday at 6pm, after watching some tv all afternoon and then taking a shower, I messaged Anil to check if we could meet up. Turns out he was on his way to the city!


Aha! So he called me back and said to get ready and that he would pick up me at my apartment building by 6:30 pm. He contacted Madhu who was on his way back home from an afternoon spent at some friend’s house and he would meet us after he dropped his wife back at their home. So I got ready and was in the process of putting on some deodorant when it started thundering & lightning and heavy rains poured down over the city. Luckily since Anil was in his car we didn’t get wet.


Madhu called just as we were leaving my area and said that he would be an hour late and that we should start before he joins us. Instead we went to BTH for a cup of coffee and we went slowly through MG Road which was partially flooded as it was really raining cats and dogs by now. Anil & I spent 30 minutes drinking hot cups of coffee before making our way back to MG Road and on to Mercy Estate where Golden Dragon awaited us. We stopped on the way to get some money out of an ATM.


We ordered beer – ofcourse – and started with the restaurant’s famous and delicious Dragon Chicken which was not as great as the last time we had it but it was still great. We then had two plates of Honey flavoured sesame pork which was crisp and juicy and oh so delicious. Madhu wanted some soup and some fish and we drank beer and chatted for a while.


To end the evening we stopped at the nearby Milano gelato parlour and had ice cream cones which were magnificent. Madhu had a milkshake instead but we were all raving about the stuff. Then it was goodbye and onto home.

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Leicester City 2 Arsenal 5

Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez rediscovered his goalscoring touch as his hat-trick ended Leicester’s unbeaten start to the season. Jamie Vardy had put the Foxes ahead with a superb finish from a tight angle after a clinical counter attack. Theo Walcott equalised when Leicester were themselves caught on the break. Sanchez then took control of the contest with his treble – the pick his third from long range – as Vardy and Olivier Giroud netted late on. Sanchez, who scored 25 goals last season for the Gunners, had failed to find the net in eight games across all competitions before this contest.

The result means Leicester are now without a win against Arsenal in 18 Premier League games, stretching back to November 1994. Following a relatively subdued start to the season, Sanchez showed his quality at the King Power Stadium. He scored his first goal of the term with a poacher’s effort when he tapped in from close range after good work down the right by Hector Bellerin. From the moment the ball hit the back of the net the former Barcelona forward’s confidence came flooding back. He appeared in dangerous areas, ran at defenders and it was inevitable he would add to his tally later in the game. Sanchez claimed his second with a header, with his hat-trick the pick of his three goals as he struck a low, powerful shot past Leicester goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

Arsenal made an underwhelming start to the campaign – collecting four points from their first three games – which saw them written off as possible challengers to Manchester City and Chelsea. But the Gunners completed their victory over Leicester in plenty of style. Back was the attractive one-touch football as they cut through Leicester’s back line – albeit one that has now leaked 14 goals. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said Sanchez is now “back to his best” , and his side have now moved up to fourth in the table, just three points behind new leaders Manchester United.

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Poltergeist (2015)

Rebooting movies from the Scifi and horror franchise seems to be the way that Hollywood does things nowadays. Poltergeist, the latest, is a 2015 American supernatural horror film directed by Gil Kenan, written by David Lindsay-Abaire and produced by Sam Raimi. A reboot of the 1982 film of the same name, the film stars Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jared Harris, and Jane Adams.

The story is basically the same – the Bowen family has moved into a house that fits their price range after dad Eric gets laid off. Amy wants to write, while Eric looks for a job, and also take care of their 3 kids: eldest daughter teenage, Kendra; their son, Griffin; and youngest daughter, Madison. From day one Griffin feels that there is something strange about this house and on their first night strange noise are heard and Griffin finds a box of toy clowns in a hidden compartment in his room. In the middle of the night, lights and electronic devices start turning on and off, as some unseen force appears to move through the home. Griffin sees his sister Madison talking to o an unknown presence inside the television. She tells Griffin someone is coming, and he attempts to unplug the TV, causing the lights to go out of control. Madison then tells the family they are here.

Amy & Eric write it off as Madison talking to her imaginary friends but when they are out to have dinner at a friends house one night they learn that their house was built on an old cemetery, but the bodies were moved to a better neighbourhood. Kendra is attacked by black goo coming out of the basement when she investigates strange sounds and is grabbed by hands from a corpse. Griffin is attacked by the clowns but he destroys one and escapes from his bedroom. He finds Madison in her room, scared, crouching at a corner, and tells her to stay while he goes to find Kendra. Madison is then lured into her closet and becomes lost in an unending void. As she sees her bedroom drifting away further, she is dragged into the darkness by ghosts. Griffin, while running around the house, is grabbed by the branches of the old tree outside their house, which pulls him out to be hanging on the tree. Eric & Amy come home to find him in the branches of the trees and a frantic Kendra who can’t find Madison.

After hearing Madison’s voice coming from inside the tv Amy and Griffin visit the Paranormal Research department for help. The staff sets up equipment in the house, and install GPS locators on everyone in the house. While trying to contact Madison, Eric is ambushed in the closet by a ghost resembling her. Angered, he breaks down the closet wall, throwing a chair into the darkness inside the closet, and as the chair falls back into the living room of the house, it reveals a possible portal Madison can escape through. The investigators realize that this haunting is a poltergeist. Dr. Brooke, calls her ex-husband, an occult specialist and television personality Carrigan Burke. Carrigan explains that Madison is a possible psychic, able to communicate with spirits. He reveals that the poltergeists are trapped and are angry because only the headstones were moved to the new cemetery, but the bodies remained, and plan on using Madison to free them from their purgatory.

Using a rope that they toss into the vortex they try and use a toy drone to guide Madison back to them but when it is destroyed inside the vortex, Griffin decides to enter the realm and bring his sister back. When he finds Madison, the poltergeists attempt to destroy the rope to trap them, but they both escape. The family get in their car and begin to take their leave from the house, but the poltergeists drag them back into the house and attempt to abduct Madison again. The family saves her from being sucked into the portal, and Carrigan decides that as the only other psychic, he must go into the vortex and lead the spirits into the light. The Bowens flee as the house is torn apart by a giant light. The investigative team run to their equipment, looking for a sign that Carrigan managed to get back. As the Bowens look for a new house, the realtor shows them a house with lots of closet space and an old tree in the backyard; the Bowens drive away laughing. During the end credits, it’s revealed that Carrigan survived the incident and is back filming his ghost program, now hosting the show with Dr. Powell.

The movie does not offer anything new to the story, other than perhaps some awesome updated CGI and special effects. The movie lacks the charm of the original and fails to be memorable. 6.5 outta 10!

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Life According To The Alphabet

Here is a brief story of my life according to the alphabet…..

A. Age. – 39
B Biggest fear – That I will die an old lonely man
C. Current time – 9.44am
D. Drink you last had – coffee (with milk & sugar)
E. Easiest person to talk to – I dunno
F. Favourite song- way too many to mention here
G. Ghosts. Are they real? Nope, they do not exist as far as I know. If provided proof will accept that.
H. Hometown – Cochin, India
I. In love with – someone I have no need to be in love with
J. Jealous of – everyone who is happy and content and rich.
K. Killed someone? No, but I could…….
L. Last time you cried – It’s been a while
M. Middle name – Miserable
N. Number of siblings – 1 sister
O. One wish – to die happy
P. Person you last called- the ISP call center
Q. Question you’re always asked – Why me?
R. Reason to smile – friends
S. Song Last Sung – Crying In The Rain (a-ha)
T. Time you woke up – 8.20am ( on a Saturday)
U. Underwear colour – going commando
V. Vacation destination – Canada
W. Worst habit – brooding.
X. X Rays you’ve had – A few; my chest for infection, my foot a couple of times.
Y. Your favourite food – pizza
Z. Zodiac sign – Leo (not that I believe in that sorta thing though)

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Night & Day

Have you ever had an experience that was amazing the first time, but terrible the second time around? Or vice versa? What made it different the second time?

The vice versa is ofcourse alcohol. The first time a young person drinks alcohol it normally tastes terrible. You cough, you gag, you choke, you spit it out and you swear that you will never do that again. You will swear on your grandfather’s grave that you will stay away from this vile substance. Two months later….

I remember accidentally taking a large swig of whiskey from a bottle that I though was water from my fridge when I was 15 years old. We used to clean out whiskey and brandy bottles at home that my dad and uncles drank and use it to fill water and put it in the fridge. It so happened that my uncle had brought a whiskey bottle to my home, drank a little bit from it and left it in the fridge. I opened the bottle and poured a large mouthful into my mouth before feeling the burning sensation in my throat and chest and spat it out.

Something like that could have and should have put me of alcohol for the rest of my life but even though I rarely drink whiskey I do like vodka, rum & brandy.

Prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress.com

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