Facts About The Samosa

Origins are not Indian : Yes, this might leave you disappointed, but the roots of your favourite Samosa can be traced back to the 10th century, where it was known as Samsa, which was a popular dish in the Iranian plateau, Middle East region. Initially, the dish was made by stuffing meat and this recipe traveled through countries like Egypt, Libya, Central Asia, wherein it was named as Sanbusak, Sanbusaq and Sanbusaj. Experts believe that it was during the rule of invaders in Delhi Sultanate, when this recipe made its way to the royal kitchen and gradually to the locals in different variations.

Meant for the royals : According to ancient scriptures, during the 13th century Samosa was only meant for the royal families and elites of Arab and Middle Eastern countries. This dish was relished during special suppers and was considered to be a possession of royal families.

International Day of Samosa : If you thought that you are the only one who loves Samosas, then you would be amazed to know that the fan following of this desi snack is such that there is a special day dedicated to it! Yes, there’s a World Samosa Day celebrated on 5th of September to celebrate the taste and love for this wonderful snack.

Why triangle : Have you ever wondered why Samosa got this shape? It was believed that the shape of this stuffed delicacy has a striking similarity to Pyramids, this was the reason why it was named as Samsa linking it to the Egyptian Pyramids.

Origins are not veg : In Northern & central parts of India it is mostly known that the samosa has a spicy potato stuffing with peanuts and peas, but you will be amazed to know that Samosa was initially made by stuffing meat, nuts, pistachios, spices and herbs inside a dough pocket, which was deep fried and served with dips and sauces. I guess the Kerala samosas are most like the traditional type. Mutton, chicken, beef are very common down South. Infact I almost never eat the veg style.

My Process For Writing And Editing A Blog Post

What’s your process for writing and editing a blog post?

Well, it is pretty simple. Once I know what I want to blog about, either due to something that I have seen/heard/felt/experienced or from a prompt that I see on one of the many, blogs that I check then the first thing I do is to copy the prompt and then decided if I want that as the title of the post of just as a heading at the top of the post. The next thing I will do is write the “Prompt from” link which I usually leave at the bottom of the post so to give credit as to where I got the idea from.

And then I write what comes to my mind based on the prompt. I then search for an image – for some of these posts – that I want to add to the post. That usually takes a few minutes and I resize it according to my tastes and then once that is done I publish it. Otherwise I also seem to search for informational and facts based posts that interest me and when I collect some information about the topic and post them here, with or without an image.

Usually I have coffee or water next to me as I type on my laptop keys and once it is all to my liking, I will hit the publish button and then check out how it looks like on my blog site. I usually only check it out on Chrome though and will make changed if I feel like I want to improve upon it.

Prompt from 87 Blog Post Ideas That Will Never Fail You (2022)  at BlogTyrant.com

Seven Weird Laws In Trinidad & Tobago

1. It is illegal to own a pet mongoose.

Aww they look so cute and cuddly don’t they? Ever wanted to own a mongoose as a pet? Well just so you know…it’s illegal to own mongooses in Trinidad & Tobago. According to the Mongoose Act (yes that’s right..they have a MONGOOSE Act): (1) No person shall keep or have in his possession any live mongoose. (2) Any person who contravenes this section is liable on summary conviction to a fine of one thousand dollars.” And you can’t import the cute critters either.

2. Don’t air your dirty laundry.

We’re not talking about your personal secrets – we’re talking about ACTUAL laundry. In Trinidad and Tobago persons cannot put clothes out to dry in the street. If caught it could be liable to a fine of two hundred dollars or to imprisonment for one month.

3. Flying kites in Port of Spain (or any borough) is prohibited :

Did you know flying kites in the city of Port of Spain and any borough in Trinidad and Tobago is actually prohibited? According to section 71 of the Summary Offences Act: is liable to a fine of forty dollars. Police officers can even destroy a kite that a person flies illegally.

4. Don’t roll that hoop!

Hoop rolling, also called hoop trundling, is both a sport and a child’s game in which a large hoop is rolled along the ground, generally by means of an object wielded by the player. The aim of the game is to keep the hoop upright for long periods of time, or to do various tricks this simple childhood game is actually illegal to play in the street.

5. Fortune Telling

Reading palms and looking through crystal balls to tell people’s futures? – Well you’re actually breaking the law in T&T. Yep, that’s right; pretending or professing to tell fortunes is actually illegal in Trinidad and Tobago. A person committing any of the offences mentioned below in this section may be deemed an idle and disorderly person, and shall be liable to a fine of two hundred dollars, or to imprisonment for one month any person pretending or professing to tell fortunes.

6. Washing your car in public

Time to wash your car? Just make sure to wash it in your yard and not in a public street. Why? Because washing it in the street can actually get you in trouble with the law. anyone who “makes, repairs, washes, or cleans any vehicle (except in case of accident where repair on the spot is necessary)” in any street is liable to a fine of $200 or imprisonment for up to one month.

7. Camo is a NO NO.

The majority of us know that camouflage clothing is illegal in Trinidad and Tobago but did you know that this law is pretty unique to the Caribbean and most countries around the world do not ban the wearing of camouflage by non-members of the army? In Trinidad and Tobago it is illegal to wear any item of clothing resembling the uniform of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force. is liable on summary conviction to a fine of one thousand dollars and to imprisonment for eighteen months.”


2010 saw the World Cup being held in an African country for the first time and we also had a first-time winner. In 19 editions of the tournament, only eight teams have won the soccer tournament: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, Germany, England, France, and Spain. The 19th FIFA World Cup would be held in Africa, which meant only African countries could place a bid. Five countries were interested: Egypt, Libia, Tunisia, Morocco, and South Africa. South Africa lost the voting process for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, receiving 14 votes for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

A controversial match was Uruguay against Ghana. Ghana’s national team had the opportunity to be the first African country to reach the semi finals. With the game drawn at 1-1 it seemed Ghana was scoring the winning goal in the nail-biting last minutes of extra time. But the ball didn’t enter the net. Instead, Uruguayan forward Luis Suárez deliberately stopped the ball with his hands. He immediately received the red card, and Ghana was awarded a penalty. The last moment of extra time was a penalty. Asamoah Gyan would have the chance to bring Africa to the Semi-Finals. Unfortunately, the pressure was too much for him, and he missed it. Luis Suárez watching from the sideline, openly celebrated. Uruguay won on penalties.

Germany and Argentina met in the quarterfinals. Everyone expected this match to be challenging for both sides. But it appeared Argentina somehow couldn’t overcome Germany’s playstyle. Thomas Muller scored the first goal three minutes after kick-off. Then, in the 2nd half, Miroslav Klose and Arne Friedrich scored three goals in total in 21 minutes. Argentina was knocked out in the quarter-finals, as was the case 4 years earlier. After the Netherlands defeated Brazil in the Quarter-Final, they became more confident about reaching a FIFA World Cup Final. Their next opponent was Uruguay. Many people wanted the Netherlands to win due to how Uruguay won the Quarter-Final against Ghana. It was an exciting match with five goals scored in total. The first goal was a surprising one by Dutch midfielder Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

The 2nd half saw its first goal in the 70th minute by Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder. Three minutes later, Arjen Robben scored again for the Netherlands. The Netherlands knew they would advance with a score of 1-3. In injury time, however, Uruguayan right back Maximiliano Pereira woke both teams up by scoring the second goal for Uruguay. Netherlands reached a FIFA World Cup Final for the first time since 1978. Wesley Sneijder became the 2010 World Cup top scorer with five goals, Diego Forlan, David Villa, and Thomas Muller. Spain survived the knockout stage by defeating Portugal and Paraguay with 1-0 scorelines. In their semifinal against Germany, this continued as Germany couldn’t score and a Carlos Puyol goal sent his side to the finals.

Spain finally made it to the FIFA World Cup Final for the first time in World Cup History. Their opponent was the Netherlands which never won a FIFA World Cup either. The last time a Final consisted of two countries who never won a World Cup was in Argentina in 1978. With an attendance of 84,000 the match was pretty rough, with many fouls made from both sides. The Netherlands was playing aggressively, resulting in a total of 9 yellow cards. Spain received five yellow cards. Everyone expected that the Final would end with a penalty shootout until the match reached the 116th minute. Andres Iniesta scored the most crucial goal in the history of Spanish football. The Netherlands became the only national team to have lost 3 FIFA World Cup Finals without having won once.

2010 FIFA World Cup Facts

Dates: 11 June – 11 July 2010
Final: Netherlands – Spain 0-1
3rd place: Uruguay – Germany 2-3
Teams: 32
Stadiums: 10
Host cities: 9
Matches played: 64
Goals: 145
Attendance: 3,178,852
Top scorers: Thomas Muller (Germany), Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands), David Villa (Spain), Diego Forlan (Uruguay) (5 goals)

Some Fun Facts About American Thanksgiving

Here are nine fun facts about American Thanksgiving to share.

  • The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 over a three day harvest festival. It included 50 Pilgrims, 90 Wampanoag Indians, and lasted three days. It is believed by historians that only five women were present.
  • Turkey wasn’t on the menu at the first Thanksgiving. Venison, duck, goose, oysters, lobster, eel, and fish were likely served, alongside pumpkins and cranberries (but not pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce!).
  • Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday on October 3, 1863. Sarah Josepha Hale, the woman who wrote “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” convinced Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday after writing letters for 17 years.
  • The history of U.S. presidents pardoning turkeys is patchy. Harry Truman is often credited with being the first president to pardon a turkey, but that’s not quite true. He was the first to receive a ceremonial turkey from the National Turkey Federation – and he had it for dinner. John F. Kennedy was the first to let a Thanksgiving turkey go, followed by Richard Nixon who sent his turkey to a petting zoo. George H.W. Bush is the president who formalized the turkey pardoning tradition in 1989.
  • There are four towns in the United States named “Turkey.” They can be found in Arizona, Texas,  Louisiana, and North Carolina.
  • The average number of calories consumed on Thanksgiving is 4,500.
  • Butterball answers more than 100,000 turkey-cooking questions via their Butterball Turkey Hotline each November and December.
  • The tradition of football on Thanksgiving began in 1876 with a game between Yale and Princeton. The first NFL games were played on Thanksgiving in 1920.
  • More than 54 million Americans are expected to travel during the Thanksgiving holiday this year. That’s up 4.8% from last year.

Hot Beverage Of Choice While Writing

Coffee or tea? Which do you drink while you write and why?

Coffee. I never drink tea. Well, not true. Usually when I am in a cafe I get coffee, hot or cold. However at some places if I find that they have an iced tea on the menu I will go for it. Never make it at home but yes it some places like Bloomsbury or Galitos where they have peach ice tea, I will order one and enjoy the taste.

But otherwise it is coffee. It has been years since I had a hot tea served to me and drank it. One of my aunts used to make this awesome tea – I don’t what she does to the tea or adds to it but it was awesome – and as they lived 2 houses next to my old house for over 10 years I drank a bunch of that. But I never had any at home or anywhere else.

Why? Because I prefer the taste of coffee over tea. I love coffee and I love the taste. I love when it is mixed with stuff like caramel or mocha flavoured or whipped cream etc. It gives me a boost, I would even say that it gives me life. That’s why I drink it while I write & blog.


Hershey’s Whole Almond Chocolate Bar

So until a few years ago we never used to see any Hershey’s products here in my neck of the woods. I am not sure about the metros but in my part of India I don’t think I had ever seen it until like 2019 or so.  Hershey’s, is an American multinational  company and one of the largest chocolate  manufacturers in the world. It also manufactures baked products, such as cookies and cakes, and sells beverages like milkshakes, as well as other products. Its headquarters are in Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States. I saw some of their Kisses bags and shakes in small cartoons at a counter.

Since the pandemic I have bought Hershey’s chocolates a few times, usually in one of the online grocery delivery options. The Whole Almonds is one of my favourite treats to have. It is just so good. Hershey’s Whole Almond Bars come with the goodness of whole almonds. These wholesome, tasty and delicious bars offer a delectable taste in every bite to satisfy your sweet urges. They also have two other flavours in these bar format : Creamy Milk and Cookies N Crème flavors. I have had the Cookies N Creme but though they are good, they pale in comparison to the Whole Almond.

These smooth, creamy, indulgent, delicious & mouth-watering chocolate bars are a classic treat that all can enjoy. Whether you are celebrating with friends, family, colleagues or spending quality time at home, HERSHEY’S Bars can be your perfect partner. These delights can be delightful gifts too for various gifting occasions. I agree. I love them. A 9 outta 10!


Ah the 2006 World Cup. This tournament would stand out and be remembered for two things – the first being that Italy won the World Cup for the 4th time and for the Zindane incident. Hero of the French 1998 World Cup title, Zinedine Zidane, also stood out in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The playmaker managed to steer France into yet another FIFA World Cup final. But instead of going into the hall of fame, Zidane ended up losing his head: Marco Materazzi showered him with verbal insults, and in retaliation, he headbutted him and was sent off in his last ever match. In the end, Italy won the 2006 FIFA World Cup on penalties and their fourth title.

Five countries initially showed interest in hosting the 18th FIFA World Cup. Germany, South Africa, England, Morocco, and Brazil were the countries. In the end, only four countries placed their bid since Brazil withdrew. As a result, three voting rounds were needed before the winner was announced, which was a first. Germany (12 votes) received one vote more than South Africa (11 votes). For the first time in 72 years, the defending champion of the previous FIFA World Cup had to qualify for a World Cup. This meant Brazil, the 2002 FIFA World Cup champion, did not qualify automatically.

Trinidad and Tobago played their first World Cup. They managed to draw against Sweden, which alone deserved a little celebration but lost 0-2 to England. The two countries I support were in the same group. As expected, Netherlands and Argentina advanced. Both countries had equal points and drew 0-0 in their match, so the goal difference rule determined who would top the group which would be Argentina. Only after 84 minutes of playtime did Tim Cahill score the first goal ever for Australia in a FIFA World Cup in a 3-1 win against Japan. The most infamous match until the final was the round of 16 between Portugal against the Netherlands. A record amount of cards were handed out. Four red cards and 16 yellow cards! Players screamed, pushed each other, and performed aggressive fouls.

Germany beat out Argentina on penalties in the quarterfinals. Argentina defender Leandro Cufré received the red card due to violent conduct towards German player Per Mertesacker. He became the first and only player so far in World Cup history to have received a red card after a match was already over. Portugal beat England on penalties in a match in which Rooney stamped on Portuguese defender Ricardo Carvalho, Ronaldo ran to the referee and appeared to call for Rooney to be sent off. The referee gave in, and Rooney received a red card for his behavior. Thierry Henry who scored a goal coming from a free kick as France beat Brazil 1-0.

In the semis Italy beat hosts Germany 2-0 : two goals were scored by Italy in three minutes! France beat Portugal by a solitary penalty scored by Zidane. For the second time for France to reach the Final, and for Italy, it was already the 6th time. So the Final would be the 4th Final, consisting only of European countries. Zidane took a successful penalty in the 7th minute of the match. In that same half, Marco Materazzi equalized pretty fast in the 19th minute. Materazzi. Materazzi pulled Zidane’s jersey before the Frenchman walked away from him. Zidane suddenly turned around since the Italian midfielder started to provoke him. Zidane responded with a headbutt in Materazzi’s chest. As a result, Materazzi was knocked to the ground, and the referee had to give Zidane the red card.

Italy would go on to win on penalties. Zidane ended up being awarded the Golden Ball despite the headbutt. The Golden Ball poll was conducted halftime during the Final before the headbutt incident occurred. Germany would still finish third, beating Portgual, and would end the 2006 FIFA World Cup tournament with the best attack, 14 goals. Miroslav Klose scored five times and finished the competition as the top scorer.

World Cup 2006 Facts

Date: June 9 – July 9, 2006
2006 World Cup Winner: Italy – France 5-3 (penalties)
3rd place: Germany – Portugal 3-1
Teams: 32
Stadiums: 12
Host cities: 12
Matches played: 64
Goals: 147
Attendance: 3,359,439
Top scorer: Miroslav Klose (Germany) (5 goals)

JioCinema Almost Ruins The World Cup For Millions Of Indians

Thought Indians have never been near a World Cup, unless tourists, fans and reporters count, we love to watch the World Cup matches and get excited over the wins and loses. We all used to glue our eyes to the tv when Doordarshan used to air it. We have all groaned when the idiots at the national station would record the matches and play it 45 mins late and the fucking announcers in the stadium would boast about “first time ever, we are giving you Deferred Live” like it was a big achievement. Why did they do that you asked? So they could add commercials in between like that fucking disgrace of a sport called cricket.

Anyways, with the increase of cable tv power we would get the matches and all programs done professionally. At times since this is still India, they would get Indian celebrities and non-footballers to give their expert opinion on the players and matches which were usually a joke. And then we got streaming services to watch the games. All done well as long as you have a good broadband connection. But this year things are different. This time JioCinema, a Reliance company, got the rights to stream the matches in India. Now JioCinema is free to use; all you need is to sign in as a subscriber and it is free.

But, many viewers faced issues during the livestream of the opening ceremony. When I tuned in, there was no sound in the English selection but the Malayalam one was working fine. Ok. I then waited till 9:30 pm when the opening match between hosts Qatar & Ecuador would start and the service was laggy and would freeze after 30 seconds. I switched to Malayalam and it last for a few minutes and freeze. I went to Twitter and entire India was swearing at Jio. They tried to laugh it off by showing some stupid video but things didn’t get fixed until the next day. Glad to say that yesterday and today it has been good.

Some Fun Facts About The Continent Of Antartica

1. Antarctica holds most of the world’s fresh water

An incredible 60-90% of the world’s fresh water is locked in Antarctica’s vast ice sheet. The Antarctic ice sheet is the largest on Earth, covering an incredible 14 million km² (5.4 million square miles) of Antarctic mountain ranges, valleys and plateaus. This leaves only 1% of Antarctica permanently ice-free. Some areas are ice-free in the summer, including many of the areas we visit on the Antarctic Peninsula. At its deepest, Antarctica’s ice is 4.5km (2.7 miles) thick – that’s half the height of Mt Everest! If it all melted, global sea levels would rise about 60 m (200 ft).

2. Antarctica is a desert

With all of that fresh water held in the ice sheet, how could Antarctica be a desert? When most of us think of deserts we think of sand dunes and sizzling temperatures, but technically a desert doesn’t have to be hot or sandy, it’s more about how much precipitation the area receives as rain, snow, mist or fog. A desert is any region that receives very little annual precipitation. The average annual rainfall at the South Pole over the past 30 years was just over 10 mm (0.4 in). Although there is more precipitation towards the coast, the average across the continent is low enough to classify Antarctica as a polar desert.

3. Antarctica used to be as warm as Melbourne

Given that thecoldest ever land temperature was recorded in Antarctica of -89.2°C (-128.6°F), it can be hard to imagine Antarctica as a warm, temperate paradise. But Antarctica hasn’t always been an icy land locked in the grip of a massive ice sheet. In fact, Antarctica was once almost as warm as Melbourne is today. Researchers have estimated that 40-50 million years ago, temperatures across Antarctica reached up to 17°C (62.6°F). Scientists have also found fossils showing that Antarctica was once covered with verdant green forests and inhabited by dinosaurs!

4. There is no Antarctic time zone

The question of time in Antarctica is a tricky one. At the South Pole the lines of longitude, which give us different time zones around the globe, all meet at a single point. Most of Antarctica experiences 6 months of constant daylight in summer and 6 months of darkness in winter. Time starts to feel a little different without the normal markers for day and night.

Scientists working in Antarctica generally stay in the time zone of the country they departed from, but this can cause some issues. For example, on the Antarctic Peninsula you can find stations from Chile, China, Russia, the UK and many other countries. You can imagine that if all of these neighbouring stations, keep to their home time zones it could get a little confusing trying to share data and resources without accidentally waking one another up in the middle of the night!

5. Every way is north!

If you stand at the South Pole, you are at the southernmost point on Earth. It doesn’t matter which way you look, every direction is north. So why do we talk about the Antarctic Peninsula as being in West Antarctica, and the section directly south of Australia as East Antarctica? It’s based on the prime meridian, an imaginary line which passes through Greenwich in the UK at 0 degrees of longitude. If you stand at the South Pole and face towards Greenwich, everything to your left is west Antarctica and everything to your right is east Antarctica.

6. Antarctica has active volcanoes

Antarctica is home to several volcanoes and two of them are active. Mount Erebus, the second-highest volcano in Antarctica is the southernmost active volcano on Earth. Located on Ross Island, this icebound volcano has some unique features such as ice fumaroles and twisted ice statues that form around gases that seep from vents near the volcanic crater. The first ascent of Mt Erebus was made in 1908, when a team led by Australian scientist Edgeworth David, and including Douglas Mawson, completed an arduous and very chilly five day climb to the steaming crater.

The second active volcano is on Deception Island, a volcanic caldera in the South Shetland Islands. Once home to a thriving whaling station and later a scientific station, it was abandoned after the most recent eruption in 1969, and today it is a fascinating place that we visit on some of our Antarctic Peninsula voyages.

7. There’s a subglacial lake that flows blood red

In 1911 on a remote glacier in East Antarctica, a strange phenomenon was observed. The lily white ice of the Taylor Glacier was being stained a deep red by water flowing from deep within the glacier. For many years the source of the red colour remained a mystery, but in 2017 scientists announced that they had discovered the cause. The water flowing from within the glacier was from a subglacial lake high in salt and oxidised iron, and when it came into contact with oxygen the iron rusted, giving the water its striking red shade, and its name: Blood Falls.

On This Day, November 21

On this day, November 21:

My Excruciatingly Frustrating Experience With Guniia.com

So I placed an order for 2 shirts on this website called Guniia. I have never heard of them before but I saw a sponsored posts on my Facebook app and when I searched for my plus sized John Pride shirts on Google;s shopping tab. You see I usually buy these shirts from Amazon or Flipkart or even their own website. However last Saturday when I checked the selections were so less on any of them but Guniaa had more shirts.

So I placed an order for 1 shirt on John Pride’s website and then 2 on Guniia as they had so many good prints. That was last Saturday – 12th Nov. After I placed the payment I got a confirmation of the order and a tracking id from eKart. Then on Sunday I got a confirmation email from Guniia that the order was on it’s way. However there was no tracking update when I did a quick check – it showed that the tracking id did not exist. I thought it was possibly because it hadn’t been shipped by the carrier yet so I though I would wait for a day or 2. I then forgot about it till Wednesday and checked again. No tracking id found with that number. Frustrated, I sent them an email. No response till Saturday.

Saturday morning I called their customer care number which was only working from 10 am to 6 pm. After 20 minutes past 10 a woman picks up and says she can’t hear me and hung up. I called again and she sounded sleepy and I could hear kids in the background. OK, maybe she is working from home. She tells me that the system is slow and that she would call me back in an hour. She doesn’t so 90 minutes later I call her back. She tells me the same thing and asks me to wait for 2 hours. I said ok even though I was getting annoyed. She doesn’t call me back again. I then wait and call her back and I give her a piece of my mind. She tells me that it was shipped – I said what about the tracking.

Then she tells me that they have had some issue with the carrier and that the tracking id is wrong so here is a new tracking id. And that the carrier has just picked up the package!!! After one week? I also get an email from another staff with the same tracking id. Then someone sends me a new id says that it was just picked up as they had problems so they had to select a different carrier. But this woman tells me it was picked up the previous day. All sorts of BS later she apologizes and sends me the new tracking update. Atleast it shows some movement and it should be here on Tuesday. I hope so!

2002 World Cup Japan South Korean Facts

In 2002 I watched most of the afternoon games (shown in India in the afternoon) at my uncle’s house two doors away with my uncle and grandmother – who was under medication and supposed to sleep a little after lunch and her medicines but still wanted to spend time with her son & me. On May 31, 1996, FIFA decided the 17th FIFA World Cup would be hosted in continent Asia. Never in soccer history had Asia hosted this magnificent event. For the first time in FIFA World Cup history, two countries would host the 2002 World Cup together: South Korea and Japan. Another exciting aspect was that in 1996 when the announcement was made, Japan had never yet qualified for a FIFA World Cup Finals. They would, however, qualify for the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

China qualified for the first time. South Korea became the first country outside Europe, South America, North and Central America, and the Caribbean to qualify for the fifth successive finals tournament. France showed an excellent performance four years earlier to lift the FIFA World Cup trophy. But four years later, France finished last in Group A. Their first loss was against Senegal. Senegal drew the two other matches against Denmark and Uruguay. As a result, both Senegal and Denmark advanced to the Round of 16. Senegal would also beat Sweden and advancing to the Quarter-Final.

Another surprise was Portugal known for players such as Rui Costa, Luis Figo, Joao Pinto, and trainer Paulo Bento. It was highly expected that Portugal would win their group, but this didn’t happen. Their first surprising loss was against the USA. Germany started the tournament with an impressive victory: 8-0 against Saudi Arabia. Miroslav Klose scored a hat trick with his head! As with France, Argentina played one of their worst World Cup performance in 2002. Argentina only won the first match against Nigeria. In this match where the rivals England and Argentina played each other, it was England which was finally able to defeat Argentina. David Beckham scored the only goal, which was a penalty.

A highly controversial match was the Round of 16 match between South Korea against Italy with the former winning. This is because the mistakes that referee Byron Moreno made were so controversial. Italian Damiano Tommasi scored a Golden Goal, but this was controversially ruled offside. Another controversial decision by the referee was giving Francesco Totti his 2nd yellow card in extra time since he supposedly dived. Brazil would beat England to advance to the semis. The Koreans were finally stopped by Germany in the semis, while Brazil beat Turkey, who eventually won 3rd place by beating the co-hosts. After Brazil lost 1998 final, it once again had a chance to become the first country to win five World Cups.

After 12 years, Germany managed to reach the Final again. However, this was the first time Germany reached the Final as Germany instead of West Germany. A crucial player who would miss the Final was Michael Ballack. He received his first yellow card against Paraguay and second against South Korea. On the 30th of June 2002, the Final was held in the International Stadium Yokohama in Japan, with an attendance of 69,029. Brazil won again with Ronaldo scoring 2 goals.

2002 World Cup Facts

Date: 31 May – 30 July 2002
Final: Germany – Brazil 0-2
3rd place: South Korea – Turkey 2-3
Teams: 32
Stadiums: 20
Host cities: 20
Matches played: 64
Goals: 161
Attendance: 2,705,197
Top scorer: Ronaldo (Brazil) (8 goals)