Judas Priest Make A U-Turn & Reinstate Andy Sneap As Touring Guitarist

Judas Priest have walked back their decision to tour as a quartet following outcry from the heavy metal legends’ fans. They have reintroduced Andy Sneap to their touring line-up, just five days after announcing the guitarist would not be joining them on the road. Just last week, the band issued a statement to announce that ahead of their upcoming North American tour they would be returning as “an even more powerful, relentless four-piece heavy metal band”, signalling Andy Sneap’s departure. Sneap, who co-produced the band’s latest album ‘Firepower’, joined Priest’s live set-up after their longtime guitarist Glenn Tipton announced he’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2018. They also thanked Andy for all he has “done and continuing to be in the production team” for the group’s next studio album.

Sneap later released a separate statement, explaining that the band’s decision to remove him was “incredibly disappointing” but that he respected their decision. “This always was a temporary situation, and like I’ve said before, I’ll always help the band any way I can, and that applies going forward also.” Andy also released a statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET in which he said that he wasn’t involved in PRIEST’s decision to carry on as a quartet and thanked the Rob Halford-fronted outfit for the “mind-blowing” opportunity to share the stage with one of his favorite bands. Now, making a U-turn five days after the initial announcement, Judas Priest have confirmed they will continue touring as a five-piece with Sneap remaining as touring guitarist and Tipton making appearances when he can.

“Hello metal maniacs…given all that has recently evolved and transpired we have decided unanimously as a band to continue our live shows unchanged with Rob, Ian (Hill, bass), Richie (Faulkner, guitar), Scott (Travis, drums), Andy and Glenn joining us whenever he’s able…so see you all soon as we forge ahead celebrating 50 massive heavy metal years of Judas Priest together!” Priest are due to resume touring on March 4, when they’ll relaunch their US tour in Peoria, Illinois, having been forced off the road In September, after guitarist Richie Faulkner suffered an acute cardiac aortic dissection onstage during the band’s set at the Louder Than Life festival in Kentucky.

12 Ways You Can Get Back to Enjoying Sports

For many, sports are an essential part of their lifestyle, and a lot of people will live, eat, breathe, and sleep their favorites. Whether it’s the fast-paced style of the Premier League or even the occasionally hard-hitting action found in professional wrestling, passion is always welcome.

But, what happens when you get into a funk about sport? You can’t place your finger on it, but you suddenly find that you’re not as enamored as you once were. You still go through the motions of watching it when it’s on TV, but you might find yourself distracted and spend more time scrolling through your phone than keeping up with the action.

Simply, this happens. Yet, as sports are such a vital part of your life, you will want to get back into it. This is easier said than done, though, so how can you get back to enjoying sports the way you used to? Here are 12 ideas to give you the push you need.

Learn More About the Game

Suppose you’ve watched the same sport time and again. You probably think you know a lot about it, don’t you? While there’s a strong chance you do, there are likely some elements that you aren’t as familiar with. Usually, this happens if you have experience in a certain position. A striker will often recognize excellent forward movement or technique yet might not get why a piece of defending was so bad. If you focus on parts of the sport where you are not as confident analyzing, you’ll see that the game opens up into something more engaging than it has ever been before.

Mix It With Other Hobbies 

As you get older, you seem to get less and less time to pursue the things you love. Whether work or family, you don’t have enough time to focus on your hobbies. It doesn’t need to be like this, though. If you like reading, these sports books are considered the creme de la creme and can scratch that sports itch while helping you enjoy it again. The same goes for video games, and with the wide range of titles out there on any platform, you can get your fix for both hobbies without feeling you don’t have enough time to prioritize one or the other.

Try Something Different 

Even if you love a certain sport, you might get too much of a good thing, but rather than being bitter about your declining love, you can take this opportunity to try something new. If you’ve spent your life playing tennis, why not consider outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, or climbing to give you something different. While it can take time to develop the same type of passion, you should find plenty of ways that make these activities more accessible for beginners, which will give you something else to try, and you can switch between the two (or more) activities to ensure things stay fresh.

Get a Sports Subscription 

Similarly, you can expose yourself to other ports with a subscription service. While the likes of cricket and football are the most popular sports to watch, there are plenty more that you can explore and fall in love with. By getting a sports subscription, you have unfettered access to an array of different events, and you may stumble across something that you never considered before, or even knew existed. Many of these spores are always looking for new fans, and the exposure can do wonders to spreading awareness, so give it a try.

Or Keep Up With Highlights 

You may not be in the financial situation to watch everything live, though. This shouldn’t matter anyway, as you can still keep up with highlights to get an idea of what went down. If you only usually check the highlights after a big game or witness some controversy, consider how much your experience will be improved by watching as many highlights as possible. Even smaller teams, such as those in the EFL Championship will post highlights on YouTube, and many local teams are now filming the action for you to check out if you look hard enough.

Turn Your Sports Passion into a Career 

If you live by the idea that doing what you love means you’ll never work a day in your life, why not find a way to make this your reality. The internet has given everyone a chance to have a voice, for better or worse, and you can jump on this trend, too. Whether you get started in sports journalism or share NFL futures odds to build a following, you may be able to get sponsorships and affiliate partnerships that give you a chance to earn money from your passion. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make this a full-time job immediately, but the option is there potentially if you do it right.

Listen to Podcasts 

Podcasts are a great way to keep up with your favorite sports on the go. You’ll quickly find a podcast for just about any sport you can imagine, and each has a distinct flavor that will appeal to you. For football, you can listen to the likes of Football Weekly for an enjoyable and entertaining balance of analysis and opinion, while Athletico Mince provides a comedic (and often absurd) result. It isn’t just football, though. A quick search on popular podcast platforms will unveil something for everything, and you can easily get back into the game if you’ve been away for a while.

Play Fantasy Sports 

Fantasy sports have been around for years, and those who don’t understand it may consider it a little strange. However, people who love it will tell you it is one of the best parts about following any sport, as it adds an exciting element of drama (and often heartbreak) to your weekly watch. You can jump in at any time as long as you aren’t concerned about your ranking at the end of the season. Setting up your team, making traders, and anticipating upcoming fixtures will bring back some joy (and some rage, too), so you’ll feel more connected to players you’ve never looked at before.

Look Up Newer Sports 

The sporting world is much larger than what you see on TV. This is no more evident than when the Olympics rolls around, and you stumble across sports that seem ridiculous at first, yet you still can’t take your eyes away. Finding newer sports will give you something to look forward to as you watch the sport grow and get noticed. You can also feel like you’re one of the first to uncover a hidden gem that might be popular in a few years, and you’ll be able to tell people that you were there before anyone else.

Watch It With Friends and Family 

Sports are supposed to be a communal experience. You feed off the atmosphere around you and everyone feels the highest of highs and the lowest of lows together. So, if you’ve been watching sport by yourself, it’s no surprise that you aren’t feeling the love the same way. Many people consider their best memories of sports when they are surrounded by others, so invite your friends over to a game, meet somewhere else, or even go to see it live. This could be all you need to rediscover your passion for a game that you have held so dear for so long.

Get Involved With Online Communities 

Of course, it isn’t always that simple, especially if you don’t live close to friends and family. Instead, look for online communities to give you a similar taste of what you can experience with others from the comfort of your home. Sports forums, Twitter, and Reddit all provide a fantastic way to stay in touch with a game and provide to-the-minute updates that you can engage with and feel you’re experiencing it with someone else. In some cases, you can find fans of the same team and arrange a meet-up at a later date, giving you a great way to socialize and meet new people.

Play Sports More Often

If you grew up playing sport at every opportunity, it can be difficult to adjust when you don’t have the time or the resources to enjoy it as you did in your youth. But, it’s always worth searching for ways you can enjoy your favorite sports, and it is not just the physical health benefits but the social and mental benefits, too. Whether team or individual sports, you can find a club or pickup game somewhere close that will allow you to relive your glory days and prove to yourself that you’ve still got it. In fact, you never lost it.

The Beautiful Game 

It doesn’t matter which sports you adore, if they form an essential part of your lifestyle, you should do everything you can to fall back in love with them. It might be that you need to try something different, or you need to consider how you consume everything there is to know about your favorite team. By considering these ideas, you’ll have something to give you a taste of what you used to enjoy, and it could be the most delicious thing you’ve ever experienced.

What I Would Do If I had $182 Billion

You wake up and realise that in a Metamorphosis-style twist of fate, you’ve turned into Jeff Bezos. You’ve got £136b ($182b) to splash- how do you spend it?

Whoa! That is an amount of money that I just cannot fathom. $182 billion is Rs. 1,35,38,34,30,00,000.00. That’s a few more zeros than I can keep a track off. I cannot imagine having that kind of wealth but I would like to be so filthy rich that I never have to worry about anything when it comes to spending money again. I can dream of it and have dreamed about it and wish I could get this money. Now, what would I do with it?

Well, quit my job for one. Then I would ensure than my entire extended family is taken care of. Pay to get everyone the best medical care and then buy large luxury homes for everyone with an extensive staff to cater to their whims and fancies. Either large homes for all my relatives with expensive & comfortable furniture, biggest tvs and expensive laptops, tabs and desktops, mobiles, other stuff they like. 5 star chefs to do the cooking. Have all the ones who are still working quit their jobs and fill their bank accounts. Or buy a huge expensive apartment building complex and have all of the stay in there, so I can easily take care of everyone.

Hire a private jet so we can all go to places we want to go. Monaco, Las Vegas – here we come. Live live to the max and in between just relax and chill with the family and enjoy each other’s company.

Prompt from 31 Writing Prompts for January 2021 | For Medium, Blogs and More at Lyucyu.medium.com

Color Out Of Space

Color Out of Space is a 2019 American science fiction Lovecraftian horror film directed and co-written by Richard Stanley, based on the short story “The Colour Out of Space” by H. P. Lovecraft. It stars Nicolas Cage, Joely Richardson, Elliot Knight, Madeleine Arthur, Q’orianka Kilcher and Tommy Chong. This is Stanley’s only feature film since his firing from The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996). According to Stanley, it is the first film in a trilogy of Lovecraft adaptations, which he hopes to continue with an adaptation of “The Dunwich Horror”.

Weirdly Satisfying Pizzas – The Chicken Shawarma Pizza

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish that is made by putting thinly sliced meat into a cone shape and cooking it slowly on a turning rotisserie. Shawarma is a popular dish around the world, but there’s one country where making shawarma pizza is particularly popular. In the Netherlands, shawarma pizza is a super popular topping. It can be made with a variety of different types of meat and chicken shawarma pizza is a particularly popular recipe around the Internet.

However the Netherlands isn’t the only country where you can find shawarma pizza. Canad’s largest city being the multi-cultural hub that it is, has a few places that serve a popular chicken shawarma pizza. Ofcourse the Arabian Gulf countries can’t be far behind. My city of Cochin, with so many from the state having lived, worked or atleast visited one of more of the Arab countries, isn’t far behind in it’s love for shawarma and I counted 5 places where you can a really nice chicken shawarma pizza.

Chicken Shawarma Pizza Recipe packs so much punch with extreme flavors and boldness from this unmistakable Middle Eastern marinade.  And lets not forget the yogurt sauce to tie it all together. Not only is the base of this pizza yogurt sauce but we decided to swirl some on top too, just for good measure. And it looks pretty cool too. The best elements are just what are needed with the large and in charge and totally satisfying pieces of grilled chicken shawarma.

9 Weird Laws In Scotland

Banknote drawings : Ever let your imaginative side get the best of you and find yourself doodling on a spare note? Well, according to the 1928 banknotes act, it is illegal to write, print or stamp on a banknote.

Singing songs in a train : We’ve all been there. The last train of the evening…filled with jolly drunks singing to their hearts content. But, according to Edinburgh Live, without permission from the train operator it is actually illegal to sing or chant in the carriages.

A loo call : Under Scots Law, if a stranger asks to use your toilet you are legally obliged to let them. It comes from an extension of the old Scottish common law requiring hospitality to be shown to all guests – and while it has never been formally authorised by parliament, it is enforceable.

Drunk with a cow : One of the more bizarre ones that hopefully you haven’t been a part of…According to the Licensing Act 1872, it’s an offence in Scotland to be drunk while in charge of a cow, horse, carriage or steam engine – or while in the possession of a loaded firearm. If found guilty, according to Scottish Field, you could be jailed for up to 51 weeks.

Naked mannequins : Under Scots Law, it’s illegal for a boy under the age of ten to see a naked mannequin. It is, however, unclear who would be liable if it should happen – the parents, the shop, the boy? Naturally, no-one has ever been charged under this offence.

The Lion Rampant : The ‘unofficial’ flag of Scotland, the Lion Rampant is historically a belonging of the King or Queen of Scotland. As such, according to an Act of Parliament passed in 1672, it is an offence to fly the flag. It is only allowed on a royal residence or with the permission of a monarch.

A whale’s head : Keeping in the theme of the royals, the head of any whale washed up on a Scottish beach is supposed to become the possession of the King – with the Queen taking possession of its tail. Likewise, the Queen has the right to whales too large to be pulled onto land. This law is more common when sturgeon, another Royal fish, are caught in Scottish waters. According to Scottish Field, the Queen has never requested a sturgeon, but many have been caught and offered to her.

Fishing on Sunday : Confirmed by the Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Act of 1862, it is illegal to fish for salmon on a Sunday in Scotland. It is also illegal to ‘be found handling a salmon in suspicious circumstances.

Gambling in a library : According to Scottish Field, the Library Offences Act in 1898 has outlawed gambling in a library – clearly as a result of such a prominent issue in the past. The act, which prohibits gambling in the venues, also includes banning obscene or abusive language – with fines reaching up to 40 shillings.

Some Recommended Work From Home Tips

Pretend to be in the office. Have a dedicated work space if you can. It’s easy to lose focus when you are working from home. Pretend to be working in the office to maintain self-discipline and keep yourself focused.

Prepare for distractions. It is impossible to avoid all the distractions that comes from being at home so set yourself some boundaries.

Create a to-do list. Planning your day is crucial while working from home. Plan a to do list and check things off as you complete them to keep yourself motivated.

Take multiple breaks. Keep yourself a schedule and ensure to take small breaks away from your work screen to go stretch your legs and make yourself a cup of coffee.

When it comes to meals, you should keep yourself in check and be on a good diet.

  • Eat energizing meals for lunch- iron (leafy green vegetables), protein (fish, meat, eggs) and complex carbohydrates (legumes & whole grains)
  • Include fruits, nuts & berries together with some juice in your diet
  • Drink a lot of water

Keep at schedule. It’s the simplest rule, yet the toughest to follow.

  • Set your alarm for the time one hour prior to your office hour
  • Freshen up and do the needful before settling in your work space
  • Before going ahead with work, set the timer for the end of your work time
  • Perform your tasks with full dedication
  • Shut your laptop down, as soon as the timer kicks in
  • Move away from your workplace and call it a day

Wrap it up at the correct hour!

Liverpool 0 Arsenal 0

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta praised his side’s “fight, determination and brotherhood” after the 10-man Gunners frustrated Liverpool in the first leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final at Anfield. Granit Xhaka was dismissed after 24 minutes for denying a goalscoring opportunity – the Swiss midfielder catching Diogo Jota with a high challenge on the edge of his penalty area as he attempted to cut out Andrew Robertson’s pass. Trent Alexander-Arnold could not punish Arsenal further from the resulting free-kick, however, and the visitors produced a resolute defensive display to leave on level terms. Despite coming under intense pressure it was Arsenal who registered the first shot on target 71 minutes into the contest, but a poor first touch by Bukayo Saka allowed Alisson to smother the England international’s shot at close range.

Takumi Minamino blazed over the crossbar when faced with an open goal with Liverpool’s best chance of the match in the closing stages. The second leg takes place at Emirates Stadium next Thursday at 19:45 GMT. The winner will face Chelsea in the final at Wembley at the end of February, after Thomas Tuchel’s side completed a 3-0 aggregate victory over Tottenham on Wednesday. Eight-time EFL Cup winners Liverpool had lost home advantage for the second leg after a Covid outbreak in their squad saw the planned first meeting in north London postponed until 20 January. A number of those cases turned out to be false positives – though the EFL has said it will not be investigating further – but despite being able to field a strong side the Reds were unable to make the most of their home leg against 10-man opposition. Both sides have lost key players to the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations but it was the absence of top scorer Mohamed Salah and fellow forward Sadio Mane which proved most noticeable as Liverpool struggled to break Arsenal down.

Minamino flashed a ball across the six-yard box as the hosts pressed for a breakthrough with greater urgency in the second half, but Jurgen Klopp’s forward trio that also included Jota and Roberto Firmino could not produce the necessary quality in the final third. On a challenging night for the visitors, Martin Odegaard missed out following a positive Covid test and Xhaka’s dismissal – in addition to Thomas Partey’s Afcon participation – has compounded Arteta’s midfield issue ahead of Sunday’s north London derby at Tottenham. Xhaka’s undeniable red card saw Rob Holding replace Eddie Nketiah and Alexandre Lacazette subsequently cut a lonely figure in attack as his team-mates worked tirelessly to protect Aaron Ramsdale’s goal. But the Arsenal goalkeeper’s only moments of real concern arrived in the final moments, as Minamino struck over after Ramsdale failed to claim the ball – while the excellent Ben White was back to clear Neco Williams’ attempt in stoppage time.

The Death Of An Icon & My Memories Of Life With It

It was a news out of the blue that sadden me on seeing it and reminded me of the years gone by. What news? The announcement that the smartphone company BlackBerry, had announced that it would be ending support for major BlackBerry OS from January 4, 2022. With this, the company will discontinue offering significant services for its existing devices. Blackberry, one of the most popular smartphone brands of the time before the high-end phone segment became a rage, will be ending support for BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier, BlackBerry 10 software, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 along with previous versions.

The smartphone, which ruled the tech industry years ago, offered a smooth keyboard-centric designs and was a major hit among business executives and working professionals who relied on BlackBerry services that provide a high degree of confidentiality and anonymity. However as high end full touch screen devices became the rage, BlackBerry fell behind and concentrated on their top class QWERTY keyboard. At one point in time I was a BlackBerry fanboy. I was so much in awe of the devices when I first saw/heard of them on an Oprah Winfrey show where, on the launch of a new device, 7105t, she gave everyone in her audience a brand new one of the same model as part of her pre-Christmas giveaway show. Since then I have checked out news of the BlackBerry models and tried to get one for myself.

I got my first BlackBerry back in 2010, a grey BlackBerry Curve 8320 and then in 2012 I got a BlackBerry 9780 which I loved a lot and in March of 2015 I switched to a white Q10. But by 2016 I was feeling the lack of a full touch screen and felt that it was time to make the switch to Android. So in February of that year I switched to a Samsung and then I have bought a few Android devices (currently I have an Oppo and a RealMe) and have never gone back. But it fills me with sadness as I had brand loyalty for a while and it just died out as they weren’t the in thing anymore and also were left far behind the race.

Arsenal Transfer Rumours – 13th January 2022

Youri Tielemans’ agent is reportedly in talks with the Gunners. Leicester’s Belgium midfielder would represent an upgrade on many of the names suggested for filling one of Mikel Arteta’s problem positions. And this month would be the Foxes’ last month to cash in as Tielemans is out of contract at the end of the season. But Liverpool too have been linked with the ex-Monaco ace, 24. Meanwhile, Arsenal and West Ham have been monitoring Eintracht Frankfurt left-winger Filip Kostic. The 24-year-old central midfielder has been one of the best midfielders in the English Premier League but has only 18 months remaining on his contract. Leicester City will be looking to extend his contract in the coming weeks but the player’s stance to sign a new deal or not will depend on how they finish this season.

Aiming to do business quickly this January with Mikel Arteta currently dealing with a threadbare midfield, their pursuit has taken them to Turin where a loan deal is edging ever closer to being finalised for Arthur Melo. The Brazilian would join until the end of the season to cover for the Gunners’ current deficiencies – and could even spark a January exit for Mohamed Elneny who is wanted in Turkey. But the Brazil international will be allowed to leave only if his club can find a replacement. Arthur is understood to be open to joining Arsenal and talks are continuing over the 25-year-old, who moved to Juventus from Barcelona in June 2020 for an initial €72m. The Premier League club are ready to cover his full salary. Arthur has more often been a substitute than a starter since returning from injury in October. He came on during Juventus’s Supercoppa Italiana defeat by Internazionale on Wednesday night.

Fiorentina are demanding the majority of their €75m asking price – just above £60m – for Dusan Vlahovic up front, potentially prohibiting a move to the Premier League this January. The Serbian international, who has scored 16 goals in 20 games in Serie A already this season, is one of the most sought-after players in Europe. Reports ass that Arsenal are willing to meet Fiorentina’s transfer valuation – as long as they agree on the structure of the deal – as they attempt to sign the player this month. The Gunners want to pay the club record transfer fee over four years and can afford the Serbian striker without selling Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Fiorentina’s ‘reluctancy’ to agree to this is doing Arsenal no favours. The report adds that a release clause in Vlahovic’s contract will become active in the summer, so the player will likely have more options then. Arsenal remain confident they can “put the necessary package together” and strike a deal in the January window.

Folarin Balagun Joins Middelsborough FC On Loan

Middelsborough FC have finalised a loan move for Arsenal striker Folarin Balogun. The England Under-21 international has joined the club until the end of the season. Boro fought off competition from a number of clubs to secure the services of the highly-rated young marksman. Balogun, who has made two Premier League appearances this season, has clocked up 16 in total for the London club and scored twice in five Europa League appearances last time around. He has also netted 13 goals in 11 PL2 starts this term, along with two goals in the Papa John’s Trophy.

Boro boss Chris Wilder said: “We’re delighted to get Flo in. He’s a player I’ve known about for a long time and we identified him as someone who could come in and improve us in the second half of the season. “He has great movement, good pace, and he’s a natural finisher. We’re looking forward to working with him.” The 20-year-old follows Aaron Connolly and Caolan Boyd-Munce into the club as January arrivals. Boro are one point off the play-off positions in seventh place but off the back of a six-game unbeaten run are well placed for a promotion push. They also have a big game with Manchester United on the horizon having drawn the Red Devils in the FA Cup fourth round.

Balogun’s loan move comes as no surprise despite the question marks hanging over Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Eddie Nketiah and Alex Lacazette. The American-born forward was prolific throughout his time with the youth set-up, most notably in 2018/19 when he fired our under-18s to the league title with 25 goals from just 19 appearances. He transferred this form to the first team last season, scoring twice in the Europa League from just five substitute appearances. Balogun has continued to make an impact this season, with an impressive 15 goals from his 14 appearances in the PL2 and EFL Trophy during the campaign so far.

KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken : Plant Based Beyond Meat Nuggets

Suddenly beyond meat products are all the rage. KFC looks like they will be trying out their product pretty strong as per advertised. The new plant-based fried chicken nugget alternative, called Beyond Fried Chicken, will be added to menus nationwide in the US, beginning Monday, Jan. 10 for a limited time. It marks the first instance of a large national chain selling plant-based chicken products.

KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken nuggets are plant-based fried nuggets that are meant to taste just like KFC’s fried chicken. According to the ingredients listed on the KFC website, they’re mainly made of soy protein. While they’re plant-based, they’re “not prepared in a vegan/vegetarian manner.” The chain seems to target customers who want to eat less animal protein but don’t want to give up comfort food. Beyond Fried Chicken can be ordered in a combo meal that includes a medium drink and fries or à la carte in six- or 12-piece portions.

Prices vary depending on location, but start at $6.99 for six pieces and cost more for the other options.  KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken had a trial run in 2020 in select US cities including Los Angeles, Charlotte, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee. A first iteration, according to KFC, was also sold in Atlanta in August 2019.  The Beyond Fried Chicken nuggets were noticeably bigger than your typical fast food chicken nuggets but smaller than a chicken sandwich filet. In terms of texture, they had a pretty uniform, granular breading that’s similar to KFC’s Extra Crispy Tenders but less flaky. Reviewers say that the plant-based meat tore like chicken but didn’t quite look like chicken fibers. In terms of flavor and aroma, they taste and smell just like fried chicken. They had the same lightly seasoned flavor profile as Extra Crispy Tenders, which made them ideal for dipping.

Revisiting My First Few Blog Posts From 2002

Revisit your very first blog post and reflect on how you’ve grown

Well, I have to go back all the way to 2002 and check my first few blogs posts to look back at them. So yeah, back in the latter half of 2002 I had moved temporarily to the city of Calicut and being away from my family and staying in the lodge and joining my first proper company – I thought the best thing would be to have some sort of record on that. Having spent a few months before that reading a few blogs that I enjoyed, I decided to start one of my own.

Even though I moved to Calicut by the end of July, it took me till October to actually start the blog on Blogspot. And initially it was more like updates of what I did, if I bought some shirts or cds or anything like that or if I watched a movie. It was sporadic at best and so it was like “hey guys, this is what I did during the last few days, I am back in Cochin or I was in Cochin and now headed back to Calicut”. The rare party with friends – yeah, I’d mentioned that and what we ate/drank.

If there was a function that I attended I would write about that. You get the picture. It was like a note taking thing, which I sort of enjoy. When I have a lot of free time I do go back and read some of those old posts just to see what I was thinking back then, what did I watch on tv or movie theatre and what was I listening to at the time. I read about old friends and it makes me smile and wish for the old days to be back. It is fun to reminisce.

Prompt from 31 JANUARY BLOG POST IDEAS at Bloggingherway.com

Army of the Dead (2021)

Army of the Dead is a 2021 American zombie heist film directed by Zack Snyder from a screenplay he co-wrote with Shay Hatten and Joby Harold, based on a story he also created. The film features an ensemble cast consisting of Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Ana de la Reguera, Theo Rossi, Matthias Schweighöfer, Nora Arnezeder, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tig Notaro, Raúl Castillo, Huma Qureshi, and Garret Dillahunt. It follows a group of mercenaries who plan a Las Vegas casino heist amid a zombie apocalypse.

The film underwent reshoots in September 2020 after several sexual misconduct allegations were made against cast member Chris D’Elia; he was replaced by Notaro using green screens and CGI. Army of the Dead was released in select theaters in the United States on May 14, 2021, and was digitally released on Netflix on May 21. Critics praised the film for its humor and found it would appeal to fans of “both Snyder and ensemble action flicks”, but criticized its runtime. It grossed $1 million at the box office and became one of the most-watched original Netflix films with an estimated 75 million viewers. The film also spawned a franchise consisting of the spin-off prequel Army of Thieves; an upcoming anime-style series subtitled Lost Vegas; and a direct sequel titled Planet of the Dead which is in development.

Current Work Routine & Upcoming Personal Days Time Off

I seem to have settled into a new routine once again. January has been busy, unusually, for some silly reasons and I have not had much easy time which we usually have. We have been told that we will be a bit busy and have a bunch of training to do the week starting from the 24th. In the meantime I am doing a lot of id maintenance work for the client tool – yesterday being one of the worst busiest day in recent memory. And I am doing a 4:30 pm to a 1:30 am shift. I am still under medication and am taking it easy at home and not going out.

This week I will be taking 2 days off from work – this coming Thursday is my dad’s 83rd birthday and we have this system at work where we can claim 5 days as special leave and they have to give it to us. So I picked my dad’s birthday and mom’s birthday plus my own birthday. I then picked a day in October in between my niece & younger nephew’s birthdays (2 days apart) so we could celebrate it all on one day. My sister’s birthday falls on a Sunday so there is no problem there. The 5th is a random date that I picked because I couldn’t think of any other special day. I can change it if I want.

The very next day I have taken off for hospital visits and checkups and blood tests in needed. I do not know how many more times I may have to do the follow up but I want this problem gone as much as possible and not have to walk on eggshells wondering if I will get those cramps again. It already has been too long that I have pushed this aside and I need to take care of it.