4 Top Fintech Technologies That Are Impacting the Banking Industry

Fintech, also known as financial technology refers to the application of cutting edge innovations to transform finance by enhancing business operation and delivering improved customer service. Financial technology also involves business-related software, services, and business institutions which provide advanced solutions to improve the efficiency of financial transactions. Take a look at these four top fintech technologies that are impacting the banking industry right now.

1. Big data & analytics

Fintech companies have their eyes fixed on big data because they know that it’s one of the biggest things to happen in the world of finance. The top leaders in the business world today are companies which invest in big data and analytic tools. When fintech companies are able to collect the right data and gain relevant insights, they can meet consumer preferences, develop investment strategies, track consumer expenses, and perform predictive analysis. With predictive analysis, for example, financial service companies can accurately determine the behavior of their consumers by making use of previous data to extrapolate into the future. All in all, the pools of big data mined by fintech companies can allow them to formulate profitable marketing strategies and also detect fraudulent activities.

2. AI & machine learning

At the heart of the fintech revolution lies artificial intelligence and machine learning. These tools are playing huge roles in the transformational shift to the fintech revolution, and they will continue to do that moving into the future. Some applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning are credit scoring, compliance and regulation, detection of fraudulent transactions and management of wealth.

3. Automation

Apart from the mechanical robots in factory assembly lines, robots also exist in fintech companies. Robotic process automation (also known as RPA) involves the use of financial robots to take over manual and repetitive tasks in the financial sector. These allow financial institutions to streamline their workflows, increase efficiency, and also reduce workload. As it stands now, banking automation is something that’s modernizing the financial industry. While there are downsides to talk about, including security and lay-off of bankers, automation has come to stay because its advantages speak for themselves. Thanks to automation, banks can digitize their requests processes, create smart forms, manage assets, generate real-time reports, and improve their customers’ satisfaction. The following points further summarize some applications of automation in financial companies:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Collection of data
  • Regulatory compliance
  • E-mail marketing and chatbots
  • Management of transactions

4. Blockchain

As a public digital ledger book, blockchain has now become the bedrock of popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC). When Satoshi Nakamoto pioneered the idea of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies around 2009, blockchain technology became the foundation of decentralized digital currencies. And fast-forward to today, the financial industry is also adopting blockchain technology due to its unmatched level of security. Due to its advanced encryption and immutability, blockchain can be used to store the records of financial transactions and confidential data securely. Every blockchain transaction is encrypted, and the data doesn’t sit at a central location; it’s scattered around the blocks. Consequently, blockchain technology has been tagged as an effective cybersecurity solution.

Weddings Are A Smaller Affair Now

In the middle of this pandemic, there have been a few weddings (that I know of). A new recruit to our office in Hyderabad (who I trained for 3 weeks) just got married yesterday. There were less than 50 people (split equally amongst his and her family and with Covid-19, weddings are restricted to 50 people per event), it was not done in a temple but in a hall (so that the gods don’t catch Corona) and it was a pretty dignified and quiet affair.

Weddings can happen this way too. I don’t like crowds and would prefer something like this – a quiet non-crowded way. You also don’t need a ton of gold and a poojari and a bunch of religious rituals that are nonsense at best. You need to have a 300 plus crowd and saying hello and namaste to people who you have barely met before and probably a ton of folks who you haven’t met either.

If you are for large weddings, more power to you. To each his own.

Arsenal Transfer Rumours – 10-Aug-2020

Arsenal are so desperate to get rid of Mesut Ozil that Mikel Arteta is reportedly willing to offer him an £18m deal to cancel his contract. Ozil has reportedly been offered an £18million pay-off from Arsenal to end his Emirates nightmare. The £350,000-per-week midfielder is unwanted by Gunners boss Mikel Arteta and the board want to sell him off. Ozil has been hanging out with Istanbul Basaksehir’s manager after the Turkish side offered him a transfer lineline.

The Arsenal playmaker, 31, headed back to Turkey following the completion of his side’s elongated season. And he was pictured posing for a selfie with Basaksehir boss Okan Buruk – the man trying to sign him. The pair were joined by Turkish TV mogul Acun Ilicali, who shared the snap on his Instagram story to his 13.6million followers. And the picture will no doubt add fuel to the speculation of a move to Turkey.

Vilarreal have made a formal loan-to-buy offer for Matteo Guendouzi, according to Football Insider. The £30million-rated midfielder has fallen out of favour under the management of Mikel Arteta. And the Spanish side are keen to sign him with an option to make the deal permanent this summer. But it is reported that Arsenal would prefer to sell him now to raise funds for other signings.

Arsenal are close to completing two huge deals this week. Willian is set to join the Gunners on a free transfer after rejecting a two-year deal from Chelsea. The Brazilian star is expected to earn £100,000-per-week at the Emirates as part of his deal. And Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is also set to agree a three-year deal with the club worth £250,000-per-week.

Turkish club Besiktas want to sign Reiss Nelson, according to reports in Turkey. As cited by Sport Witness, Besiktas want to sign the 20-year-old on loan for the 2020/21 season. But the report states that Mikel Arteta will be reluctant to sell Nelson – who is under contract until 2023. He chipped in this season with one goal in 17 Premier League appearances for the Gunners.

Family Meals From My Childhood

Kentucky fried chicken is another reminder of the days gone by. We used to order the buckets for family dinners during the weekends in Kuwait and we still do as a family now. That with Coke or Pepsi and French fries. Dad, mom, sister and me with my mom’s brother, his wife and daughter (my cousin). We’d get buns and coleslaw among with them as well. Although it’s either KFC or an Indian owned alternative like Chick King or Chicken Chicago in India. Why we just had some Chick King on Saturday night, 2 piece each with a bun, some fries and while my mom drank some 7up, dad had a brandy while I had some Old Monk rum with Coke. Hmm rum & Coke.

If it wasn’t KFC then it was shawarmas. Hmmm delicious shawarma from the middle east that hasn’t been recreated in India yet. Or if they are, it’s only in a couple of places. But in Kuwait (and other places) they serve the best kind. Excellent and exquisite cuts of meat (either beef or chicken) with Tahini sauce, chopped vegetables wrapped inside of a soft pita bread. My aunt, who has always been a vegetarian would pitas and falafel. Pepsi or Coke to drink. I do not remember any chain restaurant that we would buy them from but we always seemed to get some really good stuff. It was the best of times when we had these family meals together.

Whenever I dream about my science fiction universe (the one I created and wrote a few chapters about but have still to flesh it out completely) our family meals are usually these kinds of food with maybe some fried rice or something along with it.

Graveyard Shift Beckons

The day shift are done and I will back to night shifts from tomorrow onwards. That means 10:30 pm to 7:30 am shift and it will probably be for the next 2 weeks if not longer. But I hope it won’t be longer than that since I tend to feel very tired and not get enough sleep during these night shifts. I also tend to spend more time in bed just trying to rest during these shifts and that is not something that I like.

If I am not sleeping or ill or watching a tv show/movies then I do not like to lie in bed. Watching a movie or a tv show from your bed is very relaxing and I love doing that. Anyways, back to the shift schedule. I hate this shift but I guess I have to do it. I hope it is darker and cooler during the next 2 weeks because that will help me to get to sleep earlier and more easier after my shift ends. If it is sunny and bright post 7:30 am then I find it difficult to go to sleep easily.

During these shifts I will also be skipping on lunch as I tend to do. Since I will finish work at 7:30 am I will eat a nice breakfast and then go to sleep as soon as I can. Maybe even watch a little tv to help put me to sleep. I tend to wake up well into the evening and will drink coffee and have a snack before I shower and shave if needed. I will have dinner before I start work.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a 2014 American psychological thriller film directed by David Fincher and with a screenplay by Gillian Flynn based on her 2012 novel of the same title. The film stars Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tyler Perry. Set in Missouri, the story begins as a mystery that follows the events surrounding Nick Dunne (Affleck), who becomes the prime suspect in the sudden disappearance of his wife Amy (Pike).

On their fifth wedding anniversary, writing teacher Nick Dunne returns home to find his wife Amy missing. Her disappearance receives press coverage, as Amy was the inspiration for her parents’ popular Amazing Amy children’s books. Detective Rhonda Boney finds poorly concealed evidence of a struggle in the house. Suspicion mounts around Nick, whose apathy is interpreted by the media as characteristic of a sociopath and even sows doubt in his twin sister Margo. Flashbacks reveal how Amy and Nick first met. Amy later revealed to Nick that Amazing Amy was a perfected version made up of the real Amy’s failures. Their marriage disintegrated over time; both lost their jobs in the recession and moved from New York City to Nick’s hometown of North Carthage, Missouri. Nick became lazy and distant, and began cheating on Amy with Andie, one of his students, while Amy became increasingly resentful towards Nick for making her move with him to Missouri, having loved her life in New York City.

Forensic analysis of the house uncovers cleaned bloodstains, indicating a probable murder. Boney unearths evidence of financial troubles, domestic disputes, and Amy’s recent willingness to purchase a gun. Medical reports indicate that Amy is pregnant, which Nick denies knowing. Amy and Nick had played treasure hunt games on every wedding anniversary; this year’s clues include profligate items purchased with Nick’s card, as well as a diary highlighting Amy’s growing isolation and ending with the fear that Nick will kill her. Amy is revealed to be alive and well, having gone into hiding in a campground in the Ozarks. Upon discovering Nick’s affair, she concocted an elaborate plan to punish him by framing him for her murder and making his motive appear to be monetary in nature. She fabricated a long-standing diary that was accurate in its early entries but later evolved into false accounts of spousal violence and her increasing fear of Nick. She befriended a pregnant neighbor, told her fake stories about Nick’s temper, and stole her urine to fake pregnancy results, all while hiding the friendship from Nick.

She planted corroborating evidence of Nick’s guilt in the clue spots for the “treasure hunt” for the police to find. She also splattered her own blood across the kitchen, and cleaned it haphazardly. She anticipated that Nick would be convicted and executed for her murder and contemplated committing suicide after his conviction. Nick deduces Amy’s plan and convinces Margo of his innocence. He flies to New York and meets Tanner Bolt, a lawyer known for representing men accused of killing their wives. Nick also meets Amy’s ex-boyfriend Tommy O’Hara, who says that Amy had falsely accused him of rape, planting evidence around his house and forcing him to register as a sex offender to avoid jail. Nick approaches another ex-boyfriend, the wealthy Desi Collings, against whom Amy previously filed a restraining order, but Desi turns him away, refusing to share any details.

When Amy’s campground neighbors rob her of her money, she calls Desi for help, convincing him that she fled from Nick’s abuse. Desi agrees to hide her in his lake house. After Andie reveals their affair at a press conference, Nick appears on a talk show professing his innocence and apologizing for his failures as a husband, in the hope of luring Amy. The show airs shortly before the treasure hunt clues land Nick arrested for murder. However, his performance rekindles Amy’s feelings for him and modifies her plans. She uses Desi’s surveillance cameras to help make it appear that Desi kidnapped and raped her. She seduces Desi, murders him with a box cutter, and returns home covered in his blood, clearing Nick of suspicion.

When Boney probes into the holes in her story, Amy chastises her as incompetent. The FBI sides with Amy, forcing Boney to back down. Amy tells Nick the truth and admits to Desi’s murder, saying that the man she watched pleading for her return on TV is the man she wants him to become again. Nick shares this with Boney, Bolt, and Margo, but they have no evidence of her guilt. Nick intends to leave Amy, but she reveals she is pregnant, having inseminated herself with Nick’s sperm stored at a fertility clinic. Nick reacts violently to Amy’s insistence that they remain married, but feels responsible for the child. Despite Margo’s objections, he reluctantly decides to stay with Amy. The “happy” couple announces on television that they are expecting.

Fantastic acting skills and the movie is so amazing. I loved the cast, the acting and the storyline. I found myself absolutely hooked after a few minutes and this is probably one of my favourite darker themed movie. 9.5 outta 10!

Heavy Rainfall In Kerala

Following a red alert issued by the India Meteorological Department (IMD)- of heavy to very heavy rainfall in parts of Kerala, torrential rains pounded Idukki district, resulting in a major landslide. Fifteen others have been rescued so far and are undergoing treatment at the Tata General Hospital in Munnar. Cost of treatment will be borne by the state, the Chief Minister said, announcing ? 5 lakh as compensation for the families of those killed.

As heavy rains continues in Kerala, the IMD has once again issued a red alert for Thrissur, predicting severe spells of rains in the coming days. Meanwhile, latest reports say 10 people have died in the landslide. Rescue workers at the landslide site in Rajamala, Idukki district greenwoods personal credit (Munnar) shift bodies on make-shift slings.

On Thursday heavy rains caused a temporary bridge in the district to collapse, state authorities said. The entire district was on red alert for likely extremely heavy rainfall today. Idukki district also saw floods in low-lying areas like Munnar, which is a popular tourist destination near Rajamalai, because of rising water levels of a nearby river. Heavy rain also lashed Ernakulam district, with a Shiva temple in Aluva flooded after significantly increased water levels in the Periyar River. Rain and landslides also disrupted life in Wayanad district’s Kurichiyarmala area, where two houses have been damaged so far, according to ANI. Wayanad district’s Panamaram area has also reported floods after continuous rainfall over the last three days, news agency ANI reported.

A red alert has been issued for tomorrow (August 8 ) for Idukki, Thrissur, Wayanad and Palakkad districts, while an orange alert has been sounded for all other districts except Thiruvananthapura. Here in Kochi it’s been really heavy rains since early morning and it has affected power in some areas and internet in some (including mine).

Creamy & Peanutty

Something that I have wanted to try for a very long time but just didn’t get round to it until very recently is peanut butter. I mean, I think I have had a little bit when I was very young but I can honestly say that I haven’t had any in over 30 years or so. I dunno why.

Peanut butter milkshakes have been one of my favourites at some cafes or fast food restaurants. I just love the taste. Which is why I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to go buy some peanut butter for my sandwiches. But in June one of my colleagues told me that he had ordered some peanut butter for his morning breakfast sandwiches. I having never had them on sandwiches, thought that I should get some and so I ordered one from an online delivery app. However it turned out to be the crunchy which is very thick and dry and it is difficult to spread on bread.

I did like the taste though and later bought a small jar of the creamy kind since that is easier to spread and I love it. Once it ran out I ordered a big jar of the creamy kind and it’s my go to breakfast now. Though I must say that it is a bit heavy and I tend to also like a lot on my bread hence I end up feeling quite full if I have two sandwiches. But it sure is tasty. The brand I buy is Sundrop and if you are in India please do try the creamy kind. You’ll love it.

4 Ways To Verify Information On The Internet

The internet is most people’s main source of entertainment and information, and while it is useful, it may not always be accurate. There are some topics, such as health, that require some research before going ahead to use the information. And especially in these times, it is important that you verify whatever you see on the internet before applying it in your daily life. So here are a few ideas to ensure the information your assimilating is accurate. This will also go a long way to help you prevent information overload.

1. Check the credentials

Most internet posts have the author’s name or come from an organization. And because it is the internet doesn’t mean what someone says they are is who they really are. What you can do is to research the author’s name or the organization that’s giving out that information. You can start by looking into their background, by looking through their About Us page. Also, look out for things like experience and education to determine if they have enough industry expertise to speak on the topic. Apart from that, you should also consider the URL for whether it is a commercial site or a non-profit website. This will let you know the purpose of the site so that you can decide whether or not the information will be useful to you.

2. Check the timeliness

As the world evolves, new things come out every day, and this makes it crucial that the information you’re assimilating is still relevant. There are very few things that stay the same over the years, and if you’re searching for a topic like health, then it is important that the information isn’t too outdated. So look at the publishing date on the content you’re reading to make sure that it is current.

3. Verify the links

First of all, there is some content that should not be opinion pieces. Topics on health, for example, should come with credible sources that back any claims. So whatever you’re reading, make sure that whatever information you’re getting from the internet has these sources. Take your time to go through these sources to make sure they are also from credible sources. For topics on health, it will be better if it is from industry professionals, whether individuals like Patrick Conway or organizations like the WHO.

4. Compare iron bridge lending with other sources

If you want the best information, then you shouldn’t have to rely on one source. So whenever you’re searching for information on the internet, be sure to research elsewhere as well. Compare all other sites that also produce content on the topic you’re interested in and double-check against each other. You can go a step further and go off the internet to a library or print publications. If the information you find is consistent with others, then there is a good chance that it is accurate.

The internet can be a great source of information and knowledge, and indeed there are a lot of posts day in and day out. But it is your duty to ensure that your information you’re getting is accurate so that you don’t contribute to misleading people.

Managing The Logistics Of Your Business Well

It’s important to understand, as a business owner, that a business, like a brick wall, is always comprised of carefully-placed individual elements. This allows the strength to take place, and the overall structure to take form. This goes for everything, even the minutiae of how well you hire and train staff.

Developing the logistics of your brand is also a place where this mindset can prosper. Logistics are important. They help your business become well-oiled, carefully balanced, and more than anything – predictable. But how can you optimize your business supply chains? How can you develop solutions that will stand the test of time, even during the current difficulties going on around the world?

Well, it’s impossible to guide you through all of the intense necessities, rules and regulations a good supply chain should follow. However, we can help you pay attention to some changes that will make the most difference. With the following advice, you’ll be sure to understand just what those principal changes are, and how you can move forward with them in your stead:

Fuel Logistics

It’s important to keep your fleet running. This means you need to know how to manage your fuel logistics. Safety and convenience must be on your mind at all times, with the first continually outweighing the second. That being said, with the best fuel pump installations https://gpi.net/product-category/pumps/stationary-fuel-pumps-ac-voltage/ you’ll be able to ensure that fuel is easily injected into your vehicles. From there, you can reduce pit stop times, ensure that your trucks are never without the resources they need, and ensure safety at all times.

Loading Bays

Loading bays must be cleaned, continually inspected for fire hazards, and secure at all times. Essential security infrastructure can serve as a fantastic starting point for this effort, but it’s true to say that following protocol is twice as important. If you can use correct signposting, continually rotate your incoming and outgoing vehicles to prevent delays or stuck vehicles, and ensure that your staff are familiar with loading procedures through regular training, you’ll be in the best shape going forward.

Round The Clock Support

It’s also essential to give your drivers and staff round-the-clock support. Issues can happen with fleet management, from breakdowns to accidents to logistics returning damaged goods. It’s important that you use the best liability, road and vehicle insurance to keep you and your drivers protected. It can also be important to use temp logistics firms in case you’re missing drivers, or spare trucks in case some have to be taken out of circulation. Logistics, you will find, can be likened to an ever-dynamic dance, in which your products and goods are carefully managed and maintained. If you can ensure that you keep a healthy balance, you will be able to keep on top of any undue changes and keep things as reliable as possible.

With this advice, we hope you can manage the logistics of your business well.

RIP Wilford Brimbley

Anthony Wilford Brimley (September 27, 1934 – August 1, 2020) was an American actor and singer. He had been ill with a kidney condition for two months.After serving in the United States Marine Corps and taking on a variety of odd jobs, he became an extra for Western films, and in little more than a decade he had established himself as a character actor in films such as The China Syndrome (1979), The Thing (1982), Tender Mercies (1983) and The Natural (1984). He was the long-time face of television advertisements for the Quaker Oats Company. He also promoted diabetes education and appeared in related commercials for Liberty Medical.

Wilford Brimley was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on September 27, 1934. His father was a real estate broker. Prior to his career in acting, he dropped out of high school to join the Marines, serving in the Aleutian Islands for three years. He also worked as a bodyguard for businessman Howard Hughes, as well as a ranch hand, wrangler, and blacksmith. He then began shoeing horses for film and television. At the behest of his close friend and fellow actor Robert Duvall, he began acting in the 1960s as a riding extra and stunt man in Westerns.

Brimley’s onscreen breakthrough came when he was cast in the popular 1970s television series The Waltons as Walton’s Mountain resident and blacksmith Horace Brimley; he made seven appearances between 1974 and 1977. His first credited feature film performance was in The China Syndrome (1979) as Ted Spindler, a friend and coworker of plant shift supervisor Jack Godell (portrayed by Jack Lemmon). Later, Brimley made a brief, but pivotal, appearance in Absence of Malice (1981) as the curmudgeonly, outspoken Assistant U.S. Attorney James A. Wells. In the movie The Thing (1982) he played the role of Blair, the biologist of a group of men at an American research station in Antarctica who encounter a dangerous alien that can perfectly imitate other organisms. Brimley’s close friend Robert Duvall (who also appeared in The Natural) was instrumental in securing for him the role of Harry in Tender Mercies (1983).

Brimley then appeared as Pop Fisher, world-weary manager of a slumping baseball team, in The Natural (1984). Shortly thereafter, Brimley secured his first leading role in Ron Howard’s Cocoon (1985), portraying Ben Luckett, leader of a group of geriatrics who encounter a magically reinvigorating swimming pool by their retirement home. Brimley was only 49 when he was cast in the role, and turned 50 during filming; he was at least 20 years younger than any of the actors playing the other retirement home residents. In order to look the part, Brimley bleached his hair and moustache to turn them gray, and had wrinkles and liver spots drawn on his face. He also starred in “Cocoon: The Return“, a 1988 sequel. Through these and other roles, Brimley became widely known for portraying gruff or stodgy old men, most notably on the short-lived 1980s NBC drama series Our House, also starring Deidre Hall, Chad Allen and Shannen Doherty.

One exception was when he played William Devasher, sinister head of security for a Mafia-associated law firm, in the Tom Cruise film The Firm (1993). After portraying the father of Kevin Kline in In & Out (1997), Brimley retreated from Hollywood in favor of involvement in more independent productions. He made an auspicious mainstream comeback with the TNT film Crossfire Trail (2001), co-starring with Tom Selleck (whom he had previously worked with in the 1980s film High Road to China). He played an intimidating United States Postmaster General in a 1997 episode of Seinfeld (The Junk purchase cialis Mail), who forces Kramer to end his boycott of the mail service. After several more years of independent film and TV acting, Brimley had a supporting role in Did You Hear About the Morgans? (2009), making witty exchanges with star Hugh Grant.

How to Choose Your Best Sports Drink for Summer Time

Shopping for a healthy drink might not seem difficult with options flooding store shelves. But would you be comfortable in picking up just about any product? When it comes to health, compromise is a big no-no. Did you know that you could order your special beverage online? Yes, you could get your best sports drink from Greater Than and take care of your health. If you are looking more for low sugar, high electrolytes, and good taste, such reliable sites could quench your thirst for good health. 


Finding a health drink that claims to be a natural takes nothing more than your accessibility to a well-marketed product. But, if you want to sip on the goodness of 100% natural health beverages, you’d rather choose your beverage carefully. This includes reading the label before picking it up. Whether you are scouting for that perfect coolant post sweaty summer-workouts or a cuppa to motivate you to hop out of your winter blankets, here’s something you must consider. 


Picking the appropriate form 

Sports drinks come in various forms. While most drinks could be bottled or canned, it isn’t unlikely to find beverages sold as powders and tablets that can be simply dissolved into water, milk, or fluid that complements the packaged contents. However, the on-the-go drinks are just perfect for those who are on the move and don’t have the time or convenience to bring the drink ingredients altogether in order to consume them. 


Things that your energy-boosting health drink should comprise

If you are a sports enthusiast or a professional athlete, you would need a beverage that’s more than just a thirst-quencher. A wellness drink that caters to your overall body needs after a workout session should include electrolytes and energy booster such as good calories and some glucose.

Here’s what you can look for when selecting your drink from an online store. 



Walking, running, gym workout or intensive sports sessions can rob you of energy as well as fluids. As you sweat, essential minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and other protective reserves could also leach out causing dehydration. When choosing a drink, make sure that the fluid you pick has all that is required to replenish any mineral loss. Want to know more about electrolytes, read up more at https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/153188#:~:text=Electrolytes%20are%20che



Does your health beverage fulfill the calorific needs?

Be it high-endurance exercises or any strenuous sports, engaging in any such activities might increase the body’s demand for calories. It is important to consider a drink based on your level of activity as that could be the only way to satiate your body’s caloric and energy requirements.

However, you might want to c personal loan rate uk onsult a nutritionist before buying any such drink if you are on a weight loss journey. While training for a marathon may need you to depend on a high-calorie beverage, depending on a calorie-rich drink may not be the appropriate choice for those striving to lose a few pounds. Instead, an electrolyte-rich drink alone could suffice.

Taking care of your body’s sugar needs 

Did you know that most sports brews contain high amounts of sugar? Well, that’s because it resolves to replace much of the carbs lost during a workout. If you don’t want to feed your body with extra sugar, opting for sugar-free options would make a sensible choice. You could check ingredient details on the package label to be able to make a comprehensive choice. Some formulas such as tablets and powders may contain low sugar. However, avoid blindly falling for sugar-free drinks as those could be more harmful. Yes, most sugar-free drinks contain artificial sweeteners that pose other health risks. Check this post to see how bad artificial sweeteners could be.

Products fortified with additional ingredients are more of a marketing gimmick. You might come across drinks that include amino acids, vitamins, herbs, and artificial flavors, and all this could be packed with lots of sugar to load you with empty calories. If you are health conscious and can take out some time from your busy schedule, there’s nothing that could replace a fresh, homemade delicious and healthy beverage. From watermelons, coconut water to cucumber juice, you can try interesting DIY drinks to suit your fitness needs. Lemon, honey, maple syrup, orange juice, ginger roots, etc. can work excellently as powerful ingredients in your health drink.

Continuing The Work From Home

Another work week has started. This week too it’s at a desirable 12:30 pm to 9:30 pm shift. And today is gonna be a bit relaxing as I mostly have to really work consolidated loan calculator only for an hour or 2 and then it’s at a more leisurely pace. I have a session setup for the new hires which will be conducted by someone from another department and he can take it for 2-3 hours if needed. I can relax and do some other work in the meanwhile.

I hope this week is a good one as well. I am tired and I am expecting some packages in the mail. Dvds ofcourse but I am so excited that I am getting those packages. It’s getting delayed a lot due to Covid-19 and it’s begun to start becoming really irritating. I will never complain about regular standard international shipping anymore, if and when things go back to normal. The 2 weeks plus seems so much better than the month or more now. I used to think I could pay for faster shipping but no thanks, I will take standard international during non-Convid times.

It’s a nice 28 C here. Coldish wind blowing in, highest at 21km/h. I like this weather. It’s multiple hot coffee weather. I even think that in the evening I might order some hot chocolate from Cafe Coffee Day.