10 Doggy Commandments

There is no God….only Dog & typos! If you haven’t been loved unconditionally by a dog, any breed of dog, then….you haven’t been loved.

6 thoughts on “10 Doggy Commandments

  1. I’ve never had a dog. I used to be scared of them but not now. I’d love a little doggy now but as we are out of the house for 10 hours most days it’s not right to have one.

    Cats are easier, they are not so bothered by the humans daily absence..

  2. Actually dogs can be good if u are out of the house for 10 hours a day. Just make sure they have food and plenty of water to drinks. And the best part is when you come back home, you get a welcome like no other. With a little licking and love!

  3. Fertilizer for your plants in the garden!! My dog used to ‘bless’ particular plants and trees in ours and I kid you not, those plants & trees grew a lot more. The fruit was plentiful and the flowers were great!!!

  4. I’ve had both cats and dogs and love them both. However, dogs generally are much more loving and loyal. There is nothing like a dog as a companion. Always cheers me up!

  5. I always say that there is nothing more down to earth than being loving licked by a dog. Makes me feel so human.

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