10 Things I Did 10 Years Ago But Don’t Anymore

  1. I don’t play badminton anymore. Haven’t played it in years (sucks in big belly)!
  2. I don’t watch tennis anymore. I used to be a huge fan of the game and followed the results & scores week after week
  3. I don’t hang out with my cousins anymore. That used to be what I most looked forward to for a long time.
  4. I don’t buy fruits like apple, grapes, watermelon & pineapple and make ice old juices in the juicer anymore. I really miss that and would want to start doing more of it again.
  5. I don’t read that many books anymore. It has taken me almost 3 months to finish a book – unheard of 10 years ago.
  6. I don’t play card games anymore. I use to play a lot with my cousins but point #3 will explain that.
  7. I don’t go to movie theaters anymore. Haven’t been to one since 2005.
  8. I’m not as outgoing or open to meeting new people as I was 10 years ago. Scars & wounds, my friends. Scars & wounds.
  9. I don’t let myself get dragged to do stuff that doesn’t interest me anymore. I’ve only got one life you know! So I stick by this point. Other than work :P
  10. I don’t trust as easily as used to 10 years ago. Life has hardened me although I think maybe not as much as I think it has. Certainly more skeptical and cynical.

4 thoughts on “10 Things I Did 10 Years Ago But Don’t Anymore

  1. This post struck a chord with me because there are heaps of things I used to do that I don’t anymore – like play the guitar and write songs and go to the movies and read 3 books a week and rollerblade and all sorts of things. Scars and wounds – I get it. But I miss doing all those things!

  2. Let’s make a pact ladies. The 3 of us will start doing those things that we used to do & enjoyed but no longer do. All for 1, 1 for all. You gals will be Thelma, Louise and I’ll be the guy that Brad Pitt plays in the movie :P

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