10 Things I Love About You

10 things you love most about your significant other

Let me tell you first that I am single and do not have a significant other. But I dream at night, wishing I had that woman who would be my partner in life. Anyways, this is what I love about the woman of my dreams.

  • She seems to understand my needs and adjusts and does little things for me without me asking (and ofcourse I do that for her too)
  • She seems to take an interest in my hobbies. She may not share my enthusiasm but she tries to help out and even looks for ways to contribute.
  • She has been convinced about the greatness, awesomeness and the history of Star Trek and other science fiction franchises. Again, she may not share my enthusiasm but she has taken to understand some (if not all) of it and has her inputs.
  • She loves animals like dogs and cats. Bunnies, deer etc as well. She cries when an animal dies even if it is in a movie and seeing one hurt in real life is too much for her to taken.
  • She does not however share my love & fascination for horror movies. She might watch some movies with me but too much blood, gore, body horror and she will say “ok that’s me done for the night” and walk away from the tv room.
  • She is dedicated to her family and does everything with them in mind. The food she buys or prepares at home is with her loved ones in mind. What they like, the way they like it and what would delight them.
  • She likes it simple yet elegant. The lightest of make up touches and a little lipstick because she is beautiful naturally. No gaudy makeup on for this one.
  • She can be as casual in clothing as they come – t shirts, blouses, sweatshirts or hoodies at home with jeans but for a party, function or just a night out visiting friends, she can look really classy and elegant in a nice dress.
  • She is loyal to a fault, supporting and motivating her family & friends.
  • She is beautiful and lovely inside and out.


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