10 Things That Make Me Happy

Rock n’Roll
Roaring guitars, soaring vocals, drums pounding, bass booming & keyboards a tinkling. Adrenaline pumping, feet a tapping, hearts a thumping and the spirit is high! More potent that the best of narcotics! Music is the only drug I need.

Reading a good book
I’ve been known to be a book worm for many years. Although since getting an internet connection I’ve read a lot less, I still enjoy a good book. Some afternoons, I get a good novel, go to a coffeeshop and sit there for a couple of hours. Then its on to one of my fav bars where I get beer or vodka, some chopsuey and continue to read till it’s time to go home. I used to read comics a lot as a kid but since the age of 15 it’s been novels.

Star Trek
Anything Star Trek makes me happy. I love the concept and I wish that it could be a reality for now. It’s the ultimate dream and the final frontier (pun intended). Traveling in giant space ship and exploring new worlds – man I would do anything to be in Star Fleet!

Football on telly
I used a British term (I think) but yeah I just love watching football on tv. I follow the English league and used to follow the Italian, Spanish & other European leagues earlier. As I don’t watch much tv these last couple of years, its’ usually only the English football games and some high lites of the others. And I support Arsenal FC.

Beer, vodka & some brandy makes me happy. I mix Sprite or 7Up with my vodka and either coke, 7Up, Sprite or an assorted of cold drinks with brandy. Beer is beer. Like I say “there’s too much blood in my alcohol level”!

What a question! Pizza is Italy’s greatest gift to the world. I have never met a pizza I didn’t like.

The first sip of hot coffee in the morning
That’s my fuel. I need it to get through the day. I’ve been drinking some tea these days as well but coffee is like oxygen.

Cold breeze & plenty of rain
I live in one of the hottest place on the Earth. A nice cool breeze and lots of rain falling on the hot roads is just what we need. I love the rain as long as it doesn’t accompany thunder & lightning.

The Internet
I blog, read blogs, watch videos on Youtube, download mp3s & video etc etc. I Tweet, use Facebook and spend most of my free time online. I love the interwebs.

I love Hockey. I must be one of the only handful of Indians who follow the fastest game on the ice. It’s the coolest game on the planet. I support the Ottawa Senators.

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