10 things you can’t live without!

10 things I can’t live without!

  1. Internet : needless to say all of us cannot do without the internet. I am ever grateful for those who are invented the internet, got us broadband, providing the service, maintaining the servers and creating the apps that have made our lives so much easier & better.
  2. Football : football is life, life is football. The best and most popular sport in the world. I love watching football and celebrating a great goal. Yes, football not the North American variant that is so dumb and not played with a ball or kicked with a foot!
  3. Science fiction shows & movies : The whole reason that movies & tv shows exist in the first place, if you ask me really. To show us what certain people think is the future and what our lives will look like. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Star Trek : Speaking of science fictions shows and movies, this is the ultimate. Star Trek has always been at the forefront of showing us what humanity can aspire to be and shows us a future that is worth waiting for. An end to homelessness, hunger, poverty, diseases and war amongst ourselves. A united earth & our allies headed out to space, boldly going to where no one has gone before.
  5. Music : music is also essential for me to life. Metal, hard rock, soft rock & the Blues is all very much what I live to listen to. Playing my favourite music is always guaranteed to put me in a better mood, bring me back from the depths of despair and re-energize me. I would rather die than not be able to listen to my fav music.
  6. Computers/laptops – It’s what I use to connect to the internet, do my work and play and watch porn! Yeah, admit it, you do too. But mainly for storing videos, photos, images and getting onto the internet, I need my laptop.
  7. Coffee : Ohh, coffee. Such a strong need for this. Every morning and evening, I need my caffeine fix and though I usually have it hot & strong, I also do get a few frappes once in a while. I love coffee.
  8. Beer : Beer is the drink of the gods. Though I love my vodka, rum, brandy and gin, beer is the king. It’s such a social drink, infact it is the second most social drink after coffee. Tea doesn’t even come close. Beer is so great on a hot day, on a not so hot day and one a cold, rainy day. Any day, any time. Beer. Second only to a great coffee.
  9. Pizza : Pizza is the great food invention ever. It is Italy’s love letter to the rest of the world. Pizza is something I love like no other food. And it doesn’t even have to have meat on it! That’s how much I love pizza! I could enjoy a veggie pizza like no body’s business and have my fix taken care off. Ofcourse when I order, it is usually filled with meat toppings.
  10. Women : What would the world be without women? Sexy, soft, dangerous curves, girl or woman. I want women in my life in some shape or form. We cannot live without them.


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