10 Years Younger

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“If tomorrow morning you woke up ten years younger, what would be the first thing that you would do?”

Good prompt! If I woke up the next day suddenly aged 10 years younger, 27, I’d do a lot of things. First I’d go back to college and enroll for a completed degree to add to my diploma. I’d also like to enroll for some other courses to improve my work skills and apply for various jobs. I’d then find a way to apply for permanent citizenship in another country – Canada or if not there then Sweden or Norway or Holland. And I’d get out of this place.

I’d also sharpen my romantic skills and start looking at younger chicks a lot more differently. I’d set the ball rolling and put out a wide net and find that young woman 24-27 who’d be perfect for me and romance her until she falls under my spell and cannot stay away from me. And then I’d make sure that I could get her a nice place to stay in and propose when the time is right and marry her after a couple of years.

What else would I do? Mostly I’d try and make it so I could leave the country and try and settle in Canada or somewhere else. That’s what I wish I could have done earlier in life but feel like it’s way too late now. I’d love to get that opportunity again. I still might get the chance but I wish I could have done it earlier.

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