What would I do with 1 million USD? That would be Rs. 7,30,92,250 after the currency conversion.  First of all, I would quit. Just call up and say “I quit” and then accept retirement. What wouldn’t I do with that kind of money! Just to give you a perspective, some of the biggest luxury apartments (about the size of 2 large 3 bedroom regular apartments) are half a crore.

So I would buy 3 of those – 1 for my parents, 1 for my sister and her family and 1 for me. With the rest of the money, I’d invest some of it so that it gives me a bunch of savings off the interests. I’d travel a bit, live in luxury 5 star hotels and buy the latest gadgets. I’d enjoy seeing the places that I have always wanted to see but mostly I’d live a quiet life.

I’d want a quiet almost retired life. Stay in and enjoy not having to worry about money or work and all that stuff. I’d live my life and enjoy indulging in my hobbies and just relax for the rest of my life. I’d be a very boring rich guy but I don’t mind.

Prompt from Keeping a Journal in 2020: Journaling Prompts

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