11 Months W@H

We have now completed 11 months of work from home due to Covid. And a few days ago I just got word that officially my employers have extended the work at home initiative for everyone who are currently working from their homes till June 21. I have accepted that news with a happy heart and applaud them for doing so. Also, they have stated that they are looking at having us continue to work from home as long as we get a say so from our clients (each process & client have their own rules and regulations).

Continue to work at home is my option for the rest of my career. I do not want to work in an office ever again as mentioned in previous posts. I prefer working from home after an initial reluctance and I have gotten used to it. Just not having to commute itself is a big deal. Going straight to bed or being able to relax immediately after my shift is the best feeling. Not having to dress up or dress at all is another. I usually am in my undershirt and a lungi, going commando beneath that as well. There are some negative points as well but they are dwarfed by the plus points.

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