11 Weird Laws From The State Of Florida

1. It’s illegal to lean a bike on a cemetery’s tree: Locality:¬†Destin

2.¬†It’s illegal to skateboard without a¬†license: Locality:¬†Florida State Laws

3. You can’t roll a barrel down the street. Depending on the barrel’s content, you can be fined: Locality:¬†Pensacola

4. Women who fall asleep under a hairdryer can be fined: Locality: Florida State Laws

5. Men can’t publicly wear a¬†strapless gown: Locality: Said to be in¬†Miami¬†(Source unknown)

6. Publicly singing a swimsuit is illegal: Locality: Sarasota

7. Unmarried women parachuting on Sundays could risk jail time: Locality: Florida State Laws

8. Being publicly clothed in liquid latex is illegal: Locality: Satellite Beach

9.  Horse theft is punishable by hanging: Locality: Florida State Laws

10.¬† A woman electrocuted in the bathtub using beauty tools can be fined after she’s dead:¬†Good Lord, what were these people thinking?! Locality:¬†Pensacola

11. In the state of Florida, the law states you must pay for the parking meter if you tie an elephant, goat, or alligator to it: Good Lord, what were these people thinking?!

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