Friends Season 5

The shock & embarrasement of having the groom say another girl’s name at the wedding furiates Emily and she won’t talk to Ross. He tried to patch things up but fails. Chandler & Monica start laying the ground rules of their relationship and try to hid everything from the other 4. Chandler even has to pretend that he picked up a new ‘kissing his friends habit’ and kiss both Rachel & Pheobe, since they saw him kissing Monica. Pheobe’s water breaks just as they were headed out for a small trip and she gives birth to the triplets. Chandler (the baby) is a girl and Joey gets sick with kidney stones. Then Emily agrees to come to New York – if Ross promises to stop being friends with Rachel. Although Ross is torn and wants his marriage to work, he finally can’t agree to Emily’s demands, so their relationshio ends. Ross temporarily moves in with Joey & Chandler but later gets Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment as he (UNG) is moving out.

Chandler gets upset when Monica reveals her worst Thanksgiving story – in which Chandler loses a bit of his toe when Monica drops a knife. Ross has to take pills & counselling due to an anger problem. Everyone finds out about Chandler & Monica eventually and the two develop their relationship further. Joey meanwhile starts using a ‘man’s bag’ and dates a girl who punches him. Rachel starts working at Ralph Lauren but feels like she has to take up smoking as her boss & colleague smoke while they discuss work topics. Ross tries to flirt with a cute pizza delivery girl but fails miserably until Rachel feels bad and helps him out.

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Ross, Joey & Chandler go on a drive along with Pheobe’s new boyfriend, who is a cop, on a patrol. Pheobe ends up breaking it off with the cop as he shoots a bird. Joey gets a part in a movie but as he reached Las Vegas for the shooting, it gets cancelled and he has to work in a casino for a while. The rest go to meet him there but – Monica & Chandler contemplate marriage but change their minds when they see a drunk Ross & Rachel coming out of the chapel, just married!!

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  1. I’ll always keep watching the show since I bought the entire 10 seasons on dvd. I’m always going to watch it for as I have the dvds.

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