The “Passion” Of Christ?

From the Friendly Atheist I was reading about a poster, by the Campus Activists for Atheism group at Lorain County Community College in Ohio, that caused quite a stir because a poster for the club makes reference to a passage cut from the Bible.

Is that all you say? Oh no, they also had an image on the poster which looks like this.

And the headline was “Jesus Christ had a homosexual relationship?” Gross and funny at the same time. However, this apparently isn’t the first time that a Gay Jesus idea has been floating around. Read this. Also from Jerry there’s a book by Kittredge Cherry’s book Jesus in Love the age of innocence movie download , a novel about a gay Jesus Christ, was the source of controversy among throngs of religious people. The cover of which, according to the author “shows a near-naked Jesus and John the Baptist rising from the water together after Christ’s baptism. And you can clearly see their genitals.

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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just google ‘Gay Jesus” and watch the images or websites that all suggest in some manner or the other that Jesus did more than just sermons with his flock of disciples. Some of the websites / books / ideas are by otherwise Christian believers, so it isn’t biased opinion by just Atheists.

I don’t see what the big huppla is all about. I guess this would explain his male disciples all following him around. Judas betraying him with a kiss. And Jesus would be in good company. I’ve always thought that Krishna was so gay. And look, it seems that he even went for Jesus. Go on Jesus, play his flute.

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