13 Hour Work Day

Well I am just back home after a long day at work. I left my home at 7:45 am and reached the office by 8:20 am. After I completed the training for the day, I was informed that there would be some adhoc work to be done for a review that was to be done with the VP (I don’t have to attend it, I just have to provide some data). Sure I could do it. But then some other stuff came up as well. I thought I could leave by 7:30 pm atleast. Well….I was wrong!

By the time I realized that I was almost done I saw that it was nearly 8:30 pm. I came outside the area that I work to use my phone and book a cab – alas they only had one available by 9:45 pm! Oh well, not having another option I booked it and went back in to complete the work and then took a break to get some dinner. I waited and drank some juice and by 9:20 pm I got an intimation that the cab was early and waiting outside for me. So I went down and made my way back home.

I guess I’m gonna face a few more days like this till January end but I am hopeful that this will end by then. I want my 9 hours and no more (we don’t even get paid any over time for this stuff).

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