14 Hour Stretch

I have just gotten out of a 14 hour stretch. I switched my work system on at 9 am and got out of work at 11 pm. I shit you not folks! This is easily the worst day in post lockdown. I am so tired that I can feel my eyes thanking me when I finally shot down the work system and could get out of the haze of excel sheets and Webex and conference calls. I was also on an over 60 minutes conference call – 32 minutes of which it was not required for more than half of us to be there!

This company lives on conference calls. I wish I could get out of them but it’s deemed a necessary evil in the months of working from home. Even though some employees are working at the office and a few more might join them, we will not. I most certainly will not for the next month. After that it depends on the situation; if it is good I might be told that I can go to the office and if not then it will be working from home again. The last update we had was that we would continue to work from home till October and only new staff will be working from home as getting them systems to place in their homes would be a little expensive and tough to do.

But yeah I could use a break after this. So I am going to take it easy for the weekend; though I do have some work that I will have to do. I will do that Saturday evening and keep Sunday for total relaxation. Watch a couple of movies and sleep in. That will be good. And I am working 8pm to 5am from the next week.

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