14 Random Facts About Moi

I’m joining the number game, one I’m glad to play along. I got the number 13, from Amanda Herring so here are 13 facts about me that you may or may not know:

1. I once talked a friend out of committing suicide. I didn’t know how serious she was on going through with it but she has repeatedly thanked me for stopping her.

2. I came close to death once – almost got hit by a train. I tripped in the dark and fell on the railway tracks and got up and moved just before the train went by.

3. I can’t read or write my native tongue on account of never having studied it at school. I can speak it very well.

4. I do not have a license for either bikes or cars and take autos for within the city area and buses everywhere else.

5. I’ve been in 3 real relationships (all before the age of 23) and 2 almost relationships in the 14 years since then.

6. I’ve been on stage for a drama twice in my life. One was a non-speaking role.

7. I have smoked marijuana 3 times in my life. Only. I support the legalization for this wonderful nature’s gift.

8. I’ve suffered from bronchitic asthma from the age of 12. I carry an Asthalin inhaler for emergencies.

9. My favourite thing to do is to day dream about this Star Treky kind of futuristic universe, around 5000 years from now, where inter-planetary & inter stellar space travel is as easy as driving from one town to another.

10. I love dogs & cats. My wish is to move away from where I live, find a nice home and get 2 dogs and 2 cats.

11. My favourite drink is vodka (preferably green apple flavoured) with Sprite on ice.

12. I’m an atheist and an anti-theist. I don’t hate people (unless you are an asshole) but I hate all religions and the atrocities connected to them.

13. I’ve always wanted to sing for a rock band or as a solo artist. I’ve only had a chance to sing live, with a band, once – and it was awesome!

14. I’ve once spent an entire night out on streets of Bangalore. Read about it here.

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