1995 and I had temporarily moved to Bangalore for a year for studies at the age of 19. One of the albums I bought during my stay there – and also helped me to adjust to life living away from my family and staying in a college hostel which was really bad as was the food and well loneliness – was Balance. I also remember reading an article in a Guitar magazine about Eddie’s change from Musicman to Peavey (which I think was just after the same time) for some reason.

Anyway, from the somewhat controversial art work on the cover to the more heavier sounding songs and what I believe at the time was called a more guitar-centric album, I enjoy this album a lot. The Seventh Seal & Don’t Tell Me What Love Can Do are more heavier and I love the guitar riffs and solos on the latter. Amsterdam & Take Me Back are more lighter and fun while the ballads “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” &”Not Enough” are pretty solid ones.

However my favourite track is the instrumental Baluchitherium which is forever in my playlist. I think this was a really good album that closes out the Van Hagar era.

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