2 Day Web Hiatus

Hello! I’m back after a forced two day gap from the internet. Why forced? Because there was a problem with the broadband cable that connects to this building and as a result I was disconnected from the net from Thursday morning till this afternoon. I only started using it again this evening as I was out.

Tata Indicom, my ISP, could have fixed the problem earlier though. After I called up their customer care department on Thursday night and registered a complaint with all details given, one of their service engineers calls me on Friday morning and asked me “Sir, we came to know that you have a complaint? What seems to be the problem?” I’m like, moron I have registered all the details. Can’t you look”? but I gritted my teeth and told him the issue. Then he asks what time I would be at home. Again, this was something I told the customer care guy – I leave home at 10 am and I would be back only after 8pm. Then I said that my mother was home, so go ahead and check out what the issue with the connectivity is.

He says that he will call me back and hangs up the phone. I wait but get no response back. At 8:30 pm after I reached back home and checking with my mom to see if anyone had come by, I called up the customer care again and registered another complaint. A little pissed off, I recanted the whole story so far. They registered another complaint. By 12:30 pm some guy comes over, after I have left the apartment to go outside, and fixes the issue. So, two days later, I’m back online.

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