6 thoughts on “2 More Weeks To Go

  1. I’ve used an iphone for a little bit at the office – our clients had sent one to my office for 2 months while the call center associates were being trained on it. I wasn’t that impressed. Blackberry is more my thing.

  2. I would agree with Lady Banana – an iPhone is better.
    As someone who had a Blackberry Curve, and then a Blackberry Bold – the iPhone that I now have blows them both away!

  3. Like I stated earlier, I have used the iPhone @ work, since it was in my possession for 2 months. I wasn’t that impressed with it. Another thing; touch screens in places like Kerala are difficult with all that heat, sweat & moisture. Most people who use the Bold swear by that model but I can’t afford it. I prefer the BB over the iPhone any day.

  4. With regards to your next post, I was not very happy with the Blackberry browser on the Curve (it is better on the Bold), so I would recommend installing Opera on the Curve – makes a world of difference.
    Oh, and make sure that you get the data plan – email is huge part of the Blackberry’s appeal – nobody does that part better!
    Have fun!

  5. I went through a dozen or so videos of Curve review – everyone recommended Opera Mini, so I am one step ahead of you Vodafone is offering us a few data plans 1) Rs.299 for emails only 2) Limited download (not sure what’s the rent, 499 I guess) & 3) a Rs.1000 odd unlimited download full internet plan. I’ll probably go for the Limited download as I don’t think I’ll be using it for more than emails, especially official ones.

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