2 Packages From EBay

Just a little package opening blog and vlog for ya.


I recently made two separate purchases on eBay, on two different days last week. Although I ordered them from two different sellers and 3 days apart, they both arrived together at my place of residence. That’s cool.


The first one is a usual purchase for me. It’s a replacement wireless mouse for the one I already have. The roller thingy on top of the mouse isn’t working and it has had some falls that makes it a bit wonky. So it’s tough to work with but I was managing till about a week ago.


The second purchase – – is a nosehair trimmer. Yes, I finally have one of my own.

Nosehair is gross. Ok, hair anywhere else other than on your head and face is fucking gross. I can’t stand nose hair or ear hair but atleast I don’t have a problem with ear hair. That is nightmarish! Nose hair yes and I was making due with a small pair of scissors and stuff. This one is a good one I think. It did an ok job, though it still makes my eyes water when I tested it out.

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