Saturday EPL Scores

After my long day today, I came home at around 7 pm and relaxed with some coffee and later a slice of watermelon. Then it was on to watching today’s round of EPL matches. The one I was most looking forward to was Liverpool vs Everton as every derby match between those two storied clubs have been exciting to say the least. But I had missed it and only saw the highlights of that 0-0, but somewhat wild match. Meanwhile I saw the clips of another game, Reading vs Manchester City and the two fantastic goals scored by their striker Leroy Lita. Having earlier been denied a goal because the ball went out of play before he score, the Congo born English striker scored both the goals in a 2-0 win for his unglamorous side. Two crackers at the 79th & 88th minute gave the Reading side all 3 points in this exciting match. Earlier Murty’s long ball to the far post is brilliantly headed back from the byline by Hunt and Lita stabs home from yards out. The away fans celebrate but the referee has ruled it out because he thinks it went out of play before Hunt headed it across. Replays suggest otherwise!!

Elsewhere Chelsea won 1-0 against Charlton Athletic, with a good long range goal from Frank Lampard. And Norwegian striker John Carew celebrates his debut in the EPL for his new club Aston Villa, by scoring the only goal in a win over struggling West Ham United. Their good home games form intact, Fulham beat Newcastle Unite 2-1 & Wigan beat Portsmouth 1-0 and Blackburn Rovers beat Sheffield United 2-1.

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Finally & Officially Theirs

A tiring day has ended; you won’t believe the amount of paper work an employee has to sign just to join this company. A huge booklet, some papers whatnot! Along with the stuff that I signed just to get an interview, I must have gone through enough ink to fit in a good sized novel! But I am now officially theirs, having completed all formalities and even received my debit card & salary bank account details & a check book! I have to soon think of getting a credit card too; since my firm is connected to ICICI bank, it will be much easier. Not that I couldn’t have got one earlier from HDFC. But at the times that I was contacted from them to enquire about me wanting to procure one from them, I wasn’t at all interested in getting one. Now I want one.

Oh while on the subject of filling the documents that make me a full fledged employee of the company, I saw & met the babe from their HR. This made me feel good and she said that she remembered me and we spoke for sometime. I was again ogling at her nice body and wondering what it would be like to kiss her. I am hoping that she gets a permanent placing over here and she said that she would try to soon. That would mean me & her interacting a whole lot more than twice in two weeks. I am looking forward to that.

Song for the day – “I Feel A Sin Coming On” – JASON MCCOY