I Moon You

People of Boston & the world! Take me to your leaders. We are the Moon Men aka Moonenites. We are here to take over your planet and do as we wish with it. We find your pitiful politics, forms of government and pathetic media unfit to continue. Your forms of entertainment is so lackluster – reality tv my butt (oh wait I don’t actually have a butt) Anyway, we waste time. Surrender or be victims to our wrath. See my scary looking face? This face has destroyed several civilizations across countless galaxies. And you are next. It is futile to protest of resist us any further. We will persecute any and all who won’t bow to us. And in the manner of our great leaders and founders, follow my salute and raise your middle finger! Hail Moonenites of the world!

Sorry I posted it so late. Boston city comes to a standstill and panic strikes in the area after the battery operated light boards were found near two bridges, at a bus stop & a train station in suspicious packages. The lights on the boards, when alight, depict a middle-finger waving Moon Man, meant to promote the late night Adult Swim cartoon “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”. The blame is hurled at the parent company of CNN, Turner Broadcasting Co. Turner said in written statements the devices had been placed around Boston and nine other cities in recent weeks as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign to promote the show. Two people were arrested as part of the scare hoax and also charged for causing panic.

Yeah he is a scary looking guy! It seems the expression on his ‘face’ and the wires & battery on the back of the box led to the assumption that it could be a bomb! Oh by the way the same boards were placed in 9 cities but none of them reported any such chaos so far. I wonder what would if they placed one Cochin!

EPL Title Race Over?

The rest of the league will be wincing as they watch highlights of Manchester United’s 4-0 away win over Tottenham Hotspurs. The Reds were led by Ronaldo who scored a penalty after being fouled by Steed Malbranque with an unhelpful challenge. Nemanja Vidic, Paul Scholes & evergreen Ryan Giggs all scored in the second half as a rampant United ran the home side ragged. However there was a worrying moment when van der Sar was laid low after making a near-post save from Keane. The Republic of Ireland striker caught the Dutchman in the face as he tried to hurdle him. Van der Sar received treatment but he was in no fit state to continue, so defender John O’Shea pulled on a spare green jersey and goalkeeping gloves for the last few minutes.

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In contrast Arsenal were only able to salvage a draw against Middlesborough, after being reduced to 10 men. Defender Phillipe Senderos was sent off after 63 minutes for having fouled Yakubu in the penalty box. Yakubu himself scored from the penalty spot. 13 minutes from time, Theiry Henry scored when Emmanuel Adebayor knocked the ball down for his captain to slot home the ball in style.

This leaves United still at the top of the league standings with 63 point, while Arsenal with just one game in hand have 46 points and are at 4th. It is a huge margin to catch up on. Chelsea are second with 57 points and Liverpool third on 50.

Song for the day – “I Shot The Sheriff” – ERIC CLAPTON

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