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Now that the novelty of Shilpa Shetty winning Celebrity Big Brother is wearing off, let us see what this actually means for our lovely Telegu lass. All have the opinion that she won’t be to & should not think of making a comeback to Bollywood. Despite the fact that she won largely due to the Indian diaspora in the UK, she won’t be able to make another impact in Indian cinema. As sure as I am that the majority of numerous sms & e-mail votes that secured Shilpa the victory were of Indian origin! But fret not if you are a supporter / fan of the lovely shaped lady – she can cash in on other and I would say much more exciting oppurtunities that will come her way as a result of the controversy. Her publicist has predicted that Shilpa will win 1000000 pounds this year and :

  • Rs.3 crore for participation in Celebrity Big Brother
  • 300,000 pounds for interviews, to magazines, tv & Newspapers
  • Another 200,000 pounds for international media interviews
  • Talks for a role in the top British-Indian show The Kumars At No.42
  • Rumours of a role in Hollywood movie Shantaram starring Johnny Depp
  • Talks with about 15 companies for ad campaigns
  • Negotiations with four UK record labels for a Bollywood style music album

And ofcourse a marriage proposal from me! Lol, ok that last part is pure fiction. But she, reportedly, is also going to get a chance to meet PM Tony Blair & the Queen of England. Plus BJP wants her to join them. Ok, now she will think my proposal sounds a lot better.

My Right Foot

What I suspected would eventually happen actually did happen – eventually! Every night when I go to bed I always get a bottle of cold water to keep on the floor beside my bed, so if I get thirsty in the middle of the night (which I normally always do), I can just reach for the bottle. And sometimes there will be a puddle of water there, as the cold water gradually warms to room temperature. Or I forget to keep a bottle cap and I might spill some on the floor. One these things sometimes cross my sleepy brain at night but I never do much about it.

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And boy did I pay for my negligence! I was up till almost 4 am watching tv and surfing the net since I had a long nap in the afternoon and I only had to go to work by 3:30 pm. Just before I turned the lights off I went to get a big bottle of ice cold water and placed it next to the bed as usual. Around 4 hours later I woke up wanting to go to the loo. As I got up I put my foot on the puddle made by the water warming and I slipped. My ankle popped and I have a really bad sprain. Meaning I did not go anywhere today and I called in to say what happened. I wanted to see if by 7 I would feel better, but it doesn’t look like it. It hurts when I move it, so I am resting it for the day and applying a strong ointment on it that helps as it burns. Ouch!

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Song for the day – “Juggernaut” – FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH

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