Avery Moves Again

Eternal bad boy of the NHL, Sean Avery goes through another move in the NHL. This time he moves from the Los Angeles Kings all across the US to The New York Rangers. The most penalized player of the last two seasons was traded to the Rangers for checking forward Jason Ward. Avery had 10 goals, 18 assists and 116 penalty minutes in 55 games this season with the Kings, who also acquired the rights to unsigned forwards Marc-Andre Cliche and Jan Marek. Los Angeles sent 19 year old prospect John Seymour to the Rangers. Avery, from Pickering, Ontario, known more for his off-ice antics, like being fined last year for diving & his derogatory statements black-Canadian player Georges Laraque & against French Canadians, has made an impression with his play this season. The Kings’ GM has called Avery more committed to team play this season but several teams had looked at getting the volatile player and that the Rangers were the most aggressive. The Kings also acquired the rights to unsigned forwards Marc-Andre Cliche and Jan Marek & also sent 19-year-old prospect John Seymour to the Rangers.

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Ouch My Butt

Well the swelling on my foot did not go down after resting all day yesterday. I applied two different ointments on my right foot and for sometime, especially by 11 pm last night, it seemed to be quite ok and on it’s way to a full recovery. Last night after a little difficulty for about 30 minutes, it felt much better and I was about to sleep well enough. And in the morning, I woke up and felt much better. I laid back in bed for some more time and decided to test my foot. It hurt as soon as I put my foot down and I winced in pain as I limped over to the bathroom to take a leak and brush my teeth.

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A little later, my mother wondered how I was going to get to work and so did I. I knew that I couldn’t afford to miss two continuous days of training period work, so I dressed to go to work. It was murder getting into an auto and then climbing the two level of stairs to the main office. There my batch mates were sympathetic and helped me to get to the hall where we were to continue the practical part of our training. The new people I met there and the people I already knew were very sympathetic towards me and noteworthy were the number of girls in the group! Ok, I know I am impossible! But sitting there was misery as I was so uncomfortable and I just wanted it to get over. I was so put off that I didn’t eat anything and just had a cup of coffee.

The pain was so bad that I decided to get to a hospital and rule out the possibility of a fracture. So Nijil accompanied me to the hospital near my apartment and we met a doc. An x-ray revealed no fractures and it seems it is tissue tear or damage. He prescribed some painkillers and to continue applying ointments – and I had to take an injection…on my buttock. The right cheek to be more precise, was subjected to a needle that penetrated my fine ass and stayed there for what seemed like an eternity. Then it was back home. My butt is feeling a bit sore.


Song for the day – “Ghost Rider” – RUSH

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