I Hab A Cold

Ok so we have been at the client’s office space for the past four days and counting. After tomorrow we won’t be there for another week or so and I can’t complain. I think the other guys are counting the minutes until we can get out of there. There is a sense of discrimination and / or showmanship from our client’s side and some of my new colleagues aren’t used to it since they have worked either only for foreign clients in big BPOs or huge Indian companies in Metros. The couple of us who have worked in the same industry in Kerala know what it is like to be treated in this manner as we have had similar experiences in the past, especially me and this other guy. So we have taken it mostly in our stride but the others are not so happy. Not that I am happy and we plan on making our feelings heard in a meeting on Monday at the latest. I can tell you that we can show them a thing or two on how to run a proper call center and how to do things the right way without sacrificing professionalism and with the least number of complaints from everyone concerned. And you don’t have to have pseudo formalities or dress codes or any of that kind of shit. I can tell you that their strut is worse than their stride! Whatever that means

murder by decree movie

Today their ac konked out in their call center and the place quickly became stuffy and hot making it difficult for their agents to properly field customer calls. A while later two numbnuts came to repair it and as soon as they opened it, an ocean of dust rained down on the room. A good whiff of the stuff and I was soon sneezing away to glory and didn’t actually stop till three hours away. The restoration of the ac did some control over the stuffiness but I couldn’t concentrate over there. I needed coffee to cure my cold and I went out to their coffee / cappuccino / hot chocolate machine which sat pretty in one corner. I had a good shot of lethal cappuccino which cleared my sinuses and let me endure the rest of the day until quitting came at 7:30 pm

Song for the day – “If You’re Not In It For Love” – SHANIA TWAIN

Anna Nicole Smith Dies

I was shocked to hear about Anna Nicole Smith’s death on CNN today morning. The first thing I got to know after I got up and switched on CNN to see if there were any worthwhile news. Anna, former exotic dancer, Playboy centrefold, jeans model, bride of an octogenarian oil tycoon, reality-show subject, tragic mother – died Thursday after collapsing at a Florida hotel at the age of 39. staying at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and was rushed to a hospital. The cause of death was under investigation and an autopsy would be done Friday. Just five months ago, Smith’s 20-year-old son, Daniel, died suddenly in the Bahamas in what was believed to be a drug-related death. It seems inevitable that we will find out that the cause of Anna’s death will also be drug related. She has been criticized for her slurry speech on her reality tv show and her recent tv appearances, despite losing 69 pounds and becoming the spokeswoman for TrimSpa, a weight loss supplement. However her lawyer dismissed the drugs claim and said that she had flu symptoms and a fever and was still grieving over the death of her son. On top of this, is the ongoing paternity case – her former boyfriend claims that dna tests should be done to prove that he is the actual father of Anna’s baby daughter. Anna has registered her fomer lawyer & lover Howard K Stern as her daughter’s father.

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