Good Day For My Teams

Today was a good day for the teams I support – both in the EPL (Arsenal FC) & the NHL (Ottawa Senators) – as they won their respective matches. Although technically it was Saturday night when Ottawa beat their rivals the Montreal Canadiens, for the second straight time, it was in the morning hours for us in India. Mike Comrie and Chris Kelly scored in the first period to build a 2-0 lead midway through the first 20 minutes for the Senators, only for Montreal to counter back with two of their own with goals by Steve Begin & Michael Ryder. Sens Defenceman Wade Redden scored to make it 3-2 for the Sens and in the 3rd period two quick goals by Mike Fisher & Jason Spezza made it 5-2. Andrie Markov would get another one for Montreal. With this Comrie has six goals and five assists in 16 games with Ottawa since he was acquired from Phoenix on Jan. 3. It seemed like an odd & surprise move for both the Edmonton native & the Senators; Comrie once the darling of the Edmonton Oilers was criticized for his lengthy holdout over a contract dispute and subsequent move to the Philadelphia Flyers. From there he moved to Phoenix Coyotes and now is with the Sens.

Arsenal’s victory on the other hand is a typical comeback which showed their guts and determination in winning 2-1 over a surprisingly strong Wigan. Led by Thomas Rosicky, who headed in Julio Baptista’s cross with five minutes remaining, just moments after the luckless Fitz Hall had put the ball into his own net. Wigan seemed to be headed for an unlikely win and be the first to beat the Gunners at the Emirates Stadium with dogged play. A fantastic long range goal by Dutch midfielder Danny Landzaat put the visitors up 1-0 and for a while it seemed that the score would remain at that. Wigan claimed a penalty which was not given and also had a couple more great oppurtunities to increase the scoreline in their favour. However it was the Gunners class and determination that proved the winner in the end. Arsenal have one more game in hand over the teams above and below them and they should secure fourth place if they win it.

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Woe Is Me

I have a huge assessment at work tomorrow morning. I am in no mood to prepare for it, even though it is an open book assessment. I am going to play it by ear. I woke up so late today that I spent most of the day in a slump. That’s what you get for sleeping so late the same night that you have a few drinks.

Everyone in my batch at the company got paid…except for me and this other guy. We were the last ones to finish the forms for the bank account (provided by the company) and therefore the last ones activated. But the HR in Bangalore goofed up and despite the accounts being active by Thursday evening, they were unable to put the money in even on Saturday. So due to their inability, I am not paid even though it is now the 11th of the month. That sucks! The people here have said that they will rush in two checks for the two of us, on Monday. And then there will be the wait till the checks clear. Bummer!

My right foot, which was feeling a lot better, is still not completely cured. It’s gonna be a week. Infact, I think that today the swelling, which was down, has now increased. I can still walk pretty much ok, but I think I have to go and see the doctor tomorrow evening. That sucks even more!

Only thing I am looking forward to is the Arsenal vs Wigan match, on in a few minutes.

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Ripping CDS 8

Getting up today was a hassle. And seeing the stack of cds that I had meant to properly arrange made me want to go back to sleep. Anywho I was just lounging about, reading and chatting and playing trivia in #Chataway. Did a few more cds

  • Vitalogy – Pearl Jam
  • Permission To Land – The Darkness
  • Gravity – Jesse Cook
  • The Long Road – Nickelback
  • Crystal Planet – Joe Satriani
  • Prairie Wind – Neil Young
  • The Essential – Judas Priest
  • Still Not Getting Any – Simple Plan
  • All That I Am – Santana

You gotta admit that this is one cool list that I had today, dudes!

Dead Man Stalking

Fine, the Royal Rumble actually got over more than a few days ago (january 28th to be exact) but I only got to watch it today. I also knew who the winner was, thanks to Wikipedia and But I didn’t want to comment on it until I had seen it and I did watch most of it today. This year’s Rumble was held in the city of San Antonio, Texas – home of that asshole Shawn Michaels. I was afraid that they were going to let him win the event but he only made it to the last two. This is the second time that it was held in San Antonio. This marked the first time the new ECW brand would participate in the Royal Rumble match. The winner could have a title shot at WrestleMania for the ECW World Championship as an alternative to the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship. And this year it was won by the legend The Undertaker who came in last at number 30 and eliminated Michaels, by dodging a sweet chin music and throwing him over the ropes to win the entire event and go on to Wrestlmania 23 as the challenger to Batista. At WrestleMania it will be Undertaker’s Streak of 14-0 versus Batista and his World Heavyweight Championship. Before that, the two team up in a tag team match versus Shawn Michaels & John Cena. Batista has said that he is in no way intimidated and looks forward to the “biggest match of my career”. Watch it on April 1st.

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