Update – Trainings Over

Ok people, the 21 day strenuous training period is over finally. I can say that I will miss it because there is a certain element of being carefree and, dare I say it, a feeling like you are back in college! You see we would have training from 8:30 in the morning till 3:30 in the afternoon, with a 30 mins lunch break and two breaks for coffee. By the session end, you chat for a little while and head home for a nap if you so choose to. In an hour or two you wake up refreshed and have coffee while reading your emails and chat online or check out what’s on tv. It was not all fun and games, as I have mentioned below.

And not that the training period is over completely. No sir, we have another 5 more days of TTT (Train The Trainer) program. This is basically if you want to head a team or be a trainer in this organization (I had opted for the later), they need to certify you as per national level standards. It will be even more intense and interactive and they film you doing your presentations (something I am not looking forward to at all).

We left pretty early today but hung around for some other stuff. We were presented with some caps with the client company’s logo, a keychain in the shape of the logo, some writing pads & files and a watch – also courtesy of the client. That was nice, I am going to dangle my apartment keys on the chain pronto.

Song for the day – “Loosen My Strings” – DEEP PURPLE

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