Evaluate Me

So the final assessment is upon me and my batch at our new company; we now have to prove that we are capable enough to effectively handle batches of new joinees to the company. Tomorrow, I face the camera – for the first time in my life I am going to be shot on film, doing my work. The thought scares me shitless! I have a very simple topic and at first, as I was just handed the sheet describing what I am to present, I am ecstatic that I had such an easy & simple portion to cover.

But then I though “so does that mean that the expectation will be high? Will the evaluation be that much more harsh? Will they expect me to come out with my own examples and style of simplifing and explaining stuff?” I can’t be sure so I have tried to create my own examples and I hope that it will stand out enough and deliver an impact.

While at the ATM, I ran into Anil and we headed out for some coffee, instead of our usual drinks this evening, owning to the fact that I am not well and that I want to get up bright & sharp tomorrow for my evaluation. So wish me luck.

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Song for the day – “Turbo Lover” – JUDAS PRIEST

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