Arsenal 0 Blackburn 0

Arsenal failed to score in their fifth round of the FA Cup match with fellow EPL members Blackburn Rovers. It was a frustrating affair for the London club as Brad Freidel kept Rovers in the match. The American goalie made a superb double save from Thierry Henry and Justin Hoyte, which was the highlight of a largely forgettable match. The draw means another replay for Arsenal; this time it will be at Ewood Park. On a bright note, defender William Gallas came on to start his first match for Arsenal after being out due to injury for three months. In other FA Cup action Chelsea beat Norwich City 4-0, Man Utd drew 1-1 with Reading, Middlesbrough and West Brom fought out a 2-2 draw.

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Song for the day – “Horse With No Name” – AMERICA

Session Over

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Finally we have come to an end to the 26 day training program. This has been a long but thoroughly enjoyable and knowledgeable experience for me and I am sure it was the same for the others as well. My voice is cracked and I am tired – mind, soul & body. But it was worth every minute of it. The TTT being the last section of the training, done at a corporate level from the client side, we needed to be assessed on our training & presenting skills. As mentioned, I had an easy topic, but I was ill and my voice was not sounding the same I had to make a bigger effort. I tried soothing it with warm water all last night.

Today after we reached there, our facilitator from the corporate office took out the list of presenters randomly and mine was the 15th – second last. Sitting there, watching others perform was even more difficult than I imagine. Your tension builds as she analyzed the performances and gave helpful tips and correction methods. I waited and waited, then it was time for lunch and then waited some more. Finally it was my turn and I went to prepare my slide and an avi. While waiting till the guy before me was having his feedback done, I got a sudden idea to make my presentation better! I drew it up as quickly as I can on the white board beside me and I think the reaction was great. And there was one more presentation after that.

I didn’t do my presentation as I had originally planned as I was nervous with the camera hovering in the way and the thought of being judged. I think I started ok and went better as it went along. I was about 75% happy with the performance and it was judged to be the best. Wow, thanks guys! The facilitator gifted me a book titled “How To Turn Customer Service Into Customer Sales” by Bernard Katz. We closed the sessions with goodbyes and thanks to Harpreeth, our facilitator and she gave out a framed photo of us with her. Before we left, Eldho and I decided to perform a song. He brought his guitar and we belted out “Horse With No Name” by America. We had thought of “Summer Of 69”, “Heaven” by Bryan Adams, “Take It Easy” by the Eagles & “Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple, but this song would affect my vocal chords the least.

We made Mithun dance to “Macarena” and I have a video of that. Enjoy!!