An Orange Mocha

I wanted to go shopping today, but it being Sunday none of the shops I frequent were open. I decided to try my luck anyways. After a late morning breakfast & leisurely shower I started the day out by getting to Music World & Planet M. I bought a copy of the album featured in the previous post and a cd copy of an album I already owned on cassettes – Lost Dogs by Pearl Jam. It was a sweltering day this afternoon and I was feeling very tired after my short walk up to Shenoy’s junction. I stepped into Cafe Coffee Day which was nearby but since I have a cold & cough, I couldn’t go for any cold ones. So I decided to try out an Orange Mocha, which as the name states is a hot coffee with chocolate & orange flavours. Now, among hot coffees, cappuccinnos & irish coffees rule my world. But this one is something else altogether; the aforementioned two have a strong competitor in the mix now. Hmmm, a mix of hot chocolate and coffee, with a light orange flavour. Let me tell you that this is the way to relax; I have heard more about the cold version (orange mocha frappuccinos) but this is truly great.


  • 2 cups milk
  • 4 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped
  •  3 pieces of orange zest
  • 1/2 tsp instant coffee
  • 1/8 tsp ground nutmeg


Melt everything together in a saucepan, but do not let boil. Whisk until foamy, then remove the orange zest pieces. Whisk again and serve.

Sens beat Thrashers 5-3

Alrite, the Ottawa Senators are playing some of their best hockey at the moment. They took care of the Atlanta Thrashers 5-3 last night. Goals came from Peter Schaefer, Chris Kelly, Mike Comrie, Dean McAmmond & Mike Fisher. While Brian McGratton remains scratched (for 9 games at a stretch), any Sens fan’s heart would be warmed by the consistent contributions of Comrie & McAmmond. Go Sens Go!

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Guitar Virtuoso – John Williams

John Williams is one of the world’s most popular classical guitarists. An Australian born in Melbourne, he was initially taught by his father, Len, until he was a student under Andres Segovia in Italy and later he attended the Royal College Of Music in London, studying piano and upon graduation was offered to start their guitar department, which he ran for 2 years. He was also a member of a fusion band – Sky. Williams has won numerous awards for his music, mostly guitar arrangements of classical pieces. Cavatina was the theme of the movie The Deer Hunter in 1979 and was a world-wide hit single for Williams. He resides in both London & Australia. This cd is sort of like his best of and was released in 2000. It showcases his nimble and gentle style of playing the guitar. I have recently started to listen to classical styled acoustic guitar based pieces, mostly of Don Ross & Andy McKee. These two guys imbibe influences from rock, folk & jazz into their playing, while Williams’ stuff is predominantly classical.

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