Is It Symbolic?

I am just wondering, if the dark & overcast cloudy look outside my apartment window is symbolic of what is to be later on today? Today I start my first day of “actual work” at the new company. The past one month was an induction & training plus guiding process for me and my colleagues. We were being prepared & prepped for training and managing the new batch of joinees in the company’s call center. If you want to have an idea of the sheer number of people that we are going to have to handle – it will start at 400 and they have plans to make it 1000 by June-July! Yeah, man!

But that is still to come. About 400 is what they will be starting on and the 30 of us will be taking care & training & hand-holding this lot. Like me, there will be around 10 product & process trainers, perhaps 20 to 30 Team Leaders and a group of Quality Analysts. Then there are HR & Admin guys and all that stuff. I won’t have much of a clue about those people until our new office building in completed by mid-March.

I have a copy of the vast training material in a cd and I went through the Day 1 files and hopefully it will flow smoothly without much of a hitch. I spoke to Akhil, who will be taking one of the three batches (Sajith is the third guy) and we plan on being there at the new venue rented out for this very purpose by 2:30. We need the hour and a half for preparation, installing the files in their systems, checking and seeing if all the files are playing properly, getting print-outs if necessary and engage in a bit of support for each other. Of the three of us, I think Sajith is the calmest and I have never seen him getting rattled or agitated so hope that rubs off on the both of us.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Song for the day – “West Of Crazy” – LISA BROKOP