Jeremy On AI

American Idol contestant Sundance attempted a different version of Jeremy by Pearl Jam on the show. I read it first in Mike Boon’s blog fireproof dvd , since he gets it live (living in North America, like he does). I liked some of Sundance’s performances and thought that he had a down to earth, bluesy & soul vibe to his singing. His initial performances were good enuff for him to be appreciated. He has fallen from grace a bit after they moved to a live band and a stage.

I just saw him ‘trying’ hard to impress audiences with a southern soul + rock n’roll feel to what is known as a classic. Jeremy is such an institution; no other band or singer can try to achieve the same level of intensity that Pearl Jam had when they created that song. No one & I mean no one can ever start to match Eddie Vedder’s vocals the way he sings that song. So why even try!

It’s hard – you want the guy who sings a song that you like to really do a good job and earn praise. That is normal. But it is not an easy song to sing, although he did impress two judges (Randy & Paula). Simon was not impressed at all. Neither was I.

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Irish Coffee

Here is a great coffee on days you have a sore throat, cold & a headache. I normally head to Cafe Coffee Day as there a lovely strong Irish Coffee that does much to soothe me. This had become my signature coffee for a while; only thing is since it is usually so hot here, I prefer a cold coffee. Specifically a mocha frappe which is oh so sinful and delicious.

Preparation: Heat the coffee, whiskey and sugar. Do not boil. Pour into glass and top with cream. Serve hot.

Now actual Irish Coffee is supposed to contain alcohol, according to what I have read. And the classic Irish coffee is supposed to have hot black coffee, Irish Whiskey, sugar & a double dose of creame floating like a ‘head’ of beer on top. The image is supposed to resemble Guinness beer! However, there was no alcohol in mine, as we are at a family coffee shop chain. Anyhow, it is excellent and I aboslutely love it. I don’t think one needs to add much sugar, especially if you stir the cream into the coffee thoroughly. The effect is much like an exotic dancer enticing you with her many charms…..if you know what I mean. Can’t wait to have some more of it.

Song for the day – “Kiss My Irish Ass” – FRANK MACKEY & THE KELTIC COWBOYS