Mornings & Afternoons

I like sitting at home during the mornings and afternoons. It is so calm and peaceful here in the apartment. With the balcony door and as many windows open, there is a lot of cool breeze flowing through and I love it when there is a wind blowing at me. Although there are other people in the building, it feels like I am the only one. The noise of the elevator going up and down is one indication of activities happening here. But still there is almost nothing else to let me know that other people do live here. Even on Sundays! No tv noise and no music blaring during this time. Except for me!

The evenings are another matter all together. There are people running about, bringing stuff from work, grocery & shopping items being tossed and dropped by some, children playing on the stairs. But to tell you the truth, it is still kinda quite over here. I rarely get that living among many families feeling. I could walk up and down naked and no one would know that I was there.

I have had the pleasure of enjoying all day at home yesterday as I had taken a sick leave due to my sinuses flaring up and a bad cold. But it was pretty much ok after a while and hence I got to spend time just drinking in the glorious breeze from the balcony. I enjoyed my morning & afternoon coffees sitting there and watching people down on the streets. I went to the shop near us and bought a couple of snacks to much on as I put some music on and relaxed with my eyes closed.

The evening was so fucking hot by comparison.

Song for the day – “Animals” – NICKELBACK

Battlestar Galactica : Old vs New

I have been a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica ever since I can remember. This is my most happiest childhood memory – watching & discussing the series, which I consider to be the very best to have been shown on television. The show started in the late 1970s as a feature film (Battlestar Galactica : Saga Of A Lost World) and then a short lived series. In 1980 a spinoff of the show was again short lived but still enjoys a huge cult following across the globe. The show(s) is still held dearly by the many fans who pushed for the series to be revived by holding petitions online (me included).

Richard Hatch aka Apollo, one of the main characters of BSG was foremost among them. And it was heard! A new series was made, with the same mystical & mythical name – Battlestar Galactica. A few years ago, I had found some sites that featured the series and felt very nostalgic as I read through the episode stories and downloaded wallpapers, images & the majestic theme song (which I must say is the world’s best theme song ever). I hoped that the series would be revived and that I would be able to see it. Then three years or more ago, I found a dvd of the movie which I bought immediately and I have seen it over 10 times since. But I wanted more. Let me tell you of a website which lets us either download or stream movies & television series for free. And I watched many BSG episodes in the last couple of days. But now to the matter at hand.

The re-imaging of Battlestar Galactica as they call it produced a new series, which is very popular, that is quite different from the original. And as grateful as I am for keeping the dream alive and well, I don’t like it much. I mean I will probably start watching it if they show it from the beginning. I tried watching an episode online but let me tell you that it put me off. There is just too many changes. Starbuck is a girl!!! Boomer is a girl!!! Ok she is a very sexy girl but still! And Cylons are former international models in evening gowns, sun tanning their bodies in beaches! And every picture has them pose in what is termed as sexy poses, with their bosoms all thrusted out! What the fuck! Adama is James Olmos who is a turd! How can you compare him with the late great actor Lorne Greene? Baltar, who was so ominously portrayed as a scheming & un-trustworthy villain by another late actor, John Colicos is now some overacted & second rate British loser. Will Apollo & Starbuck make out?

The scenario for the original series is Humans of the 12, much scientifically advanced, colonies seeking Earth for survival. But the new series shows them much like Earth Humans! I don’t like the changes! Ok, so had I not seen the original, I might have loved this show. And like I stated earlier, I probably will watch it if I can start from the first episode of the first season. But really! The one thing which I think is better is the Colonial Viper. Look below.