Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Been waiting to see this movie for a few months now and it was worth the wait. Bon Cop, Bad Cop is a cop buddy movie that is funny & cool in turns where it should be either funny or cool. It also pokes fun at stereotypical views that French-Canadians have on English speaking Canadians and vice versa. The movie was released last year and enjoys the post of being the first true Bilingual movie to come out of Canada. The film moves from Montreal to Toronto and then back to Montreal, as the two cops, Martin Ward & David Bouchard (played by Colm Feore & Patrick Huard) try and track down a killer. The reason why an Ontario detective and his Quebec counterpart are forced to become reluctant partners is because they are investigating a crime spree in which insiders of a fictional North American Hockey league (based on the NHL) are being murdered. The first body ends up on the Quebec-Ontario border; half in each province. Their respective chiefs decide that the cops can join forces to find out the killer. There is a funny scene in which Ward finally admits that he can speak French very well & understood all the jokes that Bouchard had aimed at him & Anglos.

The fun doesn’t stop there – a fight scene in a bar, the cops watching Bouchard’s daughter at her school ballet recital (with the tough Bouchard directing the dance moves from his seat). Even the tension filled scene where they go to the suspect’s house & find a dead body and then inexplicably trip a laser alarm that sets of explosions, is followed by Bouchard crawling on his knees and hands, covered by a bathtub and shooting at the door through a hole in the tub. That was really funny when his ears started ringing cause of the noise of the gun shot reverberating in the metallic tub, :). Then the explosion cause all the rows & rows of marijuana in the house to burn and the cops inhaling it become high. That is probably the funniest & best scene in the whole movie; two stoned cops trying to explain to the chief of police as to what happened.

The killer is a hockey fan who is livid at the fact that a Quebec based team was sold and moved south to Colorado (inspired by the move that the Quebec city based Nordiques made to Denver, Colorado) and that his beloved Montreal Patriots about to be sold to a Houston businessman (shades of NHL’s Montreal Canadiens being bought by an American). Hence he is killing off the chief individuals involved in that trade and his final target is the character of Harry Buttman who is charge of the hockey league. Rick Mercer, plays a wonderfully obnoxious sports caster who gets in a fight with Bouchard live in the studio.

Bouchard also sleeps with Ward’s sister. His daughter gets kidnapped by the killer, who is willing to exchange her for Buttman. The cops take Buttman in their car and bring him to the killer. Much fighting & a couple of explosions later, they prevail.

Watch this fun movie and laugh yourself silly at the banter between the Bon Cop & the Bad Cop!

The title is a translation word play on the phrase “Good cop/Bad cop”, and the film’s tagline is “Shoot First, Translate Later.” 9 outta 10!

The Trainer’s Leave

I am on a small leave from the company, a compensation for working in tough environments and basically sweating it out for a month. The three trainers at the temp facilities in Kacheripady – namely Sajith, Akhil & myself – had asked for and received permission to take a few days off and relax until the operations start. I only asked for a couple of days and that is what I am getting, while my two buddies, being from Bangalore, are going away for 4 days each. We can afford to do so at this time.

I hope you like the office pics that I had uploaded to my flickr site and which you can see on the flickr link towards the bottom of the sidebar on the right. I really like the look of the inside of the office and it is always kept very cool inside at all times. What I don’t like is the security checks being done on you – they open our bags & briefcases & check our pockets and stuff. What the fuck am I gonna take with me!!

Speaking of flickr, my limit is up on the number of files that I can upload in the free site so I am going to have to get a new one. The link for that will be added to the sidebar once I have a few more photos to upload.

I decided not to go out today and to instead just watch tv shows on a movie on my computer. It is a hot day although it is quite windy here as well. Still the hot sun is baking us as we sit in our homes or apartments. Last night it was terrible to sleep as it was so hot and I drank a whole bottle of club soda that was freezing cold, at 1 am.


Song for the day – “Little People” – JARAH JANE