And Meanwhile…

Another friend’s parent has passed away and I did not come to know about it. Another friend has announced her engagement, for which I will not be able to attend. While still another has let me know that he is getting married towards the end of next month. That one I definitely want to attend and will make sure that I do. Another friend and I have started becoming confidants and letting the other in on all our secrets. I was quite surprised at the level of closeness that I suddenly have with her and the fact that we actually became closer now, when she is living in another state for the past 18 months. While we were in the same city, we were not that close.

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I have also noticed the number of work related relationships that ‘blossom’ (and I use this term loosely) in the last year and a half. Some of it is just plain infatuation or a by-product of having others in vicinity also getting hitched or being in love. Some of these pairs are so obvious and others are just plain stupefying to me. Some are so silly that I just want to say “what the fuck” or “grow up, morons”! Don’t go crying when it all comes down in a pile of dust in the end.

And there is one person, who seems to have gotten a new lease of life when his wife got a job in another city and had to move. He seems to be reveling in his new found “freedom” and using this time to spend it with another girl. I am not sure how this “other woman” is perceiving the sudden interest being shoved in her face. Yet it is a shame to see it happening.

Song for the day – “Mine All Mine” – SHEDAISY