Tottenham 4 West Ham 3

A truly wonderful match just got over a few minutes ago. I had just switched the tv on at around 9:40 and it was about 10 minutes into the West Ham vs Tottenham Hotspurs match on ESPN. There is a rivalry between the two London clubs but West Ham were fighting to stay back in the EPL and avoid relegation as they are currently at the last spot. They really needed to win this one and it showed. The Hammers came out with all guns ablaze. On a break Paul Konchesky lobs the ball into Carlos Tevez, who chests it down for Noble to drill home from 22 yards. Later in the second half, Tevez, who is playing his socks off, scores a wonderful goal with a looping freekick. The celebrations are wild as the Argentinian jumps into the arms of the Hammers’ supporters. The second half is another matter as Spurs take matters into their own hands. Aaron Lennon is brought down by Bowyer in the West Ham penalty box; striker Jermaine Defoe converts. Dimitar Berbatov backheels a pass to Aaron Lennon who scores in the 68th minute. It stays like that 85th minute when Tevez picks out substitute Bobby Zammora who heads in a goal. And he had just come on moments before! But West Ham’s joy was undone when Berbatov scored through his own freekick to equalize. The Hammers threw everyone but Konchesky forward and paid that price when in added time a Defoe shot, parried by Green, was tapped in by Paul Stalteri of the rebound to hand the win to Spurs.

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Ripping CDS 12

Ok now it is so boring at home, just listening to music and guess what – my evening perks up!

  • Maroon – Barenaked Ladies
  • OU812 – Van Halen
  • The State – Nickelback

Three underrated albums, BNL’s hugely successful Stunt was followed by Maroon, which could not measure up to the same success of the former. Mostly due to the fact that it was a sombre record, as keyboardist Kevin Hearn had just come back from dealing with cancer.

Van Halen’s OU812 does have a couple of huge hits but most fans consider it to be a step down from the previous album, 5150, a mega seller.

The State is however a predecessor to three huge sellers – Nickelback had only a minor hit from this album (Leader Of Men) but it was a sign of things to come.

Saskatchewan – new source of comedy

The latest two tv series which I have seen and have liked so much that I want to collect all their episodes are both Canadian and based in the Prairie province of Saskatchewan. Little Mosque On The Prairie is about a fictional small town in Saskatchewan which has a small but vocal Muslim community. Corner Gas is a more established & successful comedy also based in a fictional small town in Saskatchewan. But both are funny and fresh and offer you a different look at small town madness. I stream episodes from a couple of websites that offer you this facility for free.

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Whereas one is more about a minority group trying hard to fit in and stick to their rules at the same time (with hilarious effect), the other is more about your average Joe, albeit sarcastically funny, whose thoughts are sometimes shown to us in clips. They both don’t use the normal studio settings or the laugh track / live audience route. They are shot on location and hence is a different perspective on the normal comedy routine. I look forward to streaming many more episodes of them both.

Same Guy, Different Skin

This image must hurt the eyes & senses of every Edmonton Oilers fan who bleeds copper, white & blue! The face, heart & soul of the Oiler’s (I don’t think even the greats Messier & Gretzky can lay claim to such a loft stake). But as much as distraught the trade of the winger has brought to the Oilers, it has brought the same amount of excitement to Long Island and the Islanders organization. Head coach Ted Nolan says that the smiles were genuine & the excitement were there to see on the faces of the New York Islanders, when he announced the trade had happened in their locker room. Smyth had 31 goals and 22 assists for the Oilers this season and has earned the reputation as one of the NHL’s top forwards during his long stay in Edmonton. With the Islanders battling with a number of teams to land a Stanley Cup Playoff berth, adding a player of Smyth’s caliber is huge. Nolan realizes the trade has been emotional for Smyth, who had played his entire career in Edmonton, but he expects him to make a quick adjustment and to fit right into the Islanders scheme.

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“No question about that,” Nolan said. “He’s very proud of his home province and playing with the Oilers and growing up with them. So to fly him overnight and get him down here and put a New York Islanders’ jersey on him, that’s not going to make him an Islander right away. It’s going to take some time to adjust, to adapt.

Roshan’s Eleven : What Do I Wish For?

What do I wish for for the rest of 2007, now that we are down two months

  • More money, less work
  • More time for vodka
  • More time for beer
  • More excellent music to be released
  • Watch some good movies & tv shows
  • Make an impact @ my new job
  • Find the perfect girl for me (preferably before I get married)
  • Move into a nicer apartment
  • Lots more delicious coffee
  • More time for reading & relaxing doing nothing
  • and I hope to get the leaves to go see..Iron Maiden

Song for the day – “Thousand Mile Wish” – FINGER ELEVEN

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Dust My Lungs

The bad conditions at work lead me to have to take a half-day leave and come home to rest. The rented, temporary training facility that my company has taken until the new office building’s construction is completed, is not being well maintained or cleaned at all. The dust that collects inside the rooms, tickled my nostrils while I was in the middle of taking today’s session and I started sneezing….and couldn’t stop for a while.

I fell sick and started to have breathing difficulties. I took my inhaler and then went to sit in the reception area for a bit. Seeing this, my colleagues & new friends Akhil & Sajith came out to find out what was wrong. They immediately offered to split up my batch and take half each. I know that we have done this twice for Sajith’s team while he was sick and when he went to visit his dying uncle, but that was real nice of them to do it for me. I said that I would stick around and manage until I finished the theory part; they could handle the enlarged teams after dinner break.

So I took permission and left the office and headed home. On the way I decided to stop for dinner as I was very hungry. And I passed by a scene which lets me know that I am growing old by the effect it had on me. I saw a small girl, about 3 or so, hugging a cute brown puppy. She was with her folks and some other family members and some other kids. It seemed like the family were returning from having just got a new pet. The obvious joy & love on the face of that cute girl in her frilly pink frock and the cute pup who was licking the girl and possibly both falling in love with each other, made me go “awwww” and feel a funny tingling feeling inside my heart! Roshan, you are getting old!

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Firefox Lover

I had originally posted this in December in my old Blog but I like it so much that I just had to have it here as well.
It is only lately that I have become a Firefox advocate and staunch user. I know, it seems kinda late. A lot of the personal blogs or websites that I visit has a link to download Firefox or something of Firefox but I couldn’t do much with it since I didn’t have a computer. Now that I do, I did download Mozilla Firefox, about a month ago, and you could too by click here. You would be amazed by how efficient and fast it is. How much better looking it is and how soon you will decide that this is the tool for you, whenever you want to browse the net. The Tab options which makes things so simple to use and easy to sort out you various pages and links within pages that you are browsing is so beyond IE. Firefox is free and it kicks Internet Explorer’s ass anytime and anywhere on every platform. See the clever pic given to the left! You see foxy boy taking a bite off IE. That’s it’s foxy boy; go get him. Attack! Atta boy, good foxy!

I would suggest that you read their documents before you go ahead and download Firefox. Also, you get the option to shift your existing bookmarks and stuff from the browser(s) that you have, like IE. I still haven’t selected Firefox as my default browser, simple because I use Windows XP and since IE comes bundled with Windows (because they are both from Microsoft) there are some things that I will want IE to automatically open instead of something else. Mostly for offline purposes. Or for direct links to my Hotmail inbox from MSN Messenger. Again, they also are from Microsoft. I prefer to keep it in this manner; but when I want to browse the net, it’s Firefox all the way.

Plus chicks love Firefox. Just ask her!!

Ofcourse nothing is perfect and there are a couple of things I don’t like about Firefox. Like the small window that automatically opens whenever I try to download something from a page. And while we are at it, it is still too big! I also use Opera browser and the thing I like about it is, everytime I reopen Opera, it asks me if I want to start from where I left off. Meaning that if I was browsing a few pages and then shut down the internet for sometime, I don’t have to waste time in looking for the exact page(s) I was at! Opera does that for me everytime. Firefox only does this when it gets closed by error (like if it got hung or something). If Mozilla can add that into it, I won’t think of using another browser again (hint, hint).

So be a good boy or girl and download the software! Down below are links to some Firefox related wallpapers for your computers.

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Song for the day – “Foxy Lady” – JIMI HENDRIX