Little Sisters

eloise at the plaza download A few nights ago I was speaking to Babitha, who is like a little sister to me and used to be one of the agents in my previous company at their main office. I haven’t seen her or the others in a long while and I do miss them a lot. I also spoke to Jobin for some time on Wednesday evening and he also wants me to drop by when I get some free time. Oh I would just love to go there on Sunday and spend some time with some of those people who obviously care a lot for me and who I care a lot for.

What struck me as funny, in a very sweet way ofcourse, was Babitha’s reaction to something. The same way in which Aneeja reacted as well. They were both so happy & ecstatic to find out that I liked a girl. Since they care for me a lot, they were only too happy to know that and they want to see me get settled, get married and start making babies (I think). The kind of questions they asked immediately lets me know how sincere they are and how happy they would be for me if I was infact getting married!

Well the truth can be a downer! I had to tell them both that there was no such thing and although I did like a girl (and still do) there was no way that anything was going to happen. Just because it could’ve been, doesn’t mean it had to. So they were disappointed to say the least, but not as much as I was. I wish I did have some wonderful news to share to them so they could tease me and get to know the girl. But this is not meant to be. I am happy that they do care so much about me, though.

Song for the day – “Parle Moi” – ISABELLE BOULAY