Notes for 11th March

  • Sleep is so beautiful during the early morning hours of the day. Especially if you have woken up at 5 am and can then go back to sleep.
  • My cough is acting up and I need to take care of it.
  • Some nutcase wanted to see me in the morning and came up to the apartment. But I was shaving and taking a bath and could not see him. No clue who he was.
  • The trip to work was uneventful.
  • I had one session planned out, which went really well.
  • We had an audit done some time after that.
  • Lunch included some lovely fried fish.
  • The rest of the afternoon was quite busy with work.
  • I like listening to music while creating reports.
  • Dinner was with a couple of friends

Song for the day – “Always Somewhere” – SCORPIONS

Sens 5 Buffalo 2

The Ottawa Senators drew first blood in their Eastern Conference Finals series with their rivals, the Buffalo Sabres. Winning the first game and that too away at Buffalo is all important and could prove crucial in the long run. First period goals from Mike Fisher & Daniel Alfredsson gave the Sens a 2-0 lead only to see it get equalized by Buffalo by the end of the second period. Not to worry, as Oleg Sapyrikin, Jason Spezza & Dean McAmmond scored three in the final 20 to give Ottawa the victory. Goalie Ray Emery stopped 18 shots for Ottawa. Game 2 is in Buffalo on Saturday night!

Blade : Trinity

I was about to switch the tv off last night but when I saw the announcement of this movie on HBO, I decided to stay up and watch it. I had seen the first Blade movie but missed the second of the Trilogy. This movie was noted for the comic deliveries of actor Ryan Reynolds. Yeah ok, Blade the character is played by Wesley Snipes but he is nothing more than a muscle bound killing machine.

Jessica Biel joins them as the daughter of Blade’s mentor, who sacrifices himself while fighting the FBI out to get Blade. Blade is captured but gets rescued by Hannibal King (Reynolds) and Abigail (Biel), who are part of a group that kills vampires. They ask his help in killing Drake aka Dracula, played by Dominic Purcell, who has been resurrected by Danica  & Asher Talos, a brother & sister vampire duo & their brood of vampires. Their hideout is found out by the vampires and their comrade is killed and Hannibal & a little girl are taken prisoner. Blade & Abigail go hunting for them. Reynolds has some really funny dialogues in the scenes where he is shackled as a prisoner. He is the saving grace of this movie.

Well needless to say, Drake, Danica & Asher are killed, as are all the vampires, on the release of the daystar – a powerful weapon that kills all bloodsuckers. The good guys go off to some other adventure. The highlights : Triple H as a vampire bad guy, Callum Keith Rennie as Asher (he doesn’t have many lines in the movie) & Patton Oswald as Hedges. And, when Hannibal is lying in bed he is watching the movie Incubus starring William Shatner!