That is what it felt like to me, now that it has come to an end – my four day rest period, two being confined to my bed completely! It is a relief to be able to sit up and do stuff, nothing strenuous just sitting and reading or watching tv or sitting at the computer, which just yesterday was too taxing after a hour or so that I just wanted to get back to bed. And I did sleep quite a lot, even yesterday afternoon after which I was so sure that I wouldn’t feel sleepy at all at night. And till about 1:15 am I was awake but slept soundly till 9:30 or so today morning. The medicines do take their toll and make me drowsy. That is not all – I think they are also giving me gas!

I feel much better now, although not completely 100% – that might take a few more days. But I have to get back to the office tomorrow; I have already taken 3 days leave from work for this! And although it couldn’t be helped or avoided at any cost I don’t want to spend anymore time on this. I feel like I can managed a 9 hour shift at the office as long as I don’t have to any physical work (that is a laugh)! Well, no chance of that happening.

So, as much as I would like a day or two more to recuperate, I don’t think I should, as much as it would help me. So back on the horse I go. I just hope the horse don’t poop!

Song for the day – “Numb” – HOLLY MCNARLAND

Sens 1 Buffalo 0

Ottawa has opened the door and it is being held ajar. They need just one more victory to get to their first ever Stanley Cup Final in the modern era! My lord is this really happening? The Sens are now up by 3 games to none against the fancied Buffalo Sabres. At the start of the playoffs my head would have picked either the Anaheim Ducks or the Sabres to win the Cup even though my heart always choses Ottawa, since 2000. But Ottawa has been seemingly in a hurry to erase past years of underplaying in the playoffs and rush past their opponents in as little time as possible. 5 games were enough for both the Devils & the Penguins. Can they wrap up the series win in game 4 in Ottawa in front of their own home crowd? That would be cool. A lone goal by captain Daniel Alfredsson was enough to grant the Sens the win, both goalies playing at their best. Ottawa’s Emery only had 15 shots to save to earn his 3rd shut off in this playoffs. This could be the year. GO SENS GO!