That was easier said than done! Going back to work that is. I woke up today morning not feeling all good and a while later I started coughing so badly, that my chest still hurts. I decided not to go after all and it was a wise decision. I hate having to take all these days leave but what else can me done? There is no way I could make it at the office in this condition.

So I laid back in bed for sometime and read for a bit. Had my breakfast and some coffee and been chatting with Maya for sometime now. While she guzzles champagne I drink coffee to sooth my cough. Listening to some mp3s on a cd which I had though to be lost but was just stuck in the middle of an old National Geographic.

Wondering what to do the rest of day to rid me of boredom. Thinking of watching something or downloading it first from the net. Sleep would be nice as I was up most of the night, having forgotten to close the windows and the mosquitos made me pay for it. I will think of something.

Song for the day – “Time Of Our Lives” – DAVID USHER

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Blast from the past

Boy is that a face from the old days. Ricky Schroder, one time child star and could have / should have been a huge deal in Hollywood, that’s who. He was born in 1970, so that makes him 37 years old now. You would have seen an 8 or 9 year old Ricky in his Golden Globe Award winning role in The Champ co-starring with Jon Voight & Faye Dunaway (1979). He next came into the limelight as a tv star, playing the role of ‘Ricky Stratton’ in Silver Spoons about a father & son reunited after many years and discovering what it means to be a family.

I next saw him in the 1988 movie Too Young The Hero, based on the true life story of Calvin Graham, the youngest person to ever enlist in the Navy (age 12). A few more years would pass before surprise, surprise I saw him on NYPD Blue all grown up. He stayed with the show for 3 seasons, also was in Lonesome Dove series, Strong Medicine and in a few episodes of Scrubs. It seems that at one time he moved to a ranch in Colorado instead of living in Hollywood but has since sold it for $29000000! Starting this year Ricky will be appearing in 24.