Going out today was a good idea to just let me be me. Going out around 12:15 pm is however not; it is still so fucking hot outside that you want to jump into a pool of ice water a few moments after you step out. But I think I needed to go out just for a few hours and so I headed for some coffee and a muffin, listening to music at CCD and relaxing on their comfy couch.

Nothing remotely interesting & new happening in terms of music, the shelves of the music stores looking pathetic. They have started their seasonal re-issuing of classic albums or cheap cds of best of collections. This is the only thing that looks even a bit exciting. Really the state of the music industry is so lousy and fucked up. But the Chennai music masters seems to be having a ball; churning out silly, stupid music with non-sense lyrics that wouldn’t tax a 2 year old. How low must you be on the IQ to even buy a tape of this garbage?

Next was to head out to get some books to read and John Grisham won out. Both The Client & The Runaway Jury are really excellent books that I have read before and even seen the movies. They will be welcome additions to my personal collection. And Grisham seems to be winning the race in my small & humble library; I have many books of his.

Hot & humid as I was I needed a lift-me-upper and by golly who should answer the call of the thirst – London Strong. A couple during lunch really hit the spot and I welcomed the golden nectar down my throat. Then it is home for some music and watching a movie or two. Cheers!

Song for the day – “You Learn” – ALANIS MORISSETTE

The Sens are in the Final

The Ottawa Senators must have scripted it at the beginning of the playoffs. They must have sat in the locker room and stated that they would win all three rounds of the Eastern Conference in 15 games! 4-1 in each round, giving their opponent a game each. What could be more perfect that giving ur foe atleast a game each. And what could be more perfect than winning their last game and thereby the series against the Buffalo Sabres and being crowned the Eastern Conference Champions, with their top line and stars scoring a goal each in a 3-2 win? That’s how it ended; Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza & Daniel Alfredsson each scored a goal in game 5 of their series against bitter rivals Buffalo and clench the Eastern Conference titles for them. Ottawa now awaits the winner of the Western Conference finals, currently held at 2-2 between the Detroit Red Wings & the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. It was a special win for Sens coach  Bryan Murray too. After becoming only the fifth coach to win 600 games earlier this season, Murray will coach in the Cup finals for the first time. GO SENS GO!