Another band comes over to India

Another legendary rock band is coming over to perform in Bangalore and I will not be able to see them! Aerosmith will be playing at the Palace Grounds on June 2nd and the shmuck that I am will be sitting here twiddling my thumbs and crying while singing along to ‘Janie’s Got A Gun’. Will not be able to go and see them as I have an induction training scheduled till the 8th of June. Woe is me!

Will any of these great bands ever play in Cochin? Why is that not possible? Oh and worse – two of my female cousins are going to the concert in Bangalore! Yamini & Gayathri – you were still sucking your thumbs and listening to nursery rhymes when guys like me were into Aerosmith! Why, why, why!!!!!

Broken Road

As I came home this evening, having wrapped up by training session for the day, I decided to take a detour and go to have some coffee at CCD. I would also get a chance to see M G Road in it’s disheartened state. And it looks pathetic! Shenoy’s theatre has no wall to speak off! Demolished by the government’s anti-encroachment battalion, it looks like the theatre staff will have a tough time trying to keep the crowds at bay. Several store fronts looked like a bomb had hit them.

I was feeling very energetic today, not sure why. I am trying to involve myself in as many activities as possible. Trying to do constructive things. And make new friends all around. Even flirt a little as I did today with a lady I had mentioned in earlier posts. The fact that I can even think about it after the incidents of last month is a miracle in my eyes. I guess I will always be a lonely bachelor but you can’t blame a guy for trying to have some fun!

Song for the day – “Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night” – BON JOVI