I almost splattered a girl

Today I plan on sending an official complaint to our admin department at the office, plus my immediate supervisors, concerning our doors at the office. See, whoever designed the office construction has done a stupid thing – they have built it in such a way that the doors to discussion rooms & training rooms only open towards the hall and not towards the inside of the room. I hope you get what I am trying to make you understand the way it is; the doors do not open into the room! Which means when you open the door from the inside, to come out, you have to be careful not to hit someone who just so happenes to be walking on the right side of the door. Get the mental image.

Well yesterday, I almost splattered a girl when I opened the door to see what the noise was! I was in a training room, conducting a session and I heard a noise. It was this new girl who had joined the company and she was running back to her desk to get her bag and leave for the day. I didn’t see her so I opened the door to check what the noise was and as she was running back the door opened in front of her. She put on her breaks and just about avoided a collision with the door. She & I grinned sheepishly and she was a little embarrassed as to what could have happened, as I gave her a word of caution on running in the halls, especially with these kind of doors.

It wud have been tragic but also funny had she spattered against the door – like in Tom & Jerry or some other cartoons, when u see them flat against the wall or door and someone comes to peel them off it.

Song for the day – “Before You” – CHANTAL KREVIAZUK

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