Nearly There

Today will be the last day of my current induction batch of trainees. I am particularly relived since this is the batch that has given me the most problems adherence wise. They are good kids and with some experience but it just seems that things go so wrong with this bunch of kids. I can’t remember ever having to gone through this much trouble with completing a batch and trying to get people to come on time and finish things on time. I will be relieved when I finally hand them over to operations at the end of the day Monday.

Even today two of the remaining trainees were not feeling well and I was going crazy about how to get things to work. I had to take a deep breath and make sure that they both came to attend the session on quality that someone from the Quality section was handling for this day, their last day of training. I kept telling myself that ‘you have just a day more to go and hold on’.

The day did go smoothly although it started later than I had planned. But the important thing was that it did get completed and hence a burden is lifted from my shoulders and I get to relax as tomorrow is Sunday and I can relax with some vodka and some good food.

Song for the day – “Release Me” – PEARL JAM

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