Notes for 12th June

  • Is there a way to keep Paris Hilton in jail? And put Britney Spears in there too?
  • Actors & spouses Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott have a new reality tv show
  • One of my fav bands, Nickelback, are being honoured with a spot on Canada’s Walk of Fame
  • Cochin (atleast parts of it) got plenty of rain last night and some areas have water levels that are a foot high
  • Discovered a blunder done by our client on one of their products
  • Had a laugh about it with some of my colleagues
  • I might shift back to the night shift (4-1) again partly due to requirement and partly due to the fact that I seem to get more free time at home in that shift
  • It has started raining again

Song for the day – “Dam That River” – ALICE IN CHAINS