You Big Leaver

I hate it when people leave their companies & jobs without a word of warning and giving due time as notice. This happens so often in our line of work, since the pressure is so high and yet the pay is not enough to compensate for it. A lot of work goes into getting a person ready for a job. When they normally enters our company, the boy or girl usually has no previous work experience and he / she has to get trained in how to be a good customer care agent. A lot of time, effort & money is spent on getting these guys into shape and continuous monitoring is involved after they hit the production floor. So it pisses me off when a person just ups and leave without informing anyone. Is there any harm in atleast calling up and saying so? The honourable thing would be to come in person and give your resignation letter but I guess that is too much to expect.

And now this happened – one person who is in a more responsible position has been unaccounted for the last 8 days. He is a supervisory post and has been disappointed for the last couple of months. Things were begining to start looking up but he has upped and gone without any information what-so-ever. It seemed that he has borrowed Rs.5000 from one colleague and another 6000 or so from another. Now we don’t know if he has borrowed any more money from anyone else or if he borrowed the money to make his escape. Or is he missing since he can’t pay the money back? Some question that can’t be answered by speculating but what is certain is that he seems to be missing. Phone calls to his cell phone are not being answered and messages sent are not being replied back.

Song for the day – “Hip Today (You’ll Be Gone Tomorrow) – EXTREME

Night Owl

It is late in the evening, a little after 10 pm. I am at the office sitting and going through my unopened official emails. I enjoy the hour or so that I sit by myself to sort out various pending stuff at this hour. I can’t say that my current work schedule is the best but I am getting quite used to it and I do get to sleep late in the mornings. I am not a morning person by any strech of imagination but I can stay up till very late. No issue there.

Plus, we are waiting to see if it can be made a 5 day working week instead of the 6 we are currently suffering through. This is just not done. I wouldn’t mind working 12 hours if we can get two days off every week and I don’t mind working weekends if I can get two other days off. I have my fingers crossed.

So, another three hours to go before I shut everything down and go to search for the cab in which I am to go home today. I think I shall have some coffee now and go find something to do. You guys, have a good night!

Song for the day – “Soldier Of Fortune” – DEEP PURPLE

Scott Niedermayer to retire?

Having just lead his Anaheim Ducks to Stanley Cup glory, the captain is thinking of hanging up his skates for good. Scott Niedermayer, who will turn 34 before the 2007-08 season begins, is thinking about retiring early from the sport while at the top. Despite him having premature grey in his beard during the playoffs, defenceman Niedermayer was the driving force behind his team and was chosen as the recipient of The Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP and by all accounts could play for another 5 to 6 years. However his former partner in defence, Scott Stevens, says that Niedermayer wasn’t planning on playing for that long. Scott is the only player in hockey history to have won the 6 championships any Canadian-born player cares about: Stanley Cup, Memorial Cup, world junior gold, men’s world gold, Olympic gold, and a World Cup of Hockey title. He has also captured a Conn Smythe Trophy and Norris Trophy to boot. And he also played alongside his brother Rob in winning the Stanley Cup (the fourth for Scott and first for Rob). It would be a double blow for the Ducks if he retires as forward Teemu Selanne is also contemplating retiring and heading home for Finland.

Star Trek X – Nemesis

I bought the cd for the movie Star Trek X : Nemesis, the tenth feature film based on Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek vision. Starring : Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Johnathan Frakes as Commander William Riker, Brent Spinner as Lt.Commander Data, Michael Dorn as Lt.Commander Worf, LeVar Burton as Lt.Commander Geordie La Forge, Gates McFadden as Commander (Dr.) Beverly Crusher & Marina Sirtis as Commander (Counselor) Deana Troi. The tagline states what hard core fans like myself fear – A Generation’s Final Journey Begins – this appears to be the final Star Trek movie with the cast for the TNG series (as it proved to be).

A very successful tv series, TNG era has made 4 movies; all of which I have seen and loved but Star Trek X : Nemesis was a failure commercially due to a few reasons beyond the actual story. The movie starts when a Romulan senate is assasinated as a result of a milatry coup and is now controlled by a Reman warrior named Shinzon. Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew is getting ready to say goodbye to the newly wedded Riker & Deanna as Riker has been promoted to Captain of his own vessel. Enroute to the Romulan homeworld, the Enterprise investigate a planet where they get energy readings from and find the seperated parts of an android that looks just like DATA. After reassembling it, the crew understand that the anderoid is a prototype of DATA called B4. They are then assigned to meet the new Romulan Preator, Shinzon, on a diplomatic mission. On meeting Shinzon, the crew and especially the Enterprise Captain are stunned to find that the warrior is actually human and a clone of Picard!

Shinzon seems to want peace but infact wants to destroy the humans and the Romulans. He was cloned by the Romulans in order for them to kidnap Picard & then replace him with Shinzon at a later stage so they can have a spy among the Federation. However, when that plan was abandoned, a child Shinzon was abandoned in a Reman mine where he was taken care of my the slave race. With Shinzon at the helm, the Remans gradually built up momentum and they finally took power. Now, Shinzon is dying as he needs a full blood transfusion from the only matching donor – Picard. He is captured by the Remans and freed by Data later in a thrilling fight scene on the alien ship. A showdown occurs when the Enterprise is attacked by the warbird and is later joined by two Romulan ships who want to dispose of Shinzon. One Romulan ship is destroyed and another paralyzed. Picard goes to Shinzon spaceship to stop the Reman from destroying the crew by activating a super weapon. DATA joins the fight, in which Shinzon is killed and bravely sends the captain back to Enterprise while he is destroyed along with the Reman spaceship.

At the end, B-4 who has been downloaded with all of DATA’s memories is possibly touted as a replacement, without actually mentioning it. Since he is an android and now has all of DATA’s memories, it might only a matter of time when it could be as if DATA was never killed. With that optimism in mind – the crew bid farewell to Riker who is about to take command of the USS Titan as captain, along with Troi.

Rodrigo y Gabriela – Rodrigo y Gabriela

It’s been stated before that one of the best things about the Internet is that you can discover & share truly wonderful music that you wouldn’t be able to using traditional methods. My mp3 & cd collection is littered with artists who I first heard of from some well meaning music afficionado, either through email or his / her blog. Rodrigo y Gabriela are one such duo and what a fine pair of flamenco guitarists these two are. Raised in Mexico and based in Ireland, these former thrash metal & classic rock musicians have turned to Rumba Flamenco as a form of expressing their music and you will hear flavours of their metal past in everything that they do. There 2006 self-titled album, has songs like Tamacun, what I would like to call world anthems! As the person from whom I found out about this duo puts it, songs like these are enough to deliver world harmony! It is the best track on this album.

Diablo Rojo is a raucous number that I saw the duo perform on tv. Ixpata, PPA & Juan Loco are other standout tracks on this wonderful cd. But wait…they have a stunning surprise for us in the form of classic metal covers! A wonderful & uplifting version of Stairway To Heaven that would have Jimmy Page clapping along in awe and a rocking Orion that would have the members of Metallica moshing along in support. Not that the rest of the songs are bad – infact they are excellent but these standout. Please go get yourself a copy.

Song for the day – “Orion” – RODRIGO Y GABRIELA

Sens take commanding 3-1 series lead

Ok, so I lagged a little bit on the Stanley Cup playoffs front. But glad to say that my team is doing well. When the series between them & the Pittsburgh Penguins moved to Pittsburgh, Ottawa determinedly fought back from losing game 2 and won both the away games and now have the luxury of trying to win game 5 at home. Game 3 was won 4-2 & game 4 was won 2-1.

In other series, Calgary won game 3 against Detroit and the series sits 2-1 in favour of Detroit. Vancouver leads Dallas 3-1, New York Rangers lead Atlanta 3-0, Tampa Bay leads New Jersey 2-1, Buffalo leads New York Islanders 2-1, Anaheim leads Minnesotta 3-1 and San Jose leads Nashville 2-1.

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Always Guarenteed To Satisfy

Oh man, aren’t these the most delicious chocolates in the entire world? The Snickers bar is my all time favourite and I kinda missed them since you usually did not get them in India. Well atleast not in Kerala, unless you wanted to hit the Gulf Duty Paid stores that mushroom across the cities. And before you eat them you may want to check the expiry date on those! And if they are safe to eat, usually the bars gets all squashed and trampled on since they are mostly smuggled in. But lately, supermarkets have been selling them around town and I just couldn’t resist. I like having chocolate after a few drinks and so as I headed for home after a couple of beers I stopped by to buy one of these bad girls and slowly munched on it. Hmmm! Reminds me of my childhood years in Kuwait.

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN: Songs For The Atheist

  • Imagine – John Lennon
  • One Man Army – Our Lady Peace
  • Dear God – Sarah McLachlan (orig. by XTC)
  • Freewill – Rush
  • There Is No God – Extreme
  • Angels Losing Sleep – Our Lady Peace
  • Shallow Be Thy Game – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Jesus He Knows Me – Genesis
  • God Am – Alice In Chains
  • Leper Messiah – Metallica
  • Heresy – Nine Inch Nails

Song for the day – “Freewill” – RUSH

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Have I Ever Wanted to Read A Book More?

Here is review of this intreaguing book, In Defence Of Atheism :

“In the twenty-first century, religion is making a comeback, bringing in its wake extremism of all kinds. From Christian anti-abortion campaigns to suicide bombers claiming the righteousness of Islam, we are witnessing a resurgence of religious fundamentalism. Michel Onfray’s response to the threat of a post-modern theocracy is to lay down the principles of an authentic atheism: exposing the fiction that is God, he proposes a new philosophy of reason that celebrates life and humanity. “In Defence of Atheism” demonstrates that organised religion is motivated by worldly, historical and political power; that the three dominant monotheisms – Christianity, Islam and Judaism – exhibit the same hatred of women, reason, the body, the passions; that religion denies life and glorifies death. Onfray exposes some uncomfortable truths: Judaism invented the extermination of a people; Jesus never existed historically; Christianity was enforced with extreme violence by Constantine; Islam is anti-Semitic, misogynist, warlike and incompatible with the values of a modern democracy.”

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RIP Sherri Martel aka Sensational Sherri

I was saddened to hear about the death of Sherri Martel. Most longtime wrestling fans would know her as Scary Sherri or Sensational Sherri. Her husband of 10 years confirmed her death and at this time the cause is not known yet. She was 49 and at her mother’s residence in Birmingham, Alabama at the time. This was on the 15th of June.

Sherri was a former WWF/WWE Women’s Champion and is inducted into the WWE Wrestling Hall Of Fame. She was also a valet & manager for several superstars like Ted Dibiase, Shawn Michaels & Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage. She will be sorely missed.

Who is your fav Bond?

I woke up today to the sound of what sounded like a Bond movie. I put my glasses on, opened my door and yes indeed there was a Bond movie playing on the tv. Two actually, shown back to back on Star Movies. My father, having woken up much earlier, was watching them. They were both movies in which Roger Moore was Bond – Live And Let Live & A View To A Kill, both of which are Bond movies that I consider to be classics. I also liked him as The Saint & in The Persuaders but to my dad, Moore was The Bond, equaled by none and towering over the others. My dad does like both Sean Connery & Pierce Brosnan but Moore is his favourite. I admit that I preferred Roger Moore as Bond, as much as I think that Connery is the man, that is until Brosnan got the part. I think Brosnan was the best Bond. I don’t care what you or my father thinks.

Here's Buckethead

Brian Carroll is more popularly known to the music world as Buckethead, an amazingly talented & varied guitarist & multi-instrumentalist. He has released 18 albums under his name and also performed on an astonishing 33 more. His music spans a wide variety of genres including thrash metal, funk, electronica and avant-garde. Guitar One voted him number 8 on a list of the “Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredders of All Time”. He has had a wide variety of high profile collaborations with such artists as Les Claypool, Tony Williams, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, System of a Down’s Serj Tankian, Guns N’ Roses, Saul Williams, and with Bill Laswell on Praxis. He is also known for making weird statements like claiming to have been raised by chickens in a coop and drawing stares for his appearance, dressed as he is in a Micheal Myers mask & a KFC bucket on his head (hence the moniker Buckethead). As a teenager, Brian used to be a huge fan of horror movies, especially the Halloween films, in which Myers wore a white mask and went on killing people. Brian bought a similar mask, donned on the KFC bucket after eating his dinner one night and thus was born Buckethead. As Buckethead, he is known for his on-stage robotic dancing, pop and lock break dance skills and rapid demonstrations with nunchaku, sometimes while continuing to play the guitar. He gives away toys at many of his shows and concertgoers commonly give gifts to him as well.

Despite his weird behaviour and appearance, Buckethead is a truly talented musician & composer with a prolific range of music. According to a 1989 local music magazine he cites Michael Jackson, Yngwie Malmsteen, Louis Jordan, Shawn Lane, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Randy Rhoads and Jennifer Batten as his main influences. His talent is apparent by listening to his 2002 album Electric Tears, which I was lucky enough to find on mp3s in a link that offers it for free. I will post a review of the entire album of 13 songs (I have listened to 5 at the moment) as soon as I can.

Song for the day – “The Way To Heaven” – BUCKHEAD


notes on a scandal online download

After waking up this morning, I walked zombie like to the wash basin, splashed my face with cold water and brushed my teeth. As coffee was being made, I switched the tv on, flipped channels until I reached HBO and saw that they were showing the 1983 hit horror movie Cujo. How many of you remember this movie, the one that put me off dogs for a couple of years and Saint Bernard’s for several more? Cujo, the titular character of Stephen King’s 1981 best selling novel, is the bitten by a rabies infected bat while he was chasing a rabbit into a cave. The dog becomes infected and, succumbing to the disease, goes on a rampant killing spree. He kills his owner’s neighbour and then his owner. A lady and her son who comes for repairs on their car to Cujo’s owner’s farm, also find themselves being attacked by the dog. Their car breaks down at the farm and over a stretch of three days they fend themselves against the attacks of Cujo, who hits the car doors with his massive head, blood dripping all over him and cracks the windshield and door windows.

The boy begins to fade as dehydration, thirst & hunger and the scorching heat nearly kills him (in the novel, he dies) and his desperate mother screams for him to stay awake. A police officer comes to investigate at the farm and he too falls victim to the rabid Cujo. The lady comes out of the car finally and attacks Cujo with a shattered baseball bat and injures him. Thinking him to be dead, she carries her son into the house and is able to revive him with water and using CPR, only for Cujo to come crashing into the house. But as he leaps, she reaches for the gun she took from the dead policeman and shoots Cujo to death.

This is one movie which stays in your memory even as the years passes by – I remembered the scene in which Cujo dies & the lady carrying her son into the arms of her husband and Cujo attacking his owner very well, despite never having the movie since 1986 or so.

Appalling Behaviour

Last evening I listened to a girl who has been discriminated by her immediate supervisor in our organization. She had taken a leave of 2 weeks in order to go and write an exam for the armed forces, which has been a long time ambition of hers. She had requested this leave very much in advance and was led to believe that it would not be an issue. However on the eve of her departure, she was told by that supervisor that he could not let her go since her work would be pending. And that if she did decide to go, when she came back she would be demoted from her current post.

This sudden change of mind was expected from him; he had been coming onto her for weeks it seems. I had heard a bit about this and was not at all surprised at his behaviour, having known the bugger quite well. He & I had done the training for this current project of our client together and I got to know a lot about his character. His behaviour is quite appalling none the less. She never said a word till now, since he hadn’t gone to the extent of physically touching her but he would go out of his way to spend atleast an hour with her everyday, on the pretense of giving out advice and checking on her performance but he never spends even a quarter of that time with anyone else in a week!

She is actually quite strong willed and self-assured even though she goes around in a child-like manner and smiling and laughing and getting teased by most of the people. But she seems to know how to take care of herself, as evidenced by the manner in which she gave it back to him. I have joined her cheering section and took great pleasure on hearing how she cut him down to size. He had better watch out!

Song for the day – “Lifestyle” – JOE SATRIANI

Which Guitar Player Are You?

Which Guitar Player Are You? (pics)

Joe Satriani
You are Joe Satriani! You’re an outstanding guitarist, definetely one of the best on the planet, and one of the most well known. When people think of soloist guitar players, you come to mind. Not only that, but you’re a great teacher. You have a style that makes those that listen to you groove.

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ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Acoustic Ballads

  • What A Good Boy – Barenaked Ladies
  • Patience – Guns N’Roses
  • Angie – Rolling Stones
  • My My, Hey Hey – Neil Young
  • Dust In The Wind – Kansas
  • Two Steps Behind – Def Leppard
  • Going Where The Wind Blows – Mr.Big
  • More Than Words – Extreme
  • Back To You – Bryan Adams
  • Someonelse? – Queensryche
  • Space Dye Vest – Dream Theatre

Song for the day – “Patience” – GUNS N’ROSES


There was a problem with the security staff that are assigned to our office building – they were on strike. As I came in today to report for work, I saw them all standing out, not checking anyone coming or going out and not doing any work at all. It seems that they did not get their salary this month and hence they were striking! It is a shame to see people having to suffer and not get paid for their work and my sympathies are with the men & women who comprise of the security staff. They belong to a security agency, who gets paid by my company and the agency in turn has to pay the guards their salaries. So these guys did not want to work until they got paid. It was all sorted out in the end; their agency had some issue with their bank.

I got in and was about to start checking my e-mails when I saw this new girl at the office (the same one I almost splattered) and we started talking. She asked me if I knew what the issue was all about and I was about to tell her the fact when she also told me that “is it anything to do with the signing of the register?” See she hadn’t signed off when she was leaving the office for the past few days and someone in her department had already informed her last night that she was supposed to sign the register every day – when she comes in and when she leaves to go back home.

Seeing her expression, I said “Oh so you are the one who caused the problem”!! And I made up this story on the spot; I said that the bosses, on doing a random check, had noticed that someone was not signing the register in the evening while leaving the office and the security staff had got rebukes for not enforcing it. And that the security staff were very upset and wanted to know who this girl was.

The look on her face was priceless. She asked me, “Should I go and apologize and admit that it is my fault and promise never to do it again?” I couldn’t continue any further and started laughing my ass off. She was relieved when I finally admitted that I was only pulling her leg. But that was so funny!! Although she finally laughed at it as part of me picking on the new joinee, she has vowed to get me back! We shall see

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