Stars On the Highway

I didn’t go for coffee last night, I went today at 12 pm. It rained a bit in the morning and therefor the day was cool. I went to the ATM, bought some medicine for my mom, then headed to CCD for some lovely coffee and some cookies. Happy & feeling perky, I went to see if there were some good cds or movies and I bought a copy of Bend It Like Beckham and the new Bon Jovi album Lost Highway and Release The Stars by Rufus Wainwright. Reviews of the two cds will follow in a couple of days.

I then went for a long walk and bought a used copy of John Grisham’s The Firm which I have started reading. I have seen the movie many years back but have never read the book. I think. I was still not hungry, having had the big coffee, so walked for some more time. I saw two very hot white women in two different locations. I mean scorching hot! Nice headlights and bumpers! Lol, sexist me! But is it just me or are we getting more hotter & younger women from the West instead of the usual women in their 50s & 60s visiting Cochin?

My parents are both a little feverish and were resting most of the day. I had lunch at a restaurant nearby but was unable to finish it. I don’t know why I go there, I never actually seem to enjoy their food except for the portions that they serve. And funny thing is, I never can actually finish it – I always leave a lot on my plate. Then why do I go there. Cause it is so close by? I dunno.

Song for the day – “Relate To” – MAREN ORD

starship troopers 3 marauder online

Bend It Like Beckham

A cult like movie, a funny movie, a British comedy, a Desi movie – it’s just a fantastic movie, without hard-core action or sex, no violence or special effects or gore. This is a family movie but not at all cheesy or corny. Director Gurinder Chanda pulled it off and had a hit movie in Bend It Like Beckham. Starring Parminder Nagra and a pre-fame Keira Knightly as two talented amateur female footballer from different backgrounds. Jasminder ‘Jess’ Bhamra (Nagra) is a Beckham worshiping British-Punjabi, who has to hide her paying football from her conservative family, especially her mother who is intent on making her a good wife who can cook Punjabi food. On top of that, Jess’s sister is getting married and she (Jess) has some expectation of her during that time. She meets Jules (Knightly) at the park and is invited to join a local football team, coached by Joe (Jonathan Rhys-Myers), who had to quit playing football because of an injury. Jess joins the team and is one of the stars along with Jules and a scout from the US is coming to see them and can offer them a full scholarship to Santa Clara University in the US. But Jess’s family stands in the way and she sneaks out to play with her team.

Funny scenes are abound in the film and you will certainly identify with it if you are Indian, a British Indian or otherwise. In the end, Jess’s father (played well by Anupam Kher) agrees to let her play in the final, which her team wins and the girl’s get their scholarship. Another big hurdle is passed when her parents let her go to the US and study & play football. Jess & her coach Joe are also falling in love, while Jules mom gets over her fear that Jules is a lesbian and is in love with Jess. Infact, the actress who plays Jules’ mom, Juliet Stevenson, provides some of the biggest laughs in the movie – her reactions & dialogues are truly hilarious.

As the tagline puts it appropriately, Who wants to cook Aloo Gobi when you can bend a ball like Beckham?