Water Bed

I am so bored and sitting at my work terminal all alone and sleepy. I will be leaving for home earlier than I had expected, at 11:30 pm, which is …let’s see an hour from now. What to do till then? I have done most of what I wanted to do today except one and that I am unable to do since I won’t be staying at the office till 1 am. I have to leave at 11:30 since I will be leaving my house by 11:30 in the morning, which leaves me 12 hours to get home, get some sleep, do my usual stuff at home and reach our client’s office. So I will end up doing a crazy shift tomorrow. Can’t wait till the weekend!

Oh I forgot to post about it earlier as it happened during the early hours of Sunday morning. This was around 5 am or so and I was fast asleep but I suddenly had this sensation of swimming in or floating on water. I woke up and found myself wet! And I mean very wet!!

I got scared or perplexed to be more precise and I looked around. My clothes were wet, my sheets were wet and there was novel on the edge of the bed which was wet too!Before I hit the lights switch, my sleep brain realised what it was. It was raining heavily and the wind was blowing the water into my room and on my bed through the open windows. And it was a howling wind that was doing it’s work that night. Releived but still soaking wet, I quickly closed the windows and changed my sheets for dry one. I also changed my clothes after drying myself and managed to sleep for another few hours. :D