Bus Etiquette

I have had a hate relationship with my fellow travelers in the buses of our lovely state. There are certain areas where it is really bad – Pukkatupady and area, Calicut (most regions) for example – but it is quite prevalent. I’m sure that most of you would have encountered this during the daily trips that you take to or from work. Have you wished that you could do something about it. I, one man that I am, cannot do it on my own. So please stand up for your rights to travel peacefully.

The things I hate about traveling in a bus:

  • Loud obnoxious talkers & singers, especially Tamil labourers. Please, I need not necessarily want to know your favourite song, so please don’t sing it to me.
  • If I sit in on the very last seat row & there is plenty of space to stand in the middle of the bus, do not stand right in front of me with your ass in my face. I fear you have had a heavy lunch and hence will not hesitate to defend my self & my nose with my umbrella.
  • The assholes who think that they should stand right at the door, even if there is plenty of space inside the bus, in order to (a) get the maximum breeze or (b) to show off. Get a life, you moron.
  • Do not lift your hand and hold onto the bar behind your seat and hence push your armpit towards me. I will elbow you in the ribs or knee you in the groin the next time that happens. I have plenty of sweat of my own and do not need any of yours seeping onto me, through your armpit & your shirt.
  • For all you loud cellphone talkers – who the fuck wants to know about your job or the wild party you had last night? Certainly not your fellow bus travelers.

Song for the day – “We Care A Lot” – FAITH NO MORE