Steve Morse Kicks Blackmore’s Ass

After the last post, I kinda thought about the song Smoke On The Water and I compared Ritchie Blackmore’s original version guitar playing to his replacement Steve Morse’s playing. Now, I know that Purple is more associated with Blackmore and his enormous ego & guitar playing but just listen & watch to Steve Morse and Deep Purple killing that famous song in concert. Deep Purple never sounded this good with Ritche! STEVE MORSE RULZ!

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Recently, people close to me have been falling sick due to not drinking enough water. My friend Akhil was known among most in the office & outside of it as to not drinking water at all during the day, except with his lunch & dinner. And that too just a glass or two. He got kidney stone in May and it was really bad that he had blood in his urine. He was taken to the hospital and advised rest for two weeks and lots of medicines. After he came back, for two weeks I monitored his water intake, atleast when I was with him during office hours, until he moved back to Bangalore.

My father is also having some problems with his health and this is related to his kidneys not getting enough water. He also has a kidney stone problem, although it is very minor but he had build up of gas due to his kidneys not getting enough water. He too is now drinking more water. Some other friends of mine have also been informed about their not drinking appropriate amounts of water, especially now due the rainy season & it being cold outside, plus the fact that our office is heavily air-conditioned.

All this monitoring of people drinking water made me be very conscious of the amount of water that I drink. And it is difficult to drink, for the same reasons I mentioned above and the fact that I have to go to the pantry and get water, since the office does not provide bottles. So I too started to drink less at work & during the day but tried to compensate at night after I reach home. So I took a small bottle (originally Royal Challenge Club Soda) with me to work and kept it at my desk. I didn’t actually fill it with water but atleast I had a source that I would keep close by.

I went up at 10 pm for dinner and to arrange a refresher session for some of the customer service reps at the office. I came down to arrange the training room & I though I would fill it and keep it with me, since my throat gets quite parched while training. So I went back to my desk and lo! behold, the bottle was gone. One of the cleaning guys took it and I couldn’t find it. I found the culprit who said that he thought it was trash and threw it out. I just gave him a dirty look and went back. Now I guess I should get a flask!

Song for the day – “Smoke On The Water” – DEEP PURPLE