Some People

Some people are just meant to have hard times. And cry. And be sad and not be happy in the long run. Good things are not meant to happen to them. They aren’t going to be comfortable when happy so they make ways for suffering & sadness to overcome them. Cause only then can they be satisfied. I know a few people like that and got to really know a person like that today.

Dark Skies

The night was cloudy & it rained a heck of a lot. Infact, it was raining so heavily with a gusty wind, that when I looked back from my computer screen, I saw the floor and part of my bed was so wet as the rain was being blown inside through the open window. There was quite a bit of water on the floor between the window and my bed, which was was dripping wet. I quickly closed the windows & fastened the lock on the windows to avoid being drowned. As I was closing the windows, I saw the weirdest shadow being made as a vehicle moved slowly on the street below. The street light and the wet road & walls and the vehicle combined to create an otherworldly shape in the form of a shadow that sent a little shiver down my spine. I imagined this ‘creature’ trying to get into the apartment through my window and only missed by a fraction of a second, as I close & lock the windows just in time.

I have a very active imagination and my mind normally goes off in different tangents that seem to be farther off from reality than most people’s. Also I read & watch a lot of sci-fi, horror & occult themed stuff, so I tend to look for those themes in everything that I see. I normally have this day-dream of a world 3000 years in the future with a bunch of spaceships and different aliens and planets being involved. Let me tell you; Hollywood can’t compare to the kind of things happening in my brain every day!

Song for the day – “Wings Of A Butterfly” – H.I.M